Saturday, September 25, 2010


Today is our last full day in Lake Tahoe. Thursday I wrote about how good things always happen while in Tahoe. Late last night or early this morning depending on how you look at it . . . we had another piece of great news come our way!!!

Our great friends, Mr. and Mrs. REI are the proud parents of a new tiny baby girl!!! Baby REI, the Peanut's best friend and trouble maker is now a big sister. I cannot be happier for the REI family!!! This does however pose a problem for my blog as Baby REI is no longer a baby and the new baby needs a Trailmomma nickname! I am sure it will come and I cannot wait to meet her. Please send best wishes and sleep filled nights to my two dear friends. The Peanut I know is VERY excited about the news and declared that she too "wants to be a big sister!"

Yesterday was spent mostly at Kings Beach and away from the confines of our room and Squaw Valley. Vans and I decided to fool around with the nap routine and we all hopped in the car complete with swim suits, snacks and the Peanut's bucket and shovel and headed north. We were not planning to stop at Kings Beach as we had intended to go over to Sand Harbor which is another gorgeous beach area but the Peanut, while stopped at traffic light in Kings Beach spied a playground and declared that she wanted to "go on that playground" with the cutest "please" and puppy dog eyes to boot. I figured it was fine and I liked the ease of the rest rooms and the beach was fairly empty so I figured why not. It turned out to be the best decision because the water was so shallow that the Peanut could pretty much walk out into the lake and remain knee high the entire time.

We layered on the sunscreen, set out the picnic blanket and the Peanut got to work building "birthday cakes" in the sand (her new obsession). The sun was out and strong and not a cloud in the sky. It was a glorious day on the beach.

Vans took the Peanut down to the water and even though Lake Tahoe is notorious for being very very cold, the water in the shallow parts was not that bad. I was shocked when I sat up from the blanket and saw this . . .

Vans and the Peanut

They actually went out quite a bit farther and when I wandered over to see how everyone was doing, the Peanut proudly declared "This is as far as I can go mommy. This is as far as I can go!" She'd walk out into the lake and then run back in. Walk back out and then run back in. Repeat over and over. She really liked it when a boat came by and "made waves" for her.

Overall we spent quite a bit of time at the beach. However, we soon realized that the snackage I brought was not going to cut it. We were hungry! I had grand ideas that the Peanut would actually nap on the beach allowing Vans some time to get us some food but unfortunately the sun was moving way too fast for us and the little piece of shade we found kept disappearing.

Instead we loaded up the car and just as I suspected . . . this soon followed:

A tough day at the beach!

Now we were faced with a bit of dilemma. The Peanut unfortunately is not one of those kids who can fall asleep in a car and then be magically lifted to her bed and actually stay asleep. Oh no. Instead Vans and I drove around for a bit before deciding that we would head over to Sunnyside on the east shore, one of our favorite spots and let the Peanut sleep an hour or so before heading inside for something to eat.

It was such a nice drive along the lake looking at the gorgeous lake view homes scattered along the shoreline, many of which were for sale . . . for only a couple million.

Finally we made it to Sunnyside and eventually had to wake the Peanut. I lightly rubbed her head and asked her if she wanted to get french fries . . . her eyes remained closed but I heard a very soft, yet enthusiastic "yes!" come out her mouth.

Sunnyside is an awesome awesome place. If you ever visit Lake Tahoe you have to go here. The deck sits on the water and they have quite a selection of beverages and food to choose from including a kids menu. My meal came with chopsticks which has been a fascination of the Peanut's lately. She obviously needed them for her meal.

First jab french fry with chopstick

Then enjoy!

Overall it was a great afternoon followed by a great evening with the news of the new baby. Like I said, today is our last full day here. My ankle is a bit swollen and unsteady so I will probably just ride the bike and lift a little weights today.

Tomorrow is our six year wedding anniversary. We will probably wake up, pack and get on the road fairly quickly as we learned we have a few immediate home buying issues to deal with. I am hesitant to leave here as I have had the best week of vacation. I needed this week more than anything and although I look forward to moving into our new home . . . Tahoe is always on my mind.

****Please send some great running vibes to my friend Pigeon as she is right now out on the course of the Sierra Nevada Endurance Run running 52 miles!!!! GO PIGEON GO!!!!!!!!


  1. happy anniversary tomorrow!
    i gotta try eating my fries like that....

  2. Yay, the REI family is growing.
    I love Kings Beach.
    Your daughter is very tiny, or your hubbie is quite tall.
    Good thoughts going to Pigeon. ;)

  3. Happy Anniversary!
    What an absolutely wonderful day :)