Friday, September 17, 2010


Last night was my last run with Pigeon . . . not forever just for a while. I leave for vacation soon and she is on her way towards taper and then eventually her goal race, the Sierra Nevada Endurance Run aka SNER. I have no doubts she can handle and complete this race. She's ready.

For the past 5 months, after we both ran the American River 50 Miler, I have been spending my Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays running with Pigeon. I saw her complete the Tahoe Rim Trail 50K like a super star in July and although I will not be there physically for her 52 mile race in a week, I will be there in spirit.

Thursday evening's run was fairly uneventful minus a few turkey incidents (I survived, barely) but I could definitely sense a sadness. Maybe it was just me and my sappy self but Pigeon was definitely on the quiet side. When I heard about her day at work, it made sense. Ugh, poor Pigeon. Still, it made me realize that things are about to change.

Change is good however, I am ready for change. I have been content to run random distances for months now but with Four Bridges coming up and quite possibly the NIKE Women's Marathon in San Francisco, I am ready to start some quality runs. I just need to find the time.

The first order of business however is my race in Tahoe this Sunday. Logistically it isn't the easiest because we have to drive up from Sacramento for an 8:30 am registration and start. Vans is not a morning person. It will probably mean a lot work loading the car and getting the Peanut out the door but it will be worth it once we see the gorgeous blue waters of Lake Tahoe and realize that the rest of our week is pure 100% unscheduled bliss.

Unlike this week however which has been just full of trips and adventures here and there. Wednesday night the Peanut and I made our way out to Folsom to watch Vans compete in his final mountain biking race of the season. It was one dusty dirty event . . .

One giant sand box

The Peanut was content for a while to wander around but then saw this little girl playing in the dirt "making a garden" and wanted to join her . . . who am I to refuse a little playing in the dirt?

Can you see the "garden?"

The race itself was pretty interesting as there really wasn't any one particular spot we could stand and spectate without worrying about someone crashing into us. Since video of the Peanut seems to be so popular with my commenters, here is the Peanut's reaction to seeing a biker after a fall . . .

She was so very concerned and please don't worry, the guy was fine and she actually didn't see him fall she saw him come up from the trail carrying his bike.

She was also calmed seeing her daddy ride by perfectly fine . . . although you probably can't tell by her facial expressions! :-)

Overall Wednesday was a very fun evening had by all and Thursday was also fun . . . more so for the Peanut and Vans I think as there was some father/daughter bonding time . . . over every one's favorite . . . ice cream!

By our favorite frozen yogurt shop!

Vans and the Peanut biked from our house to get frozen yogurt aka "ice cream" according to the Peanut . . . this just made Vans the world's best dad in her eyes.

I like the vanilla one!

Yeah! Ice Cream!


  1. I love the little video's! She's such a cutie and she'll def grow up to be athletic like her parents ;)

  2. have a great, great, great time in Tahoe this weekend. Dang that just sounds blissful! And have a kick @$$ run race;-) look forward to the race report.

  3. Thank you so much for all the great runs the past 5 months. Wow! I can't believe it has been that long. Time sure does fly.

    Thanks for the motivation and support and looking forward to reading about your trip and race.

    Yesterdays run was sad for me also.

    Have a great time in Tahoe and rock that race on Sunday.

  4. Change is good, but not always easy. Sounds like you're coping though...
    Have a blast in Tahoe! Happy racing :)

  5. That Peanut is so stinking cute. Enjoy your time in Tahoe and good luck at the race.