Wednesday, September 22, 2010


We have been enjoying our time here in Tahoe doing various activities.

There was a little of this . . .

Walks carrying about 35+ pounds

Vans and his crazy mountain bike rides . . .

Some exploration by the Peanut

I am TWO!

oopsy daisy!

Tuesday I  decided to head out my back door and go for a trail run . . . which really turned into a hike. While I was out hiking/running, Vans and the Peanut went for their own adventure.

My little run however was quite the adventure. I started out just following a very obvious trail. I knew I needed to hook up with a marked trail that would lead towards Shirley Lake. The "markings" however were not exactly obvious . . . all of the time.

Pretty obvious right? Yeah, not always.

The trail also had quite a few obstacles

It was also very rocky at times

It took me 40 minutes to do 2 miles. With the climbing, dodging and getting completely and totally lost numerous times and having to back track ... I realized this was not going to be a long run in terms of miles.

Every time I finally got some momentum and began running I would totally lose track of those little blue markers.

     Now is THAT one obvious? I think not.

The above missed marker caused me to back track a few times. I would run back to my last seen marker and then look for the next . . . eventually finding the hidden one above. In my back and forth though I ran past this a few times:

    Beth from Shut Up and Run would have been proud
   should "nature call" in the midst of my getting lost.

Eventually I was on my way and this is when the trail started to climb.


     That arrow is pointing straight up the rock

    The view but not from the very top as I turned around.

Overall, I only ran about 4.5 miles total but was gone for about 90 minutes with all the stopping, turning around, back tracking etc. It wasn't about the distance, it was about getting out there in some peace and quiet and although it was so beautiful out and I basically had the trails to myself . . . I didn't want to spend too much time away from the Peanut and Vans. Vacation is about family and I am really enjoying mine this week.

After my run and the Peanut's nap we pulled out the bikes and biked for a bit to a local park near by. The Peanut was loving it.

The park had the most beautiful soccer field I have ever seen and so the Peanut and I did "sprints" on the field . . . she was loving this.

    Pure joy.


  1. I love that trail! Talk about confusing markings.
    Hope the rest of your vacation will be as fun.

  2. WOW - digging all the photos!!

    I love Tahoe.


  3. Love the photos! Enjoy the rest of your vacation!

  4. Looks like you guys had a blast! And it's a good thing you didn't hurt yourself on that rocky trail!