Friday, April 29, 2011


Jersey Dad is here visiting! Easter was a success. The Peanut's birthday day (Monday) was a success and hopefully tomorrow's bounce house party with 17 wild and crazy three year olds will also be a success. Come Sunday, this momma-to-be will be cooked and ready to relax!

I haven't been running or walking or doing much of anything lately other than racing from place to place and running errands.

HOWEVER, Vans and Jersey Dad are busy today probably getting a full body workout trying to assemble this:

(ahem, not my kids)

Currently, per Vans, the situation looks more like this though:

Whole lotta pieces to sort through!

I am happy to see that Jersey Dad is at least holding the directions . . . Vans is notorious for losing things and would probably attempt to assemble this without them. According to them, this MIGHT get completed by Monday . . . MAYBE.

Last night after a nice family dinner (love when we all can sit down and eat together) the four of us headed to one of the most beautiful parks in El Dorado Hills . . . Kalithea Park with the most breath-taking views of Folsom Lake to fly the Peanut's first ever kite.

I purchased the kite from The Nugget for $1.50 I think . . . I didn't have high expectations but I did expect it to get off the ground. After almost an hour of Vans running, Jersey Dad trying to throw the kite and the Peanut chasing after the dragging kite - we gave up. It wouldn't fly despite there being plenty of wind. Later, after we arrived home, we discovered that (ahem) Vans had assembled it incorrectly - or so he told us AFTER he read the directions when we got home . . . which again, I am glad to see Jersey Dad holding the swing set directions! Love you anyway Vans!

Monday, April 25, 2011


The Peanut turns 3 years old today. Wow. Three years gone in the blink of an eye. In the same tradition as last year’s post . . . here is what happens between the ages of two and three.  
When you turn three you are a little person with a big imagination, firm opinions and heart lifting dreams.
When you turn three your honesty is both humorous and eye opening (yes, mommy has a big belly, thank you) but your take on life is pure, unedited and so amazingly fresh.

When you turn three, “why” becomes your favorite word and your favorite question but oddly, you never ask me “why” when I ask for a kiss or a hug . . . you just deliver unconditionally.

When you turn three certain foods become “icky” but never chocolate, candy or milk.

When you turn three you can’t let us leave the house without a hug and kiss goodbye and an “I love you” so soft and sweet that it makes me never want to leave the house at all.

When you turn three and you tell me “I miss you mommy when I am at school” I want to instantly quit my job and stay home with you forever.

When you turn three and are told you’re going to be a big sister you ask to kiss and hug the baby belly daily and whisper I love you to the baby.

When you turn three you tell me that I am your “best friend” it truly makes my heart melt as you are my best friend as well.

When you turn three the concern for your friends when they don’t show up to school is so genuine that I think you must have the biggest heart in the world.

When you turn three and you ask me to read you another book and scold me for skipping a page I wonder how you became so observant and clever!

When you turn three and tell me you want to run and race with mommy someday I don’t think I could smile any bigger.

When you turn three, I realize as your mother that you are no longer an infant needing every minute of my day or breath of air that I breathe but a person, an individual so profound, so pure, so genuine that I cannot grasp how your father and I could have created someone so perfect, so loving and so amazing.
Happy Birthday Peanut!

Peanut 2011

Friday, April 22, 2011


I have been very MIA lately. There is a lot going on in the Trailmomma household.

First is the celebration of Easter and all that comes with it: coloring and hiding eggs, family gatherings and daily explanations to the Peanut's question "why does the Easter Bunny hide eggs?" By the way, if you have an answer to that, please, I am all bunny ears.

Then comes the celebration of the Peanut's Third Birthday (next week) amongst family and the process of explaining to her that her actual birthday party with her friends isn't for another 5 more "sleeps" since that is how she processes time.

In the middle of all this Jersey Dad flies out for a week long visit and will join us in the week long celebration that is the Peanut turning three.

In the Trailmomma household, birthdays are generally week long celebrations (got that Vans?).

We're hosting Easter this year for the local family and couldn't be more excited about it. We're also attending a county organized Easter egg hunt over the weekend, expecting a long awaited furniture delivery and  removing one huge and ugly non functioning hot tub. Busy busy busy.

In the meantime, enjoy some of last year's Easter photos . . . amazing to me how much a child can grow in a year.

Oh! HERE  it is!!

I got it. I got it. I got it!

Wait. Seriously? This is what people get so excited about?

Thursday, April 14, 2011


Since I am not out running and my blog is getting a bit on the slow side . . . why not post pictures of Vans and his mountain bike races!? At least one of us is getting some exercise!

Vans = Rider 521

The first guy's face cracks me up, Van's too

There he is!

Last night was a rough night. Someone was injured but no one knew until well after the race was over when we saw emergency vehicles flying out onto the course and then later an ambulance was barreling up the road. Scary stuff. Vans did okay last night. His friend and riding partner Sarcasm won first in his age group!

Yesterday was "have lunch with your child" day at daycare. It was very sweet and so was the Peanut.

Cheese Mom!

She was very happy to see me and of course very UNhappy to see me leave to go back to work. I told her I would love to stay and take a nap with her but that I didn't think my boss would appreciate it much.

Another shocker for me was when I saw the following happen . . .

that is a RAW carrot!

I knew on occasion (at school only) the Peanut would eat cooked carrots but never in my life have I witnessed her eating a RAW one. She ate THREE while I was there yesterday. Blew me away. The Peanut is by far a carbs only kid. Noodles, waffles and rice are probably the three staples of her diet. She does however, love steamed broccoli (thank you lord!) but any other vegetable are off limits . . . unless of course you're at school amongst your friends and/or you're apparently starving because you didn't like what the school chef served that day. Either way, it makes me happy to see that she'll at least try other foods when her parents are not around.

Monday, April 11, 2011


The Peanut's weekend started out a bit rough. Friday she came home from school happy as can be and then within an instant developed a high fever which lead to a puke fest later that evening. Crazy (and gross) how quickly they can go from running a mile a minute to just wanting their mommy to snuggle on the couch with them.

Luckily she recovered fairly quickly but was definitely wanting mommy a bit more this weekend than usual. I don't mind really although it caused me to abandon my crewing efforts for Pigeon during her second American River 50 Miler. I was able to meet Pigeon however at the half way point and then about 10 miles from the finish. She looked great out there and finished really strong. Keep an eye out on her blog for her race report, truly inspiring.

While I was out crewing, Vans was trying to get the Peanut outside for some fresh-air (and to aerate the house a bit). They visited the park down the street from our house and noticed that a skateboard competition was being held.

My daddy can do that!

The Peanut was checking out a super young skater . . .
Vans promptly left after this point I think. No boys please.

Nap time was rough almost nonexistent (or so I heard as I was checking in from time to time at each aid-station). It was a long day for runners and parents I guess.

The Peanut did attend a birthday party this weekend however for one of her best friends from school (aka daycare). It was at a gymnastics center which is something totally new to her. There was probably about 10 kids total or so and they followed Miss Kayla around taking turns balancing on balance beams, jumping on trampolines, going in a bounce house, swinging from the swings etc. The Peanut was having a ball and was oblivious to the fact that her pants were practically hanging off her bum the entire time. One downfall of switching from diapers to underwear is that toddler pants don't fit properly anymore because there is no diaper to hold them up!

So the ever conscious mother that I am, I was calling from the parent section (yes, they section us off on bleachers so the kids can have fun without us) "pull up your pants!" to which she'd stop, look at me and give a half hearted toddler tug at her drawers.

Later Miss Kayla wandered over to the bleachers and said "Who does the Peanut belong to?" and Vans and I raised our hands, "Um, that would be us." Miss Kayla started giggling instantly. She continued on "Well we were running around and I notice her pants were falling down so I said 'Hey!' and the Peanut turned around and looked at me and said 'Uh-oh. Looks like I am about to lose these!' (meaning her pants) and so I said to her 'Okay, well on the count of 3 let's give them a big tug up okay?' and we counted and she tugged and then turned to me and said 'Thanks. My mommy calls me hiney-crack.' and ran off playing." Miss Kayla was practically hysterical just re-telling the story. I was too busy laughing to be mortified and really was not mortified in the least although some of the parents I was sitting next to look mortified. HA!

To be completely honest, we do tell her that her hiney-crack is showing. It started out as "plumbers crack" and some how morphed into hiney-crack and well, kids never forget a thing do they!?

Little Miss Hiney Crack aka the Peanut

Thursday, April 7, 2011


Last night the Peanut and I went to Van's mountain bike race. Every Wednesday he races and this was his second Wednesday race of the season. What started out as a sunny and warm Wednesday turned into a really windy and cold evening up at Prairie City.

This week I came prepared with food for the Peanut instead of stopping for fast food (oh the horror). I think she enjoyed it more this way too. When we arrived we huddled in the back of my truck and ate our dinners while waiting for Vans and Sarcasm to finish their practice ride. What I wasn't entirely prepared for was the colder weather. Luckily I have blankets in my car.

Once the race started the Peanut realized just how cold it was outside and she opted for me to dig out our picnic blanket and plop ourselves along side of the course where I could cheer for Vans and she could play with the toys I brought for her . . .

My Little Ponies, Turtles and Toy Trucks

An odd combination yes, I agree but it worked as it had her entertained the entire time we were there. While I as watching for Vans, the Peanut was sitting on my lap playing with her toys and I would occasionally listen to her conversations . . . which went something like this . . .

"Who are you? Said the Pony"
"I am a turtle, said the turtle"

"Very nice to meet you turtle, said the Pony"

It is pretty clear (to me) that we apparently read A LOT of books to the Peanut. Her "conversations" with her toys often resemble the way a story in a book is told . . . hence the "said the Pony" references. She actually says that and it melts my heart. I love that she loves to have stories read to her. Our usual routine is at least 3 books read by me at bedtime followed by 2 or 3 books read by Vans (we both have very different reading styles I've notice) and then in the morning at drop off I generally read two more books to her at school before leaving for the day. All by her choice mind you, not that I would ever complain or not suggest it. She also however now knows the WORDS to these books and god forbid you skip a page, or a paragraph or eek, even a WORD she'll call you on it! Don't even try it!

The other night while reading the book Chrysanthemum (her current favorite) she asked me "Mommy what does "dreadful" mean?" In the story, Chrysanthemum thought her name was "dreadful." I was taken back at first, not expecting that from an almost 3 year old but she was concerned and serious. Precious.

She has my love of reading and I hope that stays with her forever. I could not wait to read as a child and it is apparent that she may be on that same track.

Anyway, after the Pony and the Turtle's meet and greet the mountain bike race soon ended and we needed to pack up our picnic and find Vans.

Found him!
(don't worry, he does ride with a helmet)

However, between the cold, the dirt and just the long day the Peanut and I were both ready to hit the road immediately following the race.

Tired and Cold

We left Vans to celebrate and cool down with his friend Sarcasm. I think next week we might skip the races in lieu of a walk to the park or something. Life has been too busy lately and I haven't had much physical activity and boy does my brain need it! It's dreadful.

Monday, April 4, 2011


So this post is about a week late. Sorry, we've been busy with life I suppose.

Last Sunday Vans started his Prairie City Mountain Bike race series and the first race was at the Folsom Rodeo and through the Folsom Prison grounds. It had rained for about 6 days straight the day before the race and we knew the conditions would be muddy.

His buddy Sarcasm was also racing and I met up with Biceps and the kids to go watch and cheer on the bikers.
Lots of riders

The Peanut was thrilled because Sarcasm's and Biceps's kids were there as well so she had someone to play with and follow.

Sarcasm came over before the race started to say hello and drop off a few things.

Soon the race started and Vans was off.

#521 (I am a terrible photographer for him)

Here he comes!

Sarcasm finished. The kids loved how muddy he was.

A quick tutorial on Patty Cake for the Peanut

Vans made it! The Peanut refused to give him "knuckles" because he was so muddy.

Ewww Daddy put me down.

One muddy Vans

someone is obsessed with hydration packs (even muddy ones)

Muddy bike!

family photo

The two muddy warriors

Overall it was a rough day for Vans since he had been traveling on business the week prior. His Wednesday night rides have just begun and the Peanut and I enjoy heading out there to watch and cheer him on. If anything, the Peanut gets fresh air in her system before bedtime, Vans gets a cheering squad and if I am lucky, the Peanut befriends another young person to give me time to chill and cheer on Vans. One of these Wednesdays I will bring the camera.

Friday, April 1, 2011


Last night Pigeon and I saw My Run at my local theater. It was a night away from home for Trailmomma that didn't involve working! Woo hoo!

My Run is the story of Terry Hitchcock and the movie is narrated by Billy-Bob Thornton. Here is what the movie is about straight from the movie's website:

"After tragically losing his wife to breast cancer and struggling to raise three young children on his own, real life super hero and modern day Forrest Gump, Terry Hitchcock seized on an idea. He wanted to accomplish the impossible: run 75 consecutive marathons in 75 consecutive days to bring attention to the incredibly difficult lives of single-parent families.

He ran in spite of freezing rain and unbearable heat, in spite of chest pains and bone fractures that wracked his 57-year-old body.  He just kept running - each day, every day - strengthening an unbreakable bond between father and son--- not stopping until he broke the finish line tape in Atlanta."

This movie was very touching. I knew what it was about going into the film but what I had not expected was the first 30 minutes being the story of his late-wife Sue Hitchcock's battle with breast-cancer. Her passing is what inspired Terry to do what he did and his three children helped him see it through.

I found myself quite misty eyed the first 30 minutes or so (maybe it was the hormones but I don't think so) because the story of Sue and her love for her family was so incredibly powerful. In the end, she knew she was going to leave Terry and her family for a life in heaven but the little things she did along that journey were mind blowing. It really touched me.

Terry was left to raise his three kids all by himself without any immediate family nearby to help. I could relate to this story because my own dad raised my brother and myself alone when I was barely 17 years old after my mom had passed. Like Terry it was a struggle at first for him to figure out that we needed dinner cooked, the house needed cleaning, supplies for school or rides to practices or games. Lucky for my dad my brother and I were quite a bit older and able to manage by ourselves at times but no child likes to see their father in distress or grief. Terry's kids were younger, much younger and his struggles were harder.

I don't want to give away too much of the movie but I do think it is worth going to see or renting on video when it comes out. The relationship that evolves between Terry and his oldest son Chris was inspirational and touching.

Terry ran through amazing obstacles to complete his goal. Two broken ankles and a broken patella were just some of what he had to endure. After the movie Pigeon and I found ourselves laughing at how during the American River 50 Miler last year we were complaining about our aches and pains and how insignificant that seems now compared to what Terry had to run through. Pigeon is about to run her second AR50 next Saturday and I am sure this movie will pop into her mind during those 50 miles at times. Terry stressed in the movie that running those kinds of distances is not just purely physical, it is extremely mental which is a side he had not expected when he set out on his journey. Pigeon knows all about the mental aspect and is ready, I have no doubts.

If you want to see the trailers for My Run then click here. What was also great about this movie was that at the end of the movie, after everyone had left the theater assuming it was over, there was a Q&A interview with Terry and his son Chris. It was very interesting and again, made me tear up just a bit to hear of Terry's struggles after his amazing accomplishment and how his children stand by him even to this day. We also discovered that portions of our ticket price went to Livestrong and cancer research. Nice.

While at the movies, I also ran into Shannon, the Trail-Turtle! It was so nice to see her and chat for a bit. Shannon will be pacing at AR50 and her partner in crime Pam will be assisting at the medical tent at one of the aid-stations before pacing another friend. I am very excited to be out there next Saturday cheering on all my ultra-friends and helping Pigeon succeed in her second AR50.

Earlier this week I read this quote on some one's Facebook wall and even though I am not generally religious person, this quote stuck with me and continues to stick with me:  "God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, Courage to change the things I can, And wisdom to know the difference."

I think it can come in handy whether you're running 50 miles or struggling through the stress everyday life throws you. I feel as if I am being dumped on lately by life and stress and I know I am not alone.

Luckily I have the Peanut to keep me grounded and to remind me that raising her is another type of marathon. I have to remember to pace myself but in the end, the end-goal is worth more than anything in the world.
Peanut's Spring Glamour Photo from School
(SO no like her but totally cute)

I know I promised photos and a recap of Van's messy mountain bike race last Sunday but time has escaped me and the photos happen to be on my home computer. I promise, they will get posted!