Monday, April 4, 2011


So this post is about a week late. Sorry, we've been busy with life I suppose.

Last Sunday Vans started his Prairie City Mountain Bike race series and the first race was at the Folsom Rodeo and through the Folsom Prison grounds. It had rained for about 6 days straight the day before the race and we knew the conditions would be muddy.

His buddy Sarcasm was also racing and I met up with Biceps and the kids to go watch and cheer on the bikers.
Lots of riders

The Peanut was thrilled because Sarcasm's and Biceps's kids were there as well so she had someone to play with and follow.

Sarcasm came over before the race started to say hello and drop off a few things.

Soon the race started and Vans was off.

#521 (I am a terrible photographer for him)

Here he comes!

Sarcasm finished. The kids loved how muddy he was.

A quick tutorial on Patty Cake for the Peanut

Vans made it! The Peanut refused to give him "knuckles" because he was so muddy.

Ewww Daddy put me down.

One muddy Vans

someone is obsessed with hydration packs (even muddy ones)

Muddy bike!

family photo

The two muddy warriors

Overall it was a rough day for Vans since he had been traveling on business the week prior. His Wednesday night rides have just begun and the Peanut and I enjoy heading out there to watch and cheer him on. If anything, the Peanut gets fresh air in her system before bedtime, Vans gets a cheering squad and if I am lucky, the Peanut befriends another young person to give me time to chill and cheer on Vans. One of these Wednesdays I will bring the camera.

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