Monday, April 11, 2011


The Peanut's weekend started out a bit rough. Friday she came home from school happy as can be and then within an instant developed a high fever which lead to a puke fest later that evening. Crazy (and gross) how quickly they can go from running a mile a minute to just wanting their mommy to snuggle on the couch with them.

Luckily she recovered fairly quickly but was definitely wanting mommy a bit more this weekend than usual. I don't mind really although it caused me to abandon my crewing efforts for Pigeon during her second American River 50 Miler. I was able to meet Pigeon however at the half way point and then about 10 miles from the finish. She looked great out there and finished really strong. Keep an eye out on her blog for her race report, truly inspiring.

While I was out crewing, Vans was trying to get the Peanut outside for some fresh-air (and to aerate the house a bit). They visited the park down the street from our house and noticed that a skateboard competition was being held.

My daddy can do that!

The Peanut was checking out a super young skater . . .
Vans promptly left after this point I think. No boys please.

Nap time was rough almost nonexistent (or so I heard as I was checking in from time to time at each aid-station). It was a long day for runners and parents I guess.

The Peanut did attend a birthday party this weekend however for one of her best friends from school (aka daycare). It was at a gymnastics center which is something totally new to her. There was probably about 10 kids total or so and they followed Miss Kayla around taking turns balancing on balance beams, jumping on trampolines, going in a bounce house, swinging from the swings etc. The Peanut was having a ball and was oblivious to the fact that her pants were practically hanging off her bum the entire time. One downfall of switching from diapers to underwear is that toddler pants don't fit properly anymore because there is no diaper to hold them up!

So the ever conscious mother that I am, I was calling from the parent section (yes, they section us off on bleachers so the kids can have fun without us) "pull up your pants!" to which she'd stop, look at me and give a half hearted toddler tug at her drawers.

Later Miss Kayla wandered over to the bleachers and said "Who does the Peanut belong to?" and Vans and I raised our hands, "Um, that would be us." Miss Kayla started giggling instantly. She continued on "Well we were running around and I notice her pants were falling down so I said 'Hey!' and the Peanut turned around and looked at me and said 'Uh-oh. Looks like I am about to lose these!' (meaning her pants) and so I said to her 'Okay, well on the count of 3 let's give them a big tug up okay?' and we counted and she tugged and then turned to me and said 'Thanks. My mommy calls me hiney-crack.' and ran off playing." Miss Kayla was practically hysterical just re-telling the story. I was too busy laughing to be mortified and really was not mortified in the least although some of the parents I was sitting next to look mortified. HA!

To be completely honest, we do tell her that her hiney-crack is showing. It started out as "plumbers crack" and some how morphed into hiney-crack and well, kids never forget a thing do they!?

Little Miss Hiney Crack aka the Peanut

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