Friday, October 29, 2010


From the Peanut . . . ROAR!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, October 28, 2010


Today I look like this:

Cousin It

I haven't written too much about it but back in February while I was training for Way Too Cool 50K and American River 50 I started getting this weird rash around my eyes. It didn't itch, it didn't hurt but it looked horrible. Over the months it has gotten worse and worse.

At first the doctors suspected poison oak since I was out trail running a lot and a few others on my team had also contact poison oak. But after months of creams it never went away. They shipped me off to a dermatologist who decided that I need to cut out all facial creams and make up (boy was I upset). Fine. I did that for almost a month and a half. It was scary but I also became accustom to not putting on any make up in the morning. It saved me some time.

Alas, the rash never went away and continued to get worse. About a month ago, they put me on a dosage of Prednisone (a terrible strong steroid). Three weeks on that and nothing changed (except some weight gain and some irritability).

Here comes the end of October and I am tired of trying all these "magic potions" that are not working. The final straw was a biopsy. So yesterday evening I had a biopsy done near my eye which produced a lot of blood and left me with two ugly stitches and a gnarly band aid covering the corner of my eye. Hence, Cousin It. I am wearing my hair in Cousin It fashion today to hide my bandage. Maybe I'll start a new trend.

The Peanut of course loves band aids and was super concerned when I came home with one last night. She thinks I need a Curious George band aid.

PS: Thank you to all those who commented on my last post. We are super excited but of course I spoke too soon . . . our moving date has been pushed back to the 19th of November instead of the 11th. Some construction issues have come up.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I have been waiting forever for the listing service to show our home as "SOLD." Today, it finally happened!!!

May I introduce . . . our new home

Move in date: November 12, 2010


This morning I tried something new. I ran. Well running in the morning in the dark isn't entirely new to me. I used to do it all the time before the Peanut and Vans and even after Vans and I married. Then, something happened along the way and I stopped. That something is my digestion. Apparently in my "old age" I cannot muster up the iron stomach at 5:30 am to exercise. However, knowing this and knowing how jam packed my schedule is after work this week . . . I decided to run but not alone.

Yesterday evening I texted Pigeon and said "you wanna run tomorrow morning?" I knew she was on vacation and has been suffering from insomnia and well, she's the one person who is always up for a run no matter the day or time. Of course she texted back that she was game and we agreed on a spot in my neighborhood since I wasn't on vacation and had to be back home at a certain time to get the Peanut ready for school.

So about 5:15 I open my door, turn on my garmin, turn on my headlamp and made my way to the street. At first I was nervous, it is pretty dark but luckily there are quite a few street lamps along the way. I immediately passed another runner. Gotta love my neighborhood. It is a fairly safe neighborhood with no transients wandering about and no loose dogs running amuck. I will miss it when we move. I have a nice section that run where I can see beautifully large and excessive homes and yet feel safe. It is also crazy flat. The only problem with it is that there are no places to stop if nature should call and boy did she call a lot this morning.

When I got to our meeting spot Pigeon was not there yet. I was early. I guess the cold had me running a lot faster than I thought. It was a nice realization that I won't be training or running CIM in this chilly morning weather this season. Come December 5th I will be crying because I am not out there but right now I am enjoying the fact that I am not out there on chilly mornings.

Pigeon arrived promptly at 5:30 and off we went. I forget that she's never run in this area before and so I am making turns and such with out much warning for her. I then started saying "at the light, we'll turn left" again, with my eye on the specific street light that I knew was our turning spot but to Pigeon, there were quite a few street lights on the road. Oops. She'd reply with "um, which light there are tons of lights." ha! Sorry Pigeon. At least I didn't get you lost!

Overall we did a few loops and when we got back on my street I was at about 4.6 on my garmin and that was about all my belly could handle. Pigeon still had to make her way back to the area where her car was located and I believe topped out 6 miles. She definitely picked up the pace after dropping me because I caused us a few walking breaks. I think if I can keep up this morning thing maybe twice a week that maybe my stomach will settle. I even ate some bland white rice last night in preparation for this run so that I would have any tummy upset but apparently that doesn't matter one bit. Oh well. Still, I think doing this Tuesday and Thursday mornings might be a good thing and then perhaps on Monday and Wednesday mornings I will still get up early in order to keep the routine consistent but instead do some strength training.

Vans might not be on board because I had to go to bed at 9pm last night in order to wake up at 5am today. Still, I feel good sitting at my desk knowing I got a few miles in already today and now I can hang with my family this evening! Nice!

The Peanut will be very excited to have her mommy hang out with her all night instead of leaving for a run. She really needs some entertaining lately too because right now, all of her toys are in the garage so our home is in tip top shape for realtors and their random showings.

Toys in the garage with all the boxes for moving

Peanut in a box!

Still having fun no matter what.

Monday, October 25, 2010


I did manage to run this weekend but only on Sunday. Pigeon was already out there running five miles before she planned to meet me so I couldn't leave her waiting. Despite the torrential downpours and heavy winds that I was hearing from my nice comfy bed I rolled out of bed and found my old running shoes. I decided not to trash my brand news just yet.

We ran six miles and the first half mile was in darkness. It was light enough that we didn't need headlamps but it was still pretty darn dark outside. It was a great run. I had fun catching up with Pigeon on her vacation and I shared with her the news of our new home and my plans for later that day . . . more on that later. When we finished the rains really started coming down. Luckily when we started the rain stopped and we only had to suffer with the wind. There were other crazy people out there running too so we weren't alone.

When we parted Pigeon was off to go paint her rental home and I was off to the new home to meet up with two great friends who were going to help me tackle the new home and all its dirt and grime. From 11 am on Sunday to 5 pm I was on my hands and knees scrubbing trim and molding. Between the three of us we managed to clean the entire kitchen and I mean CLEAN. We pulled out every drawer and scrubbed every cabinet, shutter, shelf you name it. This kitchen isn't very small either. It took the ENTIRE time and three hard working women to JUST do the kitchen. When my friends left I had just about finished up the trim in the living room and was about to start on the shutters in the dining room.  I was a sneezing dusty mess. Vans and the Peanut showed up at about 5pm to see how I was doing and to check out some manly gutter outside stuff.

The Peanut ran around the home enjoying the openness of it all and she kept asking me "mommy this is our new home?" It was adorable.

Before she came out and met me however, she was spoiled by Vans. Our current home was off limits to us because of a scheduled open house and he had to find a creative way to keep her busy . . . this is not mother approved but well, I can't help but love her facial expressions.

First she saw it was raining outside.
Which meant no trip to the park.

Then of course, Vans put her to work.

Then a trip to Wienerschnitzel
where she ate the ice cream first!

Followed of course,
by a corn dog.

I believe there also might have been some french fries involved. Not the meal of choice but hey, it was a rainy day and she's been under the weather all weekend . . . why not right?

Friday, October 22, 2010


Today we got confirmation that we are in fact home owners now. Our six month (plus) search is finally over! This is partially the reason behind my sporadic blogging as of late. Due to the potential house situation involving impromptu signings, meetings with potential contractors and other such things, running has taken a back seat in my life. No running for me generally means no blogging.

It pains me because I know there are people out there with injuries who would give anything to run right now and yet here I am, perfectly healthy and only managing two measly runs a week if I am lucky.

Sometimes life gets in the way of the things we love to do and I am coming to terms with that. I am finally okay with letting my running take a back seat while I shop for furniture with Vans, play with the Peanut because all of her favorite toys are packed away and keep our current condo in tip top shape so that hopefully some day SOMEONE will want to buy it. Add to that working a few jobs here and there to help fund the new home. It's okay. It isn't forever. I will have my routine again.

The Peanut is very excited about the new home. She's already picked out her room despite our persuasion to pick another room but she's 2 and she already knows what she wants. I will hopefully post pictures some day when we're moved in and settled. The moving date is not scheduled until November so I have many more weeks of packing, organizing and figuring out how to do what I need to do to get us settled without too much trouble.

Running will be there. I'll still run when I can. I am meeting Pigeon this Sunday for a run. It's nice to have a plan, something penciled in my schedule. It makes me accountable and I am excited to hear about her week in Tahoe. Until then . . . it will happen when it happens. No pressure.

The one thing that makes me sad though is all the memories we've had in our current condo. We have out grown it but it was very good to us for six long years and the Peanut was born here making it always a very special place in our hearts.

She was the boss of our office . . .

The dreamer on the front porch . . .

The lover of books . . .

And the queen of toddler toys . . .

We will miss this place we called home but we also look forward to making new memories in our new home.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Brief and to the point. Last night I ran. It might have only been 2 miles but I did it. I got outside, alone, at dusk and I ran. Do what you can do right? Battling a tummy bug is the only reason my run was cut short.

Tonight I am hoping to squeeze out another but we'll see. Our home is officially on the market and who knows if I will get that random realtor phone call asking to come see our home . . . which I am starting to think, with a 2 year old in the midst of potty training might not have been the best idea. Ah well.

Tomorrow night is full so I know I won't run then. Thursday is a work night and Friday looks mighty busy too. If I could get my kid to bed at reasonable hour and wake my lazy self up in the morning I might attempt a jog with my headlamp perhaps Wednesday or Thursday morning . . . baby steps.

Not sure what she is doing here.
But she still looks cute (to me).

Monday, October 18, 2010


On Saturday I worked most of the day. I had good intentions of waking up early to go for a run before work but was so completely and totally exhausted that I could barely move from my pillow. I think the week just caught up with me. I let the idea of running just slip away.

Come Sunday morning though I was determined. I had not run since Tuesday and I needed a run both physically and mentally. Sometimes it helps to have a friend waiting for you to encourage you to get up and out that door. So 7 am Sunday morning I met Pigeon for run at our usual place.

I had told her we could do 6 with the option for 8. Considering I've only been running 4 miles randomly this week I had no idea how I would be feeling. I woke up to swollen eyes, a running nose and sneezing my head off. That meant only one thing . . . it was going to rain later today. My allergies can tell you when it is about to rain. Some people feel better with rain, I feel ten times worse.

Our run was nice. We caught up on all areas of life. Pigeon finishing a big job at work and ready for her vacation. Me and my invalid husband, sleepless potty training child and the fact that our friends were running the NIKE Women's Marathon and we were not there to cheer them on.

Pigeon gave me an "assignment" before we parted ways on Sunday. She wanted me to start doing something for ME. She said she didn't want to read my blog and read stories about Vans and how I am doing everything for Vans and the Peanut and yet not doing what I love to do as well. As a mother, that is hard, you put your family first.

When your spouse is down and out, you jump to the call of duty and you try and help them. When your kid is sick or needs help, everything else in the world goes away and nothing else matters but that little being you carried for 9 months.

Still, I understand her point and her purpose. I am starting to show signs of being stressed. I normally don't get stressed easily. I mean, I was going weeks at a time of little to no sleep while training for an ultra and yet didn't stress much about it. Now, I am stressing, we're purchasing a new home, selling an old home, I have a husband with essentially one leg, a toddler who is in the midst of potty training and supposedly I am supposed to be training for a half marathon in addition to working a side job that I do really like. I think I might have to let that half marathon go or at the very least, the idea of finishing in any sort of decent time.

Still, my goal for the week is to try and get some extra exercise in if I can. This might mean going to bed at 11 pm and waking up at 5 am but so be it . . . wish me luck.

Play-doh Saturday!


More pancakes!

Friday, October 15, 2010


I've been flying solo lately in terms of running. Pigeon and I have not run together since last Saturday. Due to Van's injury I haven't been able to get out for runs much at all lately. Tuesday I was able to squeak out four miles while the Peanut had dinner. Four is better than zero I suppose. I am hoping to squeak out a few more before I have to go to work on Saturday morning.

Van's had his first solo night last night with the Peanut. I've been doing all the bathing, dinners and putting to bed lately. I've had a real taste of life as a single mom except I have one little two year old and one large two year old who is not following doctors orders and using his crutches or boot properly.

However, last night I had to head to my part-time job after my full-time job which mean Vans was left to pick up the Peanut from daycare, get her home, feed her, play with her and bath her all on his own. Apparently she was a super-star at pick up, walking all by herself and not running off and even carried her own backpack.

When I arrived home late last night she was super happy to see me and Vans looked like he'd been through war! He looked completely and totally exhausted so I did the bedtime routine and then I was exhausted.

Overall, it was nice to know that he could handle it and that the Peanut was on good behavior for Vans. I hate to guess how much he really used his crutches or boot throughout the night. By the looks of the photos he sent to me while I was working . . . I'd venture to guess he didn't use either very much.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


We had an unfortunate accident in the Trailmomma home last night. My worst fear . . . Vans came home from soccer injured. Not just hurt but severely injured. He spent the night on the couch elevating his ankle (which looks like a giant softball is trying to grow out the side of it). He was miserable. Poor guy.

This morning after I got the Peanut off to daycare, stopped at work to say hello and tell my boss the situation, I drove back home to get Vans and take him for Xrays.

The end result? He has a severe ankle sprain. He has to be on crutches for about four weeks and cannot bare any weight on his leg at all. I have to take him to the hospital tomorrow to get fitted for an eboot (how sexy). His ankle is too swollen right now to even attempt to put one on today. So four weeks of crutches and the boot, followed by 4 weeks of an ankle brace which means 8 weeks total of NO activity. No running. He can try cycling in four weeks ONLY if the swelling is down and he has some mobility but most likely he shouldn't push it even if it feels good.

He is pretty bummed out about all of this as am I. This is not going to make packing and moving and watching the Peanut any easier. This also might mean my trip to San Francisco this weekend might not happen. I don't see how he can manage handling the Peanut for two days on crutches while in the midst of potty training (which has not been going so well . . . 3 accidents over the 3 day weekend). Life happens. I just want him to heal and be 100% again.

At least he is still smiling once in a while . . .

Actually this was an "are you seriously taking my photo?" face . . . I got a kick out of pushing him all around Kaiser in their funky little wheel chairs! Only one minor accident occurred involving his bad foot and the elevator. Sorry honey! :-)

Monday, October 11, 2010


Happy Columbus Day! I am Italian and probably should celebrate this more but really, I am just grateful that the Peanut's Daycare is on federal property and therefore they are closed on this joyous holiday. My office is actually open despite the courts being closed today. However, the Peanut and I are busy doing errands.

First, I woke up and went out for a four mile run. Nice and easy. I followed Dr. Lau's orders and even wore my compression socks and got quite a few stairs from people as I ran.

So not cool.

I don't look like the kind of person who should run while wearing compression socks. I have to say, I didn't really like it. My ankle felt great but my legs itched. I'll continue to try running with them for the rest of the week. It figures the temperatures are going to rise this week too. Ugh.

After my run, the Peanut and I had a "date" at our future new home. We met a contractor out there who is doing to do some fencing work for us. He was about an hour late but the Peanut and I played hide and seek and enjoyed looking around our soon to be neighborhood. 

After the meeting with the contractor, I promised the Peanut that I would take her to a near by park. I clocked the distance with my car . . . 1 mile from our driveway to the park. Not too bad however there were some pretty gnarly hills that might make walking to the park with the stroller a real work out. 

Still, this is one awesome park. Check out the view from the play ground area:

How cool would it be to play soccer on that field! It over looks the entire Folsom and Sacramento region. The Peanut enjoyed the park too.

Just seeing the home from the outside and the surrounding area got me really excited. I know we're most likely not going anywhere until early November and boy do we have a lot of packing to do . . . but I think the Peanut is excited too as she kept asking to go inside our home. 

Yesterday the whole family went to the Davis Ranch Harvest Festival. This place is a hit every year. They have so much to do for the kids and we love getting our pumpkins here. The pumpkin prices are reasonable but the parking and bouncy houses are free . . . that's music to Van's and the Peanut's ears!

I was impressed that she could climb this!

Down the BIG slide!

Then pick some pumpkins!

Lots of pumpkins

These were too big. 

Pony Rides, a new favorite!

Then she surprised us all
and enjoyed some lumpia!
(she ate 3 rolls)

Saturday, October 9, 2010


First things first . . . I met Pigeon this morning for a nice early (just past sunrise) morning run. We saw lots of wildlife out there today. Deer, turkeys, jack rabbits, ducks and hundreds and hundreds of running groups. I, of course, forgot to wear my compression socks. I honestly did not do it on purpose. It was dark and compression socks are not part of my pre-run routine. I will definitely wear them on Tuesday though because running today and then standing on my feet all day at work really made for one angry ankle. I even wore my compression socks during work today. Overall though, the run was fun. I seem to be struggling with my lungs. I think the change in seasons and my intense allergies have something to do with it.

After my run I had breakfast with the Peanut and Vans and then left for work. While I was at work, I got the following photos in an email from Vans . . . aah the joys of potty training!

Luckily the "incident" happened outside . . .

First Vans took the Peanut out on the front porch to see the pumpkins. Prior to heading outside Vans asked the Peanut if she had to go potty. The response was "nope."

Then, the Peanut spotted her target . . .

Poor unsuspecting frisbee . . .

opps a daisy! Sorry Daddy

Vans was beside himself. I told him he was lucky that she chose to do it outside and not in! The Peanut made it up to him though . . . she offered to make him lunch . . .

Sorry Daddy! Want some lunch?

Overall they survived another Saturday without me around. Father Daughter bonding at its finest. Tomorrow we're headed to a pumpkin festival as a family . . . I am so looking forward it.

Friday, October 8, 2010


Thursdays I normally run with Pigeon. That was our Thursday thing . . . now I have a new Thursday thing. It is called work.  I love it. Every Thursday evening, after my "day job" I will be heading out to my new job and every Saturday afternoon I will also be working. It will take a little getting used to and involve a little creativity to get runs in, hang with the Peanut and Vans and still work but so far so good.

Not running yesterday was hard but I am okay with it. The ankle swelling is slowly getting better.

I also tried this new drink yesterday that I received as a free gift from something I ordered online once.

It wasn't too bad. It is Premium Nutrition's Pro 2 0 protein drink mix (mandarin orange flavor). The stats are not too bad either, 25 calories, 5 grams of fiber, 5 grams of protein, 0 grams of sugar. It has Whey Protein Isolate in it and you just mix with water. Not too shabby. Just another way for me to get more water into my system and some additional protein . . . I am a vegetarian so getting some extra protein is always good for me. I have no idea how much it costs but I'd try it again. Since it was a free gift it was even better.

Tomorrow I am looking forward to waking at the crack of dawn to get a few miles in with Pigeon before heading off to another day of work. Sunday is another pumpkin festival so I suspect this weekend will fly by in the blink of an eye . . . hopefully not.

When I arrived home from work last night I got the biggest greeting and hug from the Peanut. I missed not seeing her adorable face all day yesterday. That will probably be the hardest part about this "working more thing" but it also means I get bigger hugs and kisses when I get home!

She also had a great evening with Vans so this will be good for them as well.

Thursday, October 7, 2010


I normally run on Thursday evenings but tonight I have to work. My intention was to get up early and try and squeeze in something on the elliptical or maybe run the dark streets of my hood with a headlamp but that didn't happen.

I saw Dr. Lau yesterday and he was awesome as usual. I am allowed to run and there is nothing structurally wrong with my ankle but I do have quite a bit of fluid build up down there that we need to get rid of. He gave me some self massaging exercises to do at home to help alleviate the swelling. I was also told to run wearing my compression socks. Ick, he's been telling me that for years but I have always refused and opted to wear them before and after races . . . looks like I might take his advice because I need to get this ankle healed.

So I figured one more day of resting the ankle is not all that bad of an idea yet it still seems weird to me that I am not going out to meet Pigeon after work today. Looks like I might have to summons some inner mojo to get me to start waking up super early for workouts. If we move, or shall I say when we move, that will be my only option most likely during the week. Otherwise I will be running the dark streets of El Dorado Hills with a headlamp super late in the evening.

But, like the Peanut always says, "I have to be a big girl" and do what I have to do to get 'er done.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Last night felt like old times. It has been weeks since I have run with Pigeon but last night put an end to that draught. As usual, I was late arriving or rather we were late starting because I had to finish up a phone call that I started while en route to meet Pigeon.

Once we started moving the laughter started flowing. It was really nice to run with her again without the worry of her getting in the miles for an up coming race. We talked about the NIKE Marathon that is happening in a few weeks. Pigeon had gotten into NIKE for the full marathon originally thinking she'd be ready to run 26.2 after running 52 miles only a few weeks before . . .but she's smart and she realizes that even though she is feeling much better after running the Sierra Nevada Endurance Run, she should rest her injured body a bit more. I reminded her that pavement isn't forgiving and it might be a brutal shock to her back and displaced ribs if she tried it too soon. She offered it to me and I originally jumped at the idea but now having had some time to think about it, I think I am going to pass on running the NIKE Marathon for a few reasons. The biggest reason of all? Vans asked me not to run and he normally doesn't care about stuff like that but I think he has seen recently how bad my allergies have been and how poor my runs have been not to mention how large my right ankle is right now. He's concerned and rightly so and I will honor his request. The second reason is I would like to do that race some day but I think I would like to race it under my name and not under someone elses and oh yeah, there is that ankle thing again. Listening to my own advice, resting and not pushing. There will be plenty of races. However, that doesn't mean Pigeon and I will be sitting on our laurels that day. Nope, we're still heading to the city to cheer on some friends. My friend Scrapbook is running the half and Coach Nikon's wife Lily is running the full. Pigeon and I will just wander all around the city trying to meet up with them and enjoy our time being spectators and not runners for once.

So last night's 6 mile run was an easy no pressure kind of run. I admit I was huffing and puffing because something in the air is causing my allergies to go berserk lately and I am actually struggling to catch my breath at times.

I see Dr. Lau later today and am anxious to hear what he will say about my ankle. I can already hear the "tsk tsk tsk" for running when it is swollen. He's always said not to run when it is swollen but the swelling never goes away . . . hopefully today he can patch me back up and get me back on my feet.

Last night's run was fairly uneventful. Pigeon got spooked by some deer and it was my turn to laugh instead of her laughing at me for screaming at turkeys.

The Peanut is all about the changing seasons right now. I think Halloween this year will be extra fun as she is understanding the concept of costumes and is really into pumpkins. Halloween is my absolute favorite holiday. I can't wait to have Halloween parties for her when she's older. In the meantime, we'll just enjoy our trips to the pumpkin patches. This weekend we're going to yet another pumpkin festival! I am so excited. In the meantime, here are more photos from last weekend's festival.

Hi Mommy! I am in the bounce house  . . . again!

Picking out a pumpkin

The Peanut's "crew" or BFFs

This one will do!

These people carved out giant pumpkins, got INSIDE
and raced them across a lake!

Watching the boat races & enjoying a treat.

Sunday, October 3, 2010


You take the good, you take the bad, you take 'em both and then you have the facts of life . . . the facts of life!

Anyone else watch that show religiously growing up? I so wanted to be Jo Polniczek when I was a kid. She was tough and sarcastic. I even asked to go to a boarding school and my parents just kind of laughed at me. Oh well.

Well growing up doesn't mean the facts of life change or get any better. What was supposed to be a great weekend turned out to be a not so great weekend. First was bad news about the new house and now the new house may no longer happen. Let's just say everything is up in the air and the stress is flowing freely all around.

Then on Saturday I worked at my new part-time job. That was probably the highlight of my weekend because I was in my element. Yes, I have a part-time job . . . technically I now have one full-time job and two part-time ones in addition to my family which includes Vans and the 2.5 year old Peanut who took a backwards step this weekend in her potty training. Sigh.

Today I woke up hoping to get a run in early but the Peanut put a snafu in that plan by waking up before everyone. I did get 4 miles and they were four painful labored miles. When I got home I had to race into ths shower and the Peanut ready to head out to Elk Grove for the annual Elk Grove Pumpkin Festival.

I met my fellow mommy friends and their kids and did the pumpkin patch bounce house extravaganza. The Peanut had a blast and was in and out of the bounce house four times.

Overall today was a good afternoon minus one potty training mishap. My ankle is still swollen and hurts off and on. It felt okay during the run but hurt afterwards. I am eager to hear what Dr. Lau says on Wednesday when I see him. Until then, I'll continue to do mini runs so as not to aggravate it too much.

One thing about working on the weekends . . . my weekends now go by so much faster.