Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Last night felt like old times. It has been weeks since I have run with Pigeon but last night put an end to that draught. As usual, I was late arriving or rather we were late starting because I had to finish up a phone call that I started while en route to meet Pigeon.

Once we started moving the laughter started flowing. It was really nice to run with her again without the worry of her getting in the miles for an up coming race. We talked about the NIKE Marathon that is happening in a few weeks. Pigeon had gotten into NIKE for the full marathon originally thinking she'd be ready to run 26.2 after running 52 miles only a few weeks before . . .but she's smart and she realizes that even though she is feeling much better after running the Sierra Nevada Endurance Run, she should rest her injured body a bit more. I reminded her that pavement isn't forgiving and it might be a brutal shock to her back and displaced ribs if she tried it too soon. She offered it to me and I originally jumped at the idea but now having had some time to think about it, I think I am going to pass on running the NIKE Marathon for a few reasons. The biggest reason of all? Vans asked me not to run and he normally doesn't care about stuff like that but I think he has seen recently how bad my allergies have been and how poor my runs have been not to mention how large my right ankle is right now. He's concerned and rightly so and I will honor his request. The second reason is I would like to do that race some day but I think I would like to race it under my name and not under someone elses and oh yeah, there is that ankle thing again. Listening to my own advice, resting and not pushing. There will be plenty of races. However, that doesn't mean Pigeon and I will be sitting on our laurels that day. Nope, we're still heading to the city to cheer on some friends. My friend Scrapbook is running the half and Coach Nikon's wife Lily is running the full. Pigeon and I will just wander all around the city trying to meet up with them and enjoy our time being spectators and not runners for once.

So last night's 6 mile run was an easy no pressure kind of run. I admit I was huffing and puffing because something in the air is causing my allergies to go berserk lately and I am actually struggling to catch my breath at times.

I see Dr. Lau later today and am anxious to hear what he will say about my ankle. I can already hear the "tsk tsk tsk" for running when it is swollen. He's always said not to run when it is swollen but the swelling never goes away . . . hopefully today he can patch me back up and get me back on my feet.

Last night's run was fairly uneventful. Pigeon got spooked by some deer and it was my turn to laugh instead of her laughing at me for screaming at turkeys.

The Peanut is all about the changing seasons right now. I think Halloween this year will be extra fun as she is understanding the concept of costumes and is really into pumpkins. Halloween is my absolute favorite holiday. I can't wait to have Halloween parties for her when she's older. In the meantime, we'll just enjoy our trips to the pumpkin patches. This weekend we're going to yet another pumpkin festival! I am so excited. In the meantime, here are more photos from last weekend's festival.

Hi Mommy! I am in the bounce house  . . . again!

Picking out a pumpkin

The Peanut's "crew" or BFFs

This one will do!

These people carved out giant pumpkins, got INSIDE
and raced them across a lake!

Watching the boat races & enjoying a treat.


  1. Tsk, tsk, tsk, running on a swollen ankle. Hopefully you didn't make it worse, but as long as you had a good time, then maybe it was worth it.

    Have fun in SF, wish I could go!

    As usual the Peanut is as cute as can be!

  2. She picked out a perfect pumpkin. ;)

  3. Thanks for the run last night. I had a great time laughing all the way.

    Saturday, what time did we decide? I can't remember.

    Try and rest that ankle of yours. :)

  4. "Pigeon and I will just wander all around the city trying to meet up with them and enjoy our time being spectators and not runners for once."

    Read: Pub crawl as the race goes by.....

    rest that ankle