Monday, October 25, 2010


I did manage to run this weekend but only on Sunday. Pigeon was already out there running five miles before she planned to meet me so I couldn't leave her waiting. Despite the torrential downpours and heavy winds that I was hearing from my nice comfy bed I rolled out of bed and found my old running shoes. I decided not to trash my brand news just yet.

We ran six miles and the first half mile was in darkness. It was light enough that we didn't need headlamps but it was still pretty darn dark outside. It was a great run. I had fun catching up with Pigeon on her vacation and I shared with her the news of our new home and my plans for later that day . . . more on that later. When we finished the rains really started coming down. Luckily when we started the rain stopped and we only had to suffer with the wind. There were other crazy people out there running too so we weren't alone.

When we parted Pigeon was off to go paint her rental home and I was off to the new home to meet up with two great friends who were going to help me tackle the new home and all its dirt and grime. From 11 am on Sunday to 5 pm I was on my hands and knees scrubbing trim and molding. Between the three of us we managed to clean the entire kitchen and I mean CLEAN. We pulled out every drawer and scrubbed every cabinet, shutter, shelf you name it. This kitchen isn't very small either. It took the ENTIRE time and three hard working women to JUST do the kitchen. When my friends left I had just about finished up the trim in the living room and was about to start on the shutters in the dining room.  I was a sneezing dusty mess. Vans and the Peanut showed up at about 5pm to see how I was doing and to check out some manly gutter outside stuff.

The Peanut ran around the home enjoying the openness of it all and she kept asking me "mommy this is our new home?" It was adorable.

Before she came out and met me however, she was spoiled by Vans. Our current home was off limits to us because of a scheduled open house and he had to find a creative way to keep her busy . . . this is not mother approved but well, I can't help but love her facial expressions.

First she saw it was raining outside.
Which meant no trip to the park.

Then of course, Vans put her to work.

Then a trip to Wienerschnitzel
where she ate the ice cream first!

Followed of course,
by a corn dog.

I believe there also might have been some french fries involved. Not the meal of choice but hey, it was a rainy day and she's been under the weather all weekend . . . why not right?


  1. Congrats on the new home! I thought I might have seen you and Pigeon out there running near William Pond. Four of us started on the trail just after 7 a.m. for 18-miler in the rain and wind. ick.

    Oh, and don't we always eat ice cream first?

  2. Yup that was us. I saw you but you were chatting away and I didn't want to interrupt. Congrats on your 18 miler!

  3. Congrats! The new home is great and a very charming little angel...

  4. This weekend weather was wild for sure.
    Hope you will post pics of your new house when you are done scrubbing, cleaning and painting.