Tuesday, October 12, 2010


We had an unfortunate accident in the Trailmomma home last night. My worst fear . . . Vans came home from soccer injured. Not just hurt but severely injured. He spent the night on the couch elevating his ankle (which looks like a giant softball is trying to grow out the side of it). He was miserable. Poor guy.

This morning after I got the Peanut off to daycare, stopped at work to say hello and tell my boss the situation, I drove back home to get Vans and take him for Xrays.

The end result? He has a severe ankle sprain. He has to be on crutches for about four weeks and cannot bare any weight on his leg at all. I have to take him to the hospital tomorrow to get fitted for an eboot (how sexy). His ankle is too swollen right now to even attempt to put one on today. So four weeks of crutches and the boot, followed by 4 weeks of an ankle brace which means 8 weeks total of NO activity. No running. He can try cycling in four weeks ONLY if the swelling is down and he has some mobility but most likely he shouldn't push it even if it feels good.

He is pretty bummed out about all of this as am I. This is not going to make packing and moving and watching the Peanut any easier. This also might mean my trip to San Francisco this weekend might not happen. I don't see how he can manage handling the Peanut for two days on crutches while in the midst of potty training (which has not been going so well . . . 3 accidents over the 3 day weekend). Life happens. I just want him to heal and be 100% again.

At least he is still smiling once in a while . . .

Actually this was an "are you seriously taking my photo?" face . . . I got a kick out of pushing him all around Kaiser in their funky little wheel chairs! Only one minor accident occurred involving his bad foot and the elevator. Sorry honey! :-)


  1. Hey he can do water exercises!

    So sorry this happened and now your SF trip might be over before it began!

    As for the Peanut and her accidents, if you've started packing things up in the house this could be causing her accidents. Changes make new routines tough.

    Hang in there trailmomma!


  2. I promise, I'm not laughing *AT* your husband! :-/
    If you have an interest, go back to last summer (July, 2009) and see where I sprained my ankle severely. It might amaze you how quickly he will recover. Where there's a will, there is certainly a way! ;)
    Hang in there, he's gonna grump up!!

  3. Ouch! That must be very frustrating. I guess time for upper body exercises for now.
    Wish him good luck.