Sunday, October 3, 2010


You take the good, you take the bad, you take 'em both and then you have the facts of life . . . the facts of life!

Anyone else watch that show religiously growing up? I so wanted to be Jo Polniczek when I was a kid. She was tough and sarcastic. I even asked to go to a boarding school and my parents just kind of laughed at me. Oh well.

Well growing up doesn't mean the facts of life change or get any better. What was supposed to be a great weekend turned out to be a not so great weekend. First was bad news about the new house and now the new house may no longer happen. Let's just say everything is up in the air and the stress is flowing freely all around.

Then on Saturday I worked at my new part-time job. That was probably the highlight of my weekend because I was in my element. Yes, I have a part-time job . . . technically I now have one full-time job and two part-time ones in addition to my family which includes Vans and the 2.5 year old Peanut who took a backwards step this weekend in her potty training. Sigh.

Today I woke up hoping to get a run in early but the Peanut put a snafu in that plan by waking up before everyone. I did get 4 miles and they were four painful labored miles. When I got home I had to race into ths shower and the Peanut ready to head out to Elk Grove for the annual Elk Grove Pumpkin Festival.

I met my fellow mommy friends and their kids and did the pumpkin patch bounce house extravaganza. The Peanut had a blast and was in and out of the bounce house four times.

Overall today was a good afternoon minus one potty training mishap. My ankle is still swollen and hurts off and on. It felt okay during the run but hurt afterwards. I am eager to hear what Dr. Lau says on Wednesday when I see him. Until then, I'll continue to do mini runs so as not to aggravate it too much.

One thing about working on the weekends . . . my weekends now go by so much faster.


  1. I loved that show- How funny, brought back some memories there.

    I hope things work out with the house.

    Looks like you guys enjoyed the pumpkin festival.

  2. You are one busy momma.
    Hope the new house issues get resolved and soon.

  3. I loved the Facts of Life - me too on wanting to be Jo.

    I'm so sorry to hear about the house! Hopefully everything works out as planned cuz I need a new neighbor :).

    Little ones feel the stress so the Peanut's accident is probably because she feels your stress so I wouldn't worry too much about it.

    Ok so where's this new part time job?? Oh and you should not run at ALL until you figure out what's going on missy!

    Hang in there girl


  4. love this show as a kid. Just saw it again and its terrible... LOL. to funny