Friday, October 22, 2010


Today we got confirmation that we are in fact home owners now. Our six month (plus) search is finally over! This is partially the reason behind my sporadic blogging as of late. Due to the potential house situation involving impromptu signings, meetings with potential contractors and other such things, running has taken a back seat in my life. No running for me generally means no blogging.

It pains me because I know there are people out there with injuries who would give anything to run right now and yet here I am, perfectly healthy and only managing two measly runs a week if I am lucky.

Sometimes life gets in the way of the things we love to do and I am coming to terms with that. I am finally okay with letting my running take a back seat while I shop for furniture with Vans, play with the Peanut because all of her favorite toys are packed away and keep our current condo in tip top shape so that hopefully some day SOMEONE will want to buy it. Add to that working a few jobs here and there to help fund the new home. It's okay. It isn't forever. I will have my routine again.

The Peanut is very excited about the new home. She's already picked out her room despite our persuasion to pick another room but she's 2 and she already knows what she wants. I will hopefully post pictures some day when we're moved in and settled. The moving date is not scheduled until November so I have many more weeks of packing, organizing and figuring out how to do what I need to do to get us settled without too much trouble.

Running will be there. I'll still run when I can. I am meeting Pigeon this Sunday for a run. It's nice to have a plan, something penciled in my schedule. It makes me accountable and I am excited to hear about her week in Tahoe. Until then . . . it will happen when it happens. No pressure.

The one thing that makes me sad though is all the memories we've had in our current condo. We have out grown it but it was very good to us for six long years and the Peanut was born here making it always a very special place in our hearts.

She was the boss of our office . . .

The dreamer on the front porch . . .

The lover of books . . .

And the queen of toddler toys . . .

We will miss this place we called home but we also look forward to making new memories in our new home.


  1. Wow, Congrats! That's sooo fun!

    and I hear you on missing your old place. We too will prob move from our house in the next few years, and i'll be sad to leave the place my lil' kiddos first called home.

    happy friday. maybe get a run in this wknd to celebrate?;-)

  2. Yay! Glad things are settled...congrats on your new home!

  3. Congratulations! New memories will be made in the new house. ;)
    How's hubby doing?

  4. Congratulations! I hope you have lots of awesome new memories in your new home!

  5. Congratulations on your new home. I like you attitude towards running and life. You are so right, sometimes things we love have to wait.

  6. Congrats on the new home!!
    We rent right now and it will be hard to leave this place someday indeed for the same reasons you mentioned.
    My youngest was born in this house on a futon in the spare bedroom and we have all grown up so much here in this cozy place. We too are outgrowing this home.
    Have a wonderful time in your move. It will be so fun!