Tuesday, August 30, 2011


The Trailmomma family is home from vacation. I had planned on blogging from our trip but the internet connections were not so great and then I also realized, um, I have TWO kids now ... did I really think I'd have time to blog?

We went to Tahoe for 4 days and 3 nights. We rented a condo in Incline Village (that place has my heart for so many reasons) and spent two wonderful days at two different beaches. Van's birthday also was during this time and we went out to dinner one night ... which is hard to do with two kids under the age of 3.

I didn't run once but had a wonderful time with my family.

Peanut jumping off our diving board before we left

Vans on his BDay morning. The Peanut made him that necklace.

The Peanut playing at the beach in Tahoe.

Pure awesome exhaustion.

Tahoe was awesome. The weather was perfect. The condo was decent and the girls shared a room together for the first time and the Peanut loved it. After 4 days in Tahoe it was time to come home ....

and put on your best Princess dress!

I mean it was time to come home, do laundry and then pack up again and head to San Francisco! The Peanut had never been there before so we booked (on a special deal) two nights at hotel located in Nob Hill. Upon being put in one room that was WAY too small for our family, I called the front desk and some how lucked out in getting us a huge SUITE ... for the same price as our previous small room. The Peanut had her own bed, Squeaker had a nice crib and Vans and I had a luxurious king size bed all to ourselves. It was great.

We succeeded in taking the Peanut to all the awesome places around San Francisco. Like ...

Golden Gate Park

Squeaker didn't like the cold so much

It had the coolest play structure

Not so fun for someone under the age of 1 though

We went to the Exploratorium!

Such an awesome place.

Someone is tired of us taking pictures

After the Exploratorium we hit the Pacific Ocean!

Due to the birds, I was off hiding under a park bench

Then we drove down Lombard Street

Did some shopping around China Town

Rode the trolley cars!

And had a very happy girl.

We also saw the Sea Lions at Fisherman's Wharf and all that goes with that area of San Francisco. Although I never ran once, I carried the Peanut (all 30+ pounds of her) up some pretty steep streets in San Francisco.

We arrived home on a Saturday evening leaving me time on Sunday to squeeze in a run. I ran 8 miles on Sunday over near Beal's Point on the bike trail. I needed the motivation of other runners out there to keep me going. It was a tough four miles back but it felt great. Although I am not where I want to be mileage wise yet, I am definitely getting stronger.

However, yesterday something happened that has changed a few things for me. I won't go into too many details but let me just say it involved me calling 911 for the first time in my life (don't worry, it had nothing to do with the girls). I have a new found admiration for our local fire department and medics as well as those in the emergency rooms of our local hospitals.

I will say that I am in a holding pattern and not allowed to run until after this Friday so it looks like it'll be another week off from running for me. I am okay with this and will actually listen to the doctor's orders because I realized yesterday while riding in an ambulance, that life is short. Too short and things can change in the blink of an eye. Having lost my own mother when I was 17 years old, I've always known life is short but some how, in the mix of life and being busy working and raising kids, I had forgotten. Now, a mother myself, with two beautiful girls, I am reminded and I realize how precious time is and how we should not sweat the small stuff and to hug the ones we love. Daily.

A person's health is an important thing but when you have children your health is not only important for your own sake, it is important for those of your children and your children's children ... if you want to see them grow, go to college, get married and have their own kids ... you have to take the necessary measures in your own life to make sure you're healthy and doing all that you can to ensure that you will not miss out on life's amazing treasures. Your children.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Squeaker had her 2 month check up today and that means she received her first round of shots. I know for them the pain is bad but for us mothers (and fathers) it is heart breaking to watch your baby scream and look at you with such big trusting eyes ... oh man how I hate the first year shots ... and even now when the Peanut gets her flu shot ... ugh.

But the Squeaker is one healthy girl!

So happy ...

Her official stats came in at:
Weight: 12 pounds 4.5 ounces
Height: 23 inches

To compare (not that I do) the Peanut's 2 month stat's were:
Weight: 11 pounds 3.3 ounces
Height: 23 1/4 inches

Not too bad. They are right on track following each other! Looking at the Peanut's 2 month photo I am still so shocked to see Squeaker and vice versa. They are practically identical.

A smiling Squeaker

That photo is before she received her shots. She was so happy and coo'ing up a storm for the doctor today. She had no idea what was coming. Poor bug.

The after. Puffy red face. :(

She cried just as much as the Peanut did and even more so. Breaking mom's heart but I know it is necessary. I know vaccinations are a personal decision and a very tough one for some parents. I know how important they are but I always have the autism connection stuck in my head. I have read too many stories and studies from parents that say their kid "changed" after receiving their vaccinations due to the "cocktail" or combination of vaccines etc. I was scared with the Peanut and I am scared with Squeaker but at the same time, not getting vaccinated opens them to a world of terrible diseases and illnesses that are just as scary and life threatening.

I was however approached today by a nurse before Squeaker's shots. She wanted to know if we would participate in a study whereby they would combine some of the shots the Squeaker was to receive today. She was scheduled for 3 shots. They wanted to combine some drugs thereby only giving her 2. In return, they would give me 50 bucks upon each visit where she gets these shots (basically each visit for the next year). The "catch" is that we would have to take her temperature for 5 days after each of the shots. I looked at this woman and said "is this experimental?" and she said "yes, it is." Um, I don't care if you give me $500 dollars each visit ... I am not experimenting with my 2 month old! I am sure it is "safe" and I am sure she would have been fine but I said "No thank you. I am going to follow the same path my oldest went in regards to shots." Wow. Now I am not judging anyone who may have participated in this study. To each their own of course but for me/us ... not what I wanted to try out today.

In other "stats news" the official stats are in from my race on Saturday.

Official Time: 25:10
Official Pace: 8:07
I was 5th out of 61 in my age group.
I was 45th out of 461 overall.

On Sunday I was reading about some new exercises (lunges, squats, lifts etc) so while Squeaker was napping I decided to just try the moves out. Not a real workout but mainly just seeing how I feel doing each of the moves. Um, I am still in a lot of pain and soreness from these moves. My bum and my legs are shaking! I take that as a good thing? That these moves are effective? But I ask you, how do you go about exercising the rest of the week when you are THAT sore? I did these moves on Sunday and I am still really sore. I took Monday off entirely ... but I have a speed workout planned for today ... what should I do? Run and hope that the soreness subsides?

Tomorrow is the Peanut's last day of Summer School. She is beyond excited to be done with that place. Next week we're going on a family vacation so I'll take this blogging on the road with us . . .

to Tahoe! Of course

Saturday, August 13, 2011


Today I had my first race post Squeaker (who turned 2 months yesterday).

Happy 2 Months kid!
(thanks to Debbie the Great Aunt for the hat and socks)

Today was also the Peanut's first official half mile kid's race. We have signed her up for kid's races in the past only to be met with a "I don't want to run" or "I am scared of the dressed up mascots chasing me." Now, at the ripe old age of  3 ... the Peanut was ready. She practiced earlier this week with me at our local track. Last night, she said she was ready and excited. Let's recap HER race first and then come back to me later because really, HER photos are much cuter than mine.

Before going to bed last night, I told the Peanut she needed to get a good night's sleep because we had to get up early and because she had a race. I pretty much jinxed myself right there. She woke up THREE times last night and for the first time ... she ended up sleeping in our bed. 12:45 am - I helped her go potty, 1:30 am - I snuggled with her for a few minutes, 2:00 am - she is eerily standing at my bed side freaking me out (this is where I just pulled her into bed with us) and then when I got up with Squeaker (who, ahem, can sleep through the night mostly) at 2:30 am ... the Peanut was STILL awake.

Needless to say when the alarm went off, three out of the four of us were exhausted but we loaded the car and headed to Sacramento's River Park for the Susan B. Anthony 5K run. I have done this run for years because I love the area and I love seeing my old running buddies from Buffalo Chips.

Van's dropped us off because we only had a few minutes to spare before the gun went off for the Peanut's race. Luckily, Van's caught the start to give you the following photo display of the race.

The start
I barely had time to get our goody bag before they started the race

Go Peanut Go!
(she wanted to hold my hand at first)

Vans was left with the Squeaker

On the home stretch!

She sees the finish and takes off!


So proud of my girl!
(ignore the puffy sleepy mommy please)

Yea, I own that! I ran a half mile!

The rest of the morning she kept saying "I ran a half mile!" I think she's pretty darn proud of herself. Upon crossing the finish line however she noticed something ... her favorite "something" in the whole world ...

A FREE bounce house!

While Vans let the Peanut bounce, I headed to the start of the Women's 5K. I ran into a few Buffalo Chippers along the way. I love the running community, no matter how much time as passed, it is always nice to see old running buddies.

I had no intentions for this race. No goals other than to run and to see how hard I could run. Today was supposed to be my "tempo" run but I knew that I would probably just run and not focus on my pace. I knew that I was about 8 weeks post baby. Ironically, I ran my first 5K post-Peanut when she was 6 weeks old.

June 2008, 6 week old Peanut
5K 25:11/8:07 mile

Wow, that seems like ages ago but I would be lying if internally, I didn't have the same "wish" of sorts in mind. I had no idea what my 2008 time was until after I ran today's race but I knew how I felt running it and wanted the same for this race. When they blew the horn, all bets were off and I just started running.

The Peanut found a prime spot and just waited for me to finish.

I barely looked at my garmin. I only looked at it when I hit the mile markers which consequently looked like this:

Mile 1: 7:41 pace "What they hell!? Where did that come from? This can't be good."
Mile 2: 8:11 pace "Yup, that's what I thought. I'm dying. How long is a 5K again?"
Mile 3: 8:24 pace "Oh thank god, I see the finish!"

Go Mommy Go!

You did it Mommy!

Unofficial Results - 8 week old Squeaker
5K 25:10/8:02 Mile

The girls post race!
(man I look like I need more sleep!)

I still have a long way to go before I reach my 5K PR (22:27/7:14 mile) which was achieved almost a year after the Peanut was born. Still, I am happy with today. Considering the struggle to get back into running, the lack of sleep and having the two most beautiful girls in the world (I am a bit biased), I cannot complain about today's results. The end result was better than expected.

The Peanut was also extremely happy with her results. We stopped at Grandma & Poppa's house and she happily told them she ran a half mile today. I should have her run a half mile more often ...maybe she'd sleep better ... or maybe not ...

Seriously? How is this comfortable?

When we arrived home, just like this morning, 3 out of 4 of us were exhausted again ... the only one not exhausted was Squeaker.

Okay. We're home. Let's play!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Wow, twos days and two posts in a row! Go me! Last night my training plan called for speed work. Nothing huge but it was a 13 minute warm up and then 6 times 1 minute fast 2 minutes easy. During the daytime I did upper body weights on the stability ball and some ab work. When Vans got home from work I laced up my shoes and ran 1.5 miles to our high school track.

I did my speed workout while the high school football team practiced and the high school cross country team stretched. I felt pathetically old and slow. Yet, it was great to be out there and the local track is SO nice and SO soft ... it felt great running on it.

As soon as I finished my workout Vans arrived with my girls! The Peanut has been asking to run with me for weeks but we live in an area with no sidewalks so having her run with me is usually tough. The track was the perfect solution to this problem.

She ended up running/walking two times around the track (a half mile)! She giggled and laughed and told me to "stay in your lane momma!" It was precious. She asked if we could come back and do this again. She ran and was completely out of breath but I think from just giggling while running and not only the running. I love that she had a blast and wants to run with me. She has a half mile kids race this Saturday and she asked me if I would run with her. Who am I to say no?

My running partner!

My other workout or secret to getting back into shape is this ...

you push a 30+ lb 3 year old plus a 12 lb baby along with the weight of a car seat and a jogging stroller UP hill in El Dorado Hills ... that'll get the blood pumping.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


I created myself a plan. A training plan of sorts. The base of my plan are my training runs for CIM but on the alternate days, I have created workouts to accomplish. I am not so sure I can continue this when I am done with maternity leave ... unless of course the average day goes from 24 hours to about 30 hours.

Yesterday was hill day and I wanted to get my workout in early versus waiting until Vans got home and the weather was super hot. I had to get creative though because Squeaker was napping.

Right outside my house is a hill. A fairly decent hill. So I left Squeaker in the bouncy chair where she was sleeping pleasantly and placed her inside the garage with the door open so that I could see her. I ran up and down my hill 10 times passing Squeaker on each up and each down. She woke up once, looked around and fell back to sleep.

I was sweating ...

She was not. It was nice and cool actually.

After the hill workout I hit the weights a little bit and since Squeaker was STILL asleep, I even managed a shower! Score one for mom on Monday! Tuesday is my CIM speed workout and unfortunately I have to wait until Vans is home from work to manage that ... no leaving Squeaker on the track while I sprint.

Hopefully though, Vans will bring both Squeaker and the Peanut to the track tonight while I am running. The Peanut has been asking to run with me for weeks and she has her own kids half mile race this coming Saturday ... of course she needs to get some training in too right?

Dad is in training. On Saturday I had mentioned he had both kids all to himself ... he even ventured outside of the house with them ... his first solo trip.

Daddy's girls ... on their first outing ...

to the skate park of course ...

The rest of the weekend was equally exciting ... Sunday Vans went mountain biking. However, he crashed and he crashed hard. He is now sidelined with some cracked ribs and a knee that is knocked out of alignment and looks gnarly. He's in a lot of pain but seems to be managing. He is more bummed about his upcoming mountain biking season being potentially off calendar now. Not the way he envisioned his summer ending.

The Peanut however is star-struck. She went to a birthday party Sunday evening and met a celebrity. A celebrity that she has seen now repeatedly on commercials in between her My Little Pony shows ...

Captain America!

Too bad Captain American didn't arrive a few hours earlier to help prevent Van's crash.

Saturday, August 6, 2011


Thursday the Trailmomma family left town. Coach Nikon and his family invited us up to their cabin at Echo Lake and we jumped at the chance to get away from home. The Peanut loves anything Tahoe (she is definitely our child) and she especially loves Cheetah, Coach Nikon's eight year old.

The only caveat on Thursday was that I had an emergency dental appointment at 8:30 down in Sacramento. So I had to wake up early and head down the hill only to turn around and head back up the hill to help load the car with gear and kids and continue another hour and twenty minutes up the hill to the cabin. It was a small price to pay for the glorious weather we had while at Echo Lake. Thursday was probably the coldest day they had seen all week but it felt great.

When we arrived the Peanut was immediately in motion.

In addition to exploring, the Peanut also followed and copied the Cheetah everywhere. The Cheetah who is probably the coolest eight year old I know, seemed to enjoy the Peanut just as much. It is amazing how little kids need to get along. The five year age difference didn't seem to bother the Cheetah as she took the Peanut under her wing. It was pretty awesome to watch.

The Cheetah & Peanut

Meanwhile, the adults had a great time too. Lily, Coach Nikon's wife loves babies and lucky for her, I had Squeaker! I should say lucky for me because she gave me a much needed break at times and I even scored two middle of the day naps while at the cabin. I hardly ever nap during the day so that was pretty nice. Coach Nikon took on the challenge of trying to tire out the Peanut. The first day they took the kids down to the creek.

The Peanut, Cheetah & Coach Nikon

Building a Tee-Pee

Peanut building her own tee-pee

Coach Nikon had forgotten about the inquisitive and crazy mind of a three year old.

Look at my mud pie!

Flowers for Momma!

The Peanut had a blast. She also got to go rock climbing, hiking (sort of) and flower picking.


Trail Running!

flower picking

Even Squeaker joined the fun to Echo Lake

Hiking to Echo Lake = Ice Cream Reward!

The view itself is reward enough

The gang also made a trip to Lake Tahoe to play on the beach.

The Cheetah helping the Peanut

The Peanut helping the Cheetah

A tired & cold Peanut ... who had a blast!

While they were busy doing all of that, Squeaker and I were busy doing all of this back at the cabin ...


We drove home late Friday evening with both kids fast asleep in the car. It was one of those trips where the transfer of the sleeping kid from the car to the bed was a success. We don't have those often in our house but everyone was so exhausted from the day's activities.

I woke up this morning feeling refreshed and energized from having spent just a few days at altitude. There is nothing like going for a run after having spent time at altitude. Coach Nikon is training for a 100 mile race and has been running daily up there. He inspired me to put on my running shoes today. I looked at my CIM training plan and it called for 8 miles today 30 seconds above predicted marathon pace. Well, considering I haven't been running much of anything lately, 8 miles was asking a bit much but I headed out there with good intentions of going farther than I have in a while.

I hate out and back courses because they are boring. However, living where I now live, flat surface is hard to come by so I set out on the only semi-flat road I know. I was bored immediately but I was feeling pretty good. I noticed I was quickly approaching the Serrano hill and I kept glancing at it thinking "do I?" "should I?" "am I ready?" when all of a sudden this came on my ipod. It was the jolt I needed and I set off up the hill which turned into a bike trail of sorts that went straight up in some sections and then switch-backed in others.

over-look point at the top

I only stopped to take a few photos with my phone at the overlook otherwise I pretty much sludged up that hill at a snail's pace but running none the less.

more up hill after the over-look

I was feeling pretty darn good and then I hit mile 5 and the normal stomach issues I've been battling lately hit me but not enough to force to me stop. It seems I am slowly able to run a little farther each time before things head ahem, south. Still, the overall mileage was 6 miles total and I was able to score one or two sub-nine minute miles in that mix.

When I arrived home, Vans surprised me by taking both girls out to wash my car! It was his first solo trip out with both kids (and everyone survived) so I immediately took advantage and went up to the pool for a quick dip ... in my running clothes. I didn't even bother to change I just walked in waist high. It wasn't cold but enough to ease the joints a bit. Then I followed up with some upper body weights and a shower. What a great way to start a Saturday!

It has been a great few days. Sometimes, just heading an hour away from your house for a night with good company is all it takes to hit that "reset" button. My reset button has been pushed and I am looking forward to the week ahead and finally tackling my CIM training plan as best I can.

One, Two, Three . . .