Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Wow, twos days and two posts in a row! Go me! Last night my training plan called for speed work. Nothing huge but it was a 13 minute warm up and then 6 times 1 minute fast 2 minutes easy. During the daytime I did upper body weights on the stability ball and some ab work. When Vans got home from work I laced up my shoes and ran 1.5 miles to our high school track.

I did my speed workout while the high school football team practiced and the high school cross country team stretched. I felt pathetically old and slow. Yet, it was great to be out there and the local track is SO nice and SO soft ... it felt great running on it.

As soon as I finished my workout Vans arrived with my girls! The Peanut has been asking to run with me for weeks but we live in an area with no sidewalks so having her run with me is usually tough. The track was the perfect solution to this problem.

She ended up running/walking two times around the track (a half mile)! She giggled and laughed and told me to "stay in your lane momma!" It was precious. She asked if we could come back and do this again. She ran and was completely out of breath but I think from just giggling while running and not only the running. I love that she had a blast and wants to run with me. She has a half mile kids race this Saturday and she asked me if I would run with her. Who am I to say no?

My running partner!

My other workout or secret to getting back into shape is this ...

you push a 30+ lb 3 year old plus a 12 lb baby along with the weight of a car seat and a jogging stroller UP hill in El Dorado Hills ... that'll get the blood pumping.

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