Saturday, August 6, 2011


Thursday the Trailmomma family left town. Coach Nikon and his family invited us up to their cabin at Echo Lake and we jumped at the chance to get away from home. The Peanut loves anything Tahoe (she is definitely our child) and she especially loves Cheetah, Coach Nikon's eight year old.

The only caveat on Thursday was that I had an emergency dental appointment at 8:30 down in Sacramento. So I had to wake up early and head down the hill only to turn around and head back up the hill to help load the car with gear and kids and continue another hour and twenty minutes up the hill to the cabin. It was a small price to pay for the glorious weather we had while at Echo Lake. Thursday was probably the coldest day they had seen all week but it felt great.

When we arrived the Peanut was immediately in motion.

In addition to exploring, the Peanut also followed and copied the Cheetah everywhere. The Cheetah who is probably the coolest eight year old I know, seemed to enjoy the Peanut just as much. It is amazing how little kids need to get along. The five year age difference didn't seem to bother the Cheetah as she took the Peanut under her wing. It was pretty awesome to watch.

The Cheetah & Peanut

Meanwhile, the adults had a great time too. Lily, Coach Nikon's wife loves babies and lucky for her, I had Squeaker! I should say lucky for me because she gave me a much needed break at times and I even scored two middle of the day naps while at the cabin. I hardly ever nap during the day so that was pretty nice. Coach Nikon took on the challenge of trying to tire out the Peanut. The first day they took the kids down to the creek.

The Peanut, Cheetah & Coach Nikon

Building a Tee-Pee

Peanut building her own tee-pee

Coach Nikon had forgotten about the inquisitive and crazy mind of a three year old.

Look at my mud pie!

Flowers for Momma!

The Peanut had a blast. She also got to go rock climbing, hiking (sort of) and flower picking.


Trail Running!

flower picking

Even Squeaker joined the fun to Echo Lake

Hiking to Echo Lake = Ice Cream Reward!

The view itself is reward enough

The gang also made a trip to Lake Tahoe to play on the beach.

The Cheetah helping the Peanut

The Peanut helping the Cheetah

A tired & cold Peanut ... who had a blast!

While they were busy doing all of that, Squeaker and I were busy doing all of this back at the cabin ...


We drove home late Friday evening with both kids fast asleep in the car. It was one of those trips where the transfer of the sleeping kid from the car to the bed was a success. We don't have those often in our house but everyone was so exhausted from the day's activities.

I woke up this morning feeling refreshed and energized from having spent just a few days at altitude. There is nothing like going for a run after having spent time at altitude. Coach Nikon is training for a 100 mile race and has been running daily up there. He inspired me to put on my running shoes today. I looked at my CIM training plan and it called for 8 miles today 30 seconds above predicted marathon pace. Well, considering I haven't been running much of anything lately, 8 miles was asking a bit much but I headed out there with good intentions of going farther than I have in a while.

I hate out and back courses because they are boring. However, living where I now live, flat surface is hard to come by so I set out on the only semi-flat road I know. I was bored immediately but I was feeling pretty good. I noticed I was quickly approaching the Serrano hill and I kept glancing at it thinking "do I?" "should I?" "am I ready?" when all of a sudden this came on my ipod. It was the jolt I needed and I set off up the hill which turned into a bike trail of sorts that went straight up in some sections and then switch-backed in others.

over-look point at the top

I only stopped to take a few photos with my phone at the overlook otherwise I pretty much sludged up that hill at a snail's pace but running none the less.

more up hill after the over-look

I was feeling pretty darn good and then I hit mile 5 and the normal stomach issues I've been battling lately hit me but not enough to force to me stop. It seems I am slowly able to run a little farther each time before things head ahem, south. Still, the overall mileage was 6 miles total and I was able to score one or two sub-nine minute miles in that mix.

When I arrived home, Vans surprised me by taking both girls out to wash my car! It was his first solo trip out with both kids (and everyone survived) so I immediately took advantage and went up to the pool for a quick dip ... in my running clothes. I didn't even bother to change I just walked in waist high. It wasn't cold but enough to ease the joints a bit. Then I followed up with some upper body weights and a shower. What a great way to start a Saturday!

It has been a great few days. Sometimes, just heading an hour away from your house for a night with good company is all it takes to hit that "reset" button. My reset button has been pushed and I am looking forward to the week ahead and finally tackling my CIM training plan as best I can.

One, Two, Three . . .


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  1. Yay, on the Reset button pushing. Can't go wrong being an hour up the hill. :)

    Kudos to you getting up that Serrano hill, I also ran (ok ok walked) that last evening...and I only had gone 2 miles at that point.

    Good Luck with your CIM training.