Friday, November 26, 2010


Yesterday was our first Thanksgiving in the new house. Today is the first day we have internet. Things are not exactly panning out here as expected. We've run into a few bumps in the road (phone/internet problems, plumbing issues etc) but we're doing our best.

Usually Thanksgiving for us means that we and our entire group of friends gather together bright and early and do the Run To Feed the Hungry race down in Sacramento. This is the largest 5K/10K race on Thanksgiving in the country (or so they say) with well over 20,000 people participating.  It is generally a mad house with runners, strollers, dogs and families.

In years past we used to have our crew gather at our condo and then we'd all make the 1.5 mile walk to the start line. This year various parts of our crew opted out of participating for some reason or another but the REI family joined us complete with new baby and all.

Vans and I had to coordinate a little differently this year since our morning now consisted of a 25 minute drive down the hill for this race. We parked at our old condo and just like old times we ran the 1.5 miles to the start line looking for the REI family.

There we are! Found the Peanut's BFF

Our mini crew this year

The race, as always is a mad house. It isn't the race you want to "PR" in or "win" because there is just no way of getting past the mobs and mobs of walking groups, strollers and dogs on leashes. This is the one "race" every year that most non-runners in the area participate in solely for the purpose of allowing themselves to eat a little more turkey later in the day.

Generally I run the 10K and the crew walks the 5K and we finish almost in the same amount of time (not many walkers walk the 10K). However, this year I opted to walk with my family since our numbers were small and because I have not been running in almost a month. Just the 1.5 mile run to the start had me sweating!

The course was different this year than years past. They had us going through the Fab 40s which is an area of mansions in east Sacramento. Visually that was great, logistically the entire race seemed to stop at mile 1.5 when we made the turn. In all, it took us over an hour to WALK 3.1 miles.

The girls

Father and Daughter

The Peanut was funny and kept asking to 'run' the race. She is so much like me that it is funny. She apparently does not like 'walking' a race either.

After the race we high-tailed it to our old condo (another 1.5 mile speed walk) and filled our car with miscellaneous boxes that still remained in the garage. By the time we made it back home, it was 12:30 in the afternoon and I still had a ton of food to prep and cook and a dining room table to construct (we recently purchased a new table which has been sitting in a box in our garage for a month).

While I was busy prepping and cooking, Vans took the Peanut to a nearby park for some fun.

A duck pond!

The Peanut loved it

There is no way in hell I am taking her here myself

She had fun and they also went to a play ground. She needed to use up a little energy. Unfortunately she's coming down with a really bad chest cold today. Poor Peanut.

Otherwise our Thanksgiving was nice. My aunt came out for dinner and arrived with 2 side dishes which is always a bonus. She also arrived early enough to help us assemble the dining room table. I had spent all day on Wednesday assembling 6 dining room chairs and all that was left was the table.

Well, after the 3 of us lugged the dining top into the living room along with all the additional pieces, we realized that after an hour of piecing together the darn thing, that the table itself was BUSTED! The wood broke clear down the middle under the table and the whole table drooped. I don't think it is returnable at this point (we ordered it a awhile ago) but I plan to call and find out. Otherwise, anyone know of a good handyman who can help fix out table?

Dinner was nice regardless. We ate in the kitchen and watched football and the Peanut and my aunt played all around the house. Although we missed the company of my inlaws and brother-inlaw, it was still a nice evening. I look forward to making more traditions as we go. I even got out our Christmas decorations (well, they were in one of the boxes we brought home) and put some up. The Peanut got super excited.

Vans got excited when he figured out how to make our exterior lights work!


Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I hope you had a wonderful day.

Monday, November 22, 2010


It has been one helluva week for the Trailmomma household. First my awesome and wonderful father Jersey Dad called me Wednesday morning of last week to inform me that he had a heart attack and was sitting in a hospital bed. My heart skipped a beat but he sounded so healthy and upbeat that I didn't panic just yet.

Upon further discovery the doctor discovered that one of his arteries was completely blocked and had he not come in that day, his future surely would not have been much more than a few days/weeks at best. They inserted two stents into his heart and he bought a lottery ticket with the numbers 11.17.10.

Needless to say my mind went from focusing on moving to focusing on my dad who lives 3,000 miles across the country. I was a mess to say the least. Thankfully, I got quick updates from my step-mom who knew I would be worried and waiting. I talked to him briefly on Thursday and again on Friday when he was driving home from the hospital. At the time I was juggling my phone while at the same time pointing to the movers where to place certain pieces of furniture. Multi-tasking at its finest.

Jersey Dad is home and recovering and taking it very easy just like the doctor, his wife and his daughter have ordered. Happy healthy recovery thoughts/prayers/vibes (whatever is your thang) is appreciated.

As for the us and the move? Well . . . we're in the home and 75% unpacked but there is still quite a lot of work to do and with the holidays coming up . . . things are getting tight. The Peanut slept well the first two nights in her new room but unfortunately last night was up at all hours of the night and therefore less than thrilled for our commute back down the hill for work/daycare this morning.

One box at a time is my motto which wouldn't be such a bad thing if we weren't finding constant little "issues" with the new house that require attention like a busted tub stopper, non-working phone line . . . the list goes on and on.

However the Peanut was quite happy with her new room color.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


So this is our last week in the old condo. Running wise I managed four miles before work on Saturday and now realize that will be my last time running for quite a while. I am consumed with bubble wrap, boxes and packing tape. None of which I really enjoy right now. I hate packing!!!!!!!!! Wait, let me clarify, I like packing for a TRIP or a VACATION but packing for a move? No thank you!!!

So I will probably be outta the blogging loop this week because my days are filled with working while my nights are consumed with packing, watching the Peanut and keeping the Peanut out of the bubble wrap while I pack. She has become infatuated with PERMANENT markers lately. She has a lovely supply of Crayola washable markers but nooooooooooooooo she wants to play with mommy and daddy's permanent ones while we pack. Ugh.

So because of my lamo blogging of late, I leave you with a few photos that have highlighted my week!

Most of you probably don't know this, but I am like a Jamaican bobsledder (ahem, an old SNL skit) in that I have many jobs. Actually, I have one full-time job that is Monday to Friday and then I work two part-time ones. One of which is for the Maloof Entertainment/Sacramento KINGS family. This past weekend when I showed up for work I had a gift sitting in my chair!

10 Years of Service!

Apparently I have been working for the KINGS and the Maloofs for 10 years this past summer. My initial thought was "holy crap has it been 10 years!?" but they presented me with a 10 year service pin, an award and then a really nice gift that I get to pick out of a catalog. Sweet. Thank you Maloof Family! It has been a great 10 years!

Then, Vans has been spending a lot of time at the new house working on the Peanut's room and checking on our slightly lazy tile guy.

The Peanut, when asked, "what color do you want your new room" she declared "green and purple" which actually works. So Vans has been busy painting. He decided not go with the shades of green and purple that I picked and instead went with something he liked . . . we'll see, right now I am not loving it.

Peanut's Room
He's doing a white chair rail where the line is.

Overall not too terrible I guess. We'll see how it looks with furniture and some decorative things on the wall. Besides, in about 8 years she'll want it another color! HA

And finally, the thorn in our side, the reason we've pushed back the move and will most likely push back any housewarming parties I wanted to have . . . the master bath re-do:
Laying tile takes FOREVER

It really takes forever when your tile guy SUCKS. So much for using a referral. Ugh. It looks as if we won't be able to use our master bath OR bedroom when we move in this Friday. Vans and I will be camped out on the floor the guest room but whatever, at least we'll finally be in the new home and can start making things feel homey one box at a time.

Friday, November 12, 2010


After my "big run" on Sunday, I actually fit in another run on Monday evening! I busted out my reflective vest and put on my head lamp and ran through my dark neighborhood streets. It felt great. Of course I haven't run since then. Tuesday I was a solo parent and running in the dark with the jogger just doesn't seem 1. safe and 2. appealing. Wednesday we had minor new house issues and had to go out that evening to find new paint colors asap.

But running at night gets me excited and reminds me of the days when I trained for CIM. I miss that. I am however super excited about the new Nathan Reflective Arm Sleeves!!! Fleet Feet Fair-Oaks and Fleet Feet Roseville have them in stock and it was all I could do at work last night not to buy a pair!

I sooo want the purple sleeves  . . . they even have a pocket on the arm for Gu or if you have a small mp3 player. Super sweet and VERY reflective. Maybe I'll add them to my Christmas list . . . Vans are you listening!?

Yesterday was Veterans Day however and my work and the Peanut's daycare were closed. So what did we do? We headed to Bounce Palace in Folsom! The Peanut has been going through a funny stage right now where she has been just thinking of things to say no matter if they apply or not. She has been "um'ing" a lot and most of the time sounds like the kid from American Pie . . . "mommy, remember that one time you took me to a bounce house?" It cracks me up every time and all week she had been saying it. Thus, come Thursday I dared the masses and took her to a bounce place. I made sure we were there upon opening but really that only gave us 10 minutes of "free" uninterrupted play before the giant herd of parents and their children arrived and took over Bounce Palace like an army. It was insane. The Peanut had fun for a while until "the big girl pushed me" . . . I heard her crying "mommy!" and thus I had to take off my shoes and climb into the bounce obstacle course and rescue my girl.

We left shortly after the "pushing" incident as I could tell the Peanut was getting quite tired. One thing bounce houses are guaranteed for is a deep nap later in the day.

In the jumpy bounce house

Normally the Peanut is all about doing stuff herself but for some strange reason yesterday I had to follow her almost EVERYWHERE which included going on and in all the bounce houses/slides and obstacle courses.

Super Slide

Yup, I even had to help her climb that (the ladder was busted). I am not going to lie, this thing was FUN!!! We must have climbed up that a hundred times. The slide part was super slippery. I definitely got a workout trying to push 35 lbs of Peanut up that ladder followed by myself. 

After Bounce Palace we did a few errands and then went back home. I had to get ready for work. While I was at work last night eyeing those arm bands among other things that are new in stock . . . Vans took the Peanut out for Happy Hour. Yup, he took our 2.5 year old to her first happy hour . . . 

Happy Hour Yogurt!

Our local yogurt shop does Happy Hour! Half off your yogurt! Sweet deal. I hope the new yogurt place in our new neighborhood will consider the same thing!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


This race report is a little bit late because someone misplaced the camera.

This past Sunday was the Apple Hill Harvest Run. We did this run last year as a family with some friends and had a blast. Vans ran the 3.5 mile race last year and I ran it un-timed with the Peanut in the jogger. After the race we all enjoyed some snacks while the kids played on the playground near by. The weather was glorious.

This year? Well, picture the complete opposite. First issue was that it was daylight savings and normally I am a daylight savings junkie turning all our clocks back the night before making sure every single clock is changed. This year, I apparently have been way too busy and preoccupied that I had no idea it was even daylight savings time.

Needless to say, we all went to bed and then we all woke up at 7 am rushing around to be out the door by 7:30 so that we could make the long drive up to Apple Hill. Just as we were about to jump in the car I realized that it was daylight savings and we were a whole hour early! Vans was not thrilled as he could have used another hour of sleep. Oops.

We decided to hit the road regardless and just take our time and stop at a local Starbucks. The minute we hit the road the rain came down in sheets and buckets. The road was drenched and the wind was gusty. I kept thinking "oh man, I have to run in this?!"

When we finally got to Apple Hill I still needed to pick up my packet and get my bib. We were not quite sure how far we were parked from the race start but since it was down pouring outside, I decided to run and get my stuff and then come back to the car to tell Vans just how far from the start we were.

Holy cow was I soaked when I returned. It was raining that hard and not letting up. Vans and I decided that I'd run the race and he and the Peanut would stay put in the car where it was warm and dry. No sense all of us getting soaked and being miserable.

Of course the Starbucks and just sitting in the car made things a bit uncomfortable and so I had to take care of business by the car. Vans thought this was funny.

Shortly after I left for the race start. I found shelter under a tent briefly while the 8.5 milers started first. The number of runners was definitely lower compared to last year yet everyone that was out seemed amused by the rain. I don't mind running in the rain really but I do prefer being able to go home right away to warm up which I could not do after this race.

The race itself was uneventful. The hills are brutal on this course and I seemed to have forgotten that. I struggled on some of the climbs and all I kept thinking was "how on earth did I push a 25 lb toddler in a stroller last year?!" I don't recall my times or splits and I don't really care. I wasn't really racing. It just felt great to be running in a race.

Lucky for Vans and the Peanut, the 8.5 mile course ran right by our car giving them something to watch while I was out running too.

Raining so hard

Watching the runners

When I crossed the finished I chatted with a few friends who had also come out and then I high-tailed it to the car for some dry clothes and shelter.

Soaked to the bone

aaaah warm clothes!

I think this was probably the first time ever I have actually worn the race shirt the same day it was given. I had to, it was the warmest thing I had!

We left right away. I was shivering uncontrollably and made Vans stop at Peet's in El Dorado Hills so I could drink the hottest coffee I could find.

Overall, despite the horrible conditions, I still had fun and I have no doubts we'll be back next year regardless of the weather. Vans had already declared that next year is his turn to race and hopefully he'll no longer be injured and will be able to race.

The bonus for us next year is that our new home is only 30 minutes from Apple Hill so we can all sleep in a little later as long as we don't forget about daylight savings!

Saturday, November 6, 2010


Today I did it. I went for a run! As I was getting ready this morning, the Peanut said "Mommy can I come with you?" Wow. She hardly ever asks to go with me in the stroller. She's 2.5 and not a huge fan of the jogging stroller unless we've convinced her we're heading to the park.

I said "sure sweety but we have to dress warm it's a little chilly outside." As I was getting her jacket on she looked at me and said "where's your jacket mommy?" Smart girl. I had to explain to her that I didn't have to wear one because I would be running and therefore getting warmer while she'd just be sitting. She gave me one of those looks like "yeah right mom." Again, smart girl.

Off we went. What an absolutely beautiful Saturday morning. I headed straight for the bike trail. It was busy not but crowded. Lots of runners and bikers out enjoying their morning.

Perfect fall morning

There were also a few walkers to which the Peanut said quite loudly "Mommy he's not running! Why is he not running?! That's not right!" I tried hard to stifle my laugh and explained that some people just prefer to walk. She said "but why!?" ha. She has been around running so much that she just assumes everyone runs and no one walks.

From that moment on, every walker we passed she'd declare "that's not right!"

My running partner

I ran down the bike trail and decided to run back on the levee road for a change of scenery for the Peanut. She decided that she wanted us to stop at the park. I couldn't argue with that, she'd been a perfect running partner thus far. So on our way home we stopped here:

The "big" park as she calls it

I have to admit, I was getting a little sad realizing that I would be leaving this beautiful neighborhood in a few weeks. We live in a beautiful and exercise friendly area but I know I will find other beautiful spots and parks to run to in the new neighborhood. When I was in my 20s I was sad I was moving out of midtown to East Sac and now in my 30s I am sad that I am leaving East Sac for El Dorado Hills.

Tomorrow is the Apple Hill Harvest Run. My family did it last year with me running with the stroller and Vans racing. This year he'll be sidelined with his ankle injury and I'll be running stroller free. It is supposed to be pouring tomorrow so that will make for an interesting race for all.

After today's run the Peanut enjoyed her lunch of chicken and brown rice. She worked up quite an appetite being my running partner and going up and down the slide at the park. What a great Saturday so far.
Mmm lunch!

Friday, November 5, 2010


Tomorrow is the first Saturday I have had off in 6 weeks. I asked for it off to handle some moving situations we have going on but still, I am excited. This means I can wake up when I want (which will undoubtedly will be 7 am thanks to the Peanut) and do what I want in the morning before gearing up for new house stuff.

Most importantly, I will get to spend the day, the entire day, with this special girl . . .

I can hardly wait.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I am here. I am alive. I just have not had much to blog about let alone much time these days to blog.

Quick recap: I did not run the Four Bridges Half Marathon. My first ever DNS. I was upset but am okay with it. A great friend of mine finished it as her first ever half marathon and I am so very proud of her (GO SPY GIRL!).

Halloween was fantastic. The Peanut really got into it and we have some great video clips that I should down load and post . . . um, when I have time.

New home is slowly (very slowly) coming along. Lots of major and minor issues are popping up causing increased stressed levels by both Vans and myself.

I have been running but not consistently and not enough to even bother blogging about. Just enough though to keep me fairly sane and to keep the Halloween calories at bay . . . although not far at bay.

Hopefully soon I will have something to blog about. In fact, this very weekend we have a big family race the second annual in fact. I am excited and hope the weather holds up.  Until then, enjoy this Halloween photo of the Peanut and all of her friends.