Friday, November 12, 2010


After my "big run" on Sunday, I actually fit in another run on Monday evening! I busted out my reflective vest and put on my head lamp and ran through my dark neighborhood streets. It felt great. Of course I haven't run since then. Tuesday I was a solo parent and running in the dark with the jogger just doesn't seem 1. safe and 2. appealing. Wednesday we had minor new house issues and had to go out that evening to find new paint colors asap.

But running at night gets me excited and reminds me of the days when I trained for CIM. I miss that. I am however super excited about the new Nathan Reflective Arm Sleeves!!! Fleet Feet Fair-Oaks and Fleet Feet Roseville have them in stock and it was all I could do at work last night not to buy a pair!

I sooo want the purple sleeves  . . . they even have a pocket on the arm for Gu or if you have a small mp3 player. Super sweet and VERY reflective. Maybe I'll add them to my Christmas list . . . Vans are you listening!?

Yesterday was Veterans Day however and my work and the Peanut's daycare were closed. So what did we do? We headed to Bounce Palace in Folsom! The Peanut has been going through a funny stage right now where she has been just thinking of things to say no matter if they apply or not. She has been "um'ing" a lot and most of the time sounds like the kid from American Pie . . . "mommy, remember that one time you took me to a bounce house?" It cracks me up every time and all week she had been saying it. Thus, come Thursday I dared the masses and took her to a bounce place. I made sure we were there upon opening but really that only gave us 10 minutes of "free" uninterrupted play before the giant herd of parents and their children arrived and took over Bounce Palace like an army. It was insane. The Peanut had fun for a while until "the big girl pushed me" . . . I heard her crying "mommy!" and thus I had to take off my shoes and climb into the bounce obstacle course and rescue my girl.

We left shortly after the "pushing" incident as I could tell the Peanut was getting quite tired. One thing bounce houses are guaranteed for is a deep nap later in the day.

In the jumpy bounce house

Normally the Peanut is all about doing stuff herself but for some strange reason yesterday I had to follow her almost EVERYWHERE which included going on and in all the bounce houses/slides and obstacle courses.

Super Slide

Yup, I even had to help her climb that (the ladder was busted). I am not going to lie, this thing was FUN!!! We must have climbed up that a hundred times. The slide part was super slippery. I definitely got a workout trying to push 35 lbs of Peanut up that ladder followed by myself. 

After Bounce Palace we did a few errands and then went back home. I had to get ready for work. While I was at work last night eyeing those arm bands among other things that are new in stock . . . Vans took the Peanut out for Happy Hour. Yup, he took our 2.5 year old to her first happy hour . . . 

Happy Hour Yogurt!

Our local yogurt shop does Happy Hour! Half off your yogurt! Sweet deal. I hope the new yogurt place in our new neighborhood will consider the same thing!


  1. Sounds like a great day with the Peanut. Who doesn't love bounce house!!! Can't wait to see the new house.
    Any plans this weekend?

  2. hardly her first 'happy hour', yogurt or not. but this is her favorite by far. yea yea, reflective arm bands....dont you have reflective jackets, vests, hats, shoes....