Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I am here. I am alive. I just have not had much to blog about let alone much time these days to blog.

Quick recap: I did not run the Four Bridges Half Marathon. My first ever DNS. I was upset but am okay with it. A great friend of mine finished it as her first ever half marathon and I am so very proud of her (GO SPY GIRL!).

Halloween was fantastic. The Peanut really got into it and we have some great video clips that I should down load and post . . . um, when I have time.

New home is slowly (very slowly) coming along. Lots of major and minor issues are popping up causing increased stressed levels by both Vans and myself.

I have been running but not consistently and not enough to even bother blogging about. Just enough though to keep me fairly sane and to keep the Halloween calories at bay . . . although not far at bay.

Hopefully soon I will have something to blog about. In fact, this very weekend we have a big family race the second annual in fact. I am excited and hope the weather holds up.  Until then, enjoy this Halloween photo of the Peanut and all of her friends.


  1. Very, very cute little pumpkins.
    Good luck getting your house in order.

  2. Hi!
    sorry you didn't get to run...know how that feels, and you have a LOT on your plate!!!!

    the halloween kid pics=priceless;-)

  3. Tomorrow is a new day. Take advantage of it. ;)

  4. Miss our weekly runs together, but most of all I miss the stories you tell. Have a great weekend!!!! Rest up.