Saturday, November 6, 2010


Today I did it. I went for a run! As I was getting ready this morning, the Peanut said "Mommy can I come with you?" Wow. She hardly ever asks to go with me in the stroller. She's 2.5 and not a huge fan of the jogging stroller unless we've convinced her we're heading to the park.

I said "sure sweety but we have to dress warm it's a little chilly outside." As I was getting her jacket on she looked at me and said "where's your jacket mommy?" Smart girl. I had to explain to her that I didn't have to wear one because I would be running and therefore getting warmer while she'd just be sitting. She gave me one of those looks like "yeah right mom." Again, smart girl.

Off we went. What an absolutely beautiful Saturday morning. I headed straight for the bike trail. It was busy not but crowded. Lots of runners and bikers out enjoying their morning.

Perfect fall morning

There were also a few walkers to which the Peanut said quite loudly "Mommy he's not running! Why is he not running?! That's not right!" I tried hard to stifle my laugh and explained that some people just prefer to walk. She said "but why!?" ha. She has been around running so much that she just assumes everyone runs and no one walks.

From that moment on, every walker we passed she'd declare "that's not right!"

My running partner

I ran down the bike trail and decided to run back on the levee road for a change of scenery for the Peanut. She decided that she wanted us to stop at the park. I couldn't argue with that, she'd been a perfect running partner thus far. So on our way home we stopped here:

The "big" park as she calls it

I have to admit, I was getting a little sad realizing that I would be leaving this beautiful neighborhood in a few weeks. We live in a beautiful and exercise friendly area but I know I will find other beautiful spots and parks to run to in the new neighborhood. When I was in my 20s I was sad I was moving out of midtown to East Sac and now in my 30s I am sad that I am leaving East Sac for El Dorado Hills.

Tomorrow is the Apple Hill Harvest Run. My family did it last year with me running with the stroller and Vans racing. This year he'll be sidelined with his ankle injury and I'll be running stroller free. It is supposed to be pouring tomorrow so that will make for an interesting race for all.

After today's run the Peanut enjoyed her lunch of chicken and brown rice. She worked up quite an appetite being my running partner and going up and down the slide at the park. What a great Saturday so far.
Mmm lunch!


  1. Sounds like a great run you had this morning with the new running partner. Glad you enjoyed yourself!

    Good luck at the Apple Hill run tomorrow!

  2. Maybe the rain will make you run faster. ;)

    El Dorado Hills is NICE! Good for you.

  3. ha - sounds like she may have a bit of the competitive spirit in her. Sounds like a nice run.