Monday, August 30, 2010


SCREAM! or in the Peanut's case, ROAR!

That's it. No running for moi. Maybe later.

Saturday, August 28, 2010


Not much to report about today's run which I find kind of weird considering we ran 20 miles today. After a rough night's sleep (thanks Peanut) I texted Pigeon at 5:30 am (yup, still awake) that perhaps due to the crazy windy conditions (keeping the Peanut awake), the darkness outside and the fact I could not get the Peanut back to sleep, that perhaps we meet at 7:00 am instead of 6:30 am. Not much of a difference but enough to get me out the door and for the Peanut to doze off.

I was the only car in the parking when I arrived at Rio. The wind was howling outside. Wednesday of this week was the hottest day of the year, coming in at about 108 degrees or so and today it was absolutely freezing. My car temperature gauge said 59 degrees. In the grand scheme of things, that's not really THAT cold but when you're used to 100 degree runs, it's pretty darn chilly.

Shortly after I arrived, Pigeon arrived. She contemplated wearing sleeves for the run as she was so cold. I, however, in my super stealth mode to get out of the house, forgot everything, including my sleeves AND my allergy pill . . . on the windiest day of the year. Ugh. I was going sleeveless but I knew I'd eventually warm up or at least I hoped.

Once we hit the dirt we started running. Pigeon was in a fantastic mood. Myself, not so fantastic. My stomach felt instantly out of sorts (I had also apparently forgotten to eat much, oops). My hamstrings were tight and I just didn't feel "there" but I knew we had 20 miles ahead of us and I prayed things would start to even out.

At 7:00 am the bike trail was pretty darn busy. We saw a lot of these:

Running groups. Lots of them.

The trails were jam packed with runners, bikers and walkers today. I never did see my "friend" from Thursday. When Pigeon and I approached what is normally our turn around spot on Tuesdays and Thursdays (i.e. the porta potty), I stopped to use it. I instantly knew this old feeling and it was not good. This was going to be a long 20 miles with a lot of porta potty stops. Shut Up and Run would have been proud. 

Pigeon never minds the stops as it gives her ample time to stretch. Done with business we were off running again. Realizing my lack of breakfast, I took a Gu thinking it would help. It didn't. It made things worse. I took some Tums shortly after that (at another stop). Nothing was working. Finally, on the 10 miles out, I think I stopped about 4 times. I had goose bumps on my arms and was pretty darn cold. I thought maybe I was fighting off a cold? What is going on with me? I attempted another Gu at the turn around AND an SCap. Even though it was chilly outside, I had not been drinking water very much and I thought maybe the SCap's sodium would actually help me. It did! I love SCaps!

I think I only stopped once after we turned around and that was it. Whatever was in my system was FINALLY GONE! I was back. Trailmomma was back in business. I think Pigeon clued into this as I started talking a whole lot more. I am usually quite the chatter box at times and for the first 10 miles, I was pretty silent. 

On our way back, we saw lots of these:

And unfortunately these:

Ugh, turkeys

We even passed this very very tempting sign:

In all the years I have been running out here, I have never noticed this place. I made a mental note that perhaps some time, Vans and the Peanut and I would bike out to here. She enjoy it and perhaps I could scare some runners who are running on the pavement.

Apparently after I left the house (close to 7 am), the Peanut FINALLY fell back to sleep (Vans did too) and they slept in until after 9:00 am. I arrived home from my 20 windy miles at 11:00 to a very excited Peanut (with some crazy Daddy styled hair).

The Peanut took advantage of the wind and flew her kite today.

She also tickled the ivory for grandma.

And laughed in the wind with Daddy. 

Friday, August 27, 2010


Normally my Tuesday and Thursday night runs provide me with a sense of relaxation and stress relief. Last night however, was the complete and total opposite.

I decided at the last minute to run to Rio High School instead of drive. It's only 3 miles to the school but it also was 95 degrees outside AND I had worked an 8 hour day (with minimal sleep the night before). Yet I had wanted to get some extra miles in since I have been some what slacking lately.

The run to Rio was fairly uneventful. I had one turkey crossing to deal with but otherwise no problems. My pace was around 8:30 because I wanted to get there fast so Pigeon wasn't waiting too long. As it turns out, I am not fast . . . she had been waiting 10 minutes. Ooops.

Without any chit chat involved we immediately headed for the bike trail. I was already out of breath and quite exhausted from my 3 mile run to get there. I realized not long after Pigeon and I started running, that my energy level was almost zero. Luckily I had some SCaps in my water bottle because I was getting mild chills from dehydration on the miles leading to our turn around spot.

Pigeon was feeling good or at least pretending to feel good because she stayed in front of me the entire way. About a half mile from our turn around spot I noticed two cyclists coming at us on the bike trail. The one closest to us was waving his hand in a sweeping motion and as he passed he said "off the pavement." What? Wait a minute, did he say what I think he just said? I immediately got in my defensive mode because annoying pompous cyclists are my BIGGEST pet peeve when running on the bike trail. I have a bike. I cycle and I know how to SHARE the bike trail with runners and cyclists alike. This gentleman apparently does not feel the need to share. I yelled back to him that I had a right to be on the pavement AND that he should not be riding shoulder to shoulder with another cyclist especially if he wants more space on the trail. That was it.

Pigeon and I made it to the turn around and sort laughed at what had just happened. She was sort of incredulous that he was actually sweeping us off the pavement. Normally, Pigeon runs on the dirt portion and I run on the pavement. She's training for a trail race and I am training for a road race. Even with me on the edge of the pavement, there is PLENTY of room for a cyclist to pass.

We turned around and headed back the way we came on the opposite side of the bike trail because if you're smart, you know that you always run against bike traffic and against car traffic.

While we were running, I was talking to Pigeon as usual, sharing with her some recently good news that I had learned when out of no where a cyclist, rather an "older" "larger" man on a bike came veering right at me! He was riding solo, not paired with anyone and yet swerved INTENTIONALLY at me, missing me by inches and ultimately shoving me into the dirt portion of the bike trail. He also said "off the trail!" or something along those lines.

Oh no he didn't!? Yes. He did. In a matter of nanoseconds I morphed into Jersey Trailmomma. Remember the old show the Incredible Hulk? Yeah, that was me but instead of transforming into a giant green monster, I transformed into a head bobbing, finger pointing, obscenity yelling Jersey Girl. I made the cast of the Jersey Shore look quaint. I dropped several curse words and called him a slew of names (most of which I have no idea what they even mean they just came flying outta my mouth). I was so angry tears came to my eyes. I yelled to him to come back! I yelled that I had every right to be on the pavement. I yelled that there is such thing as common courtesy sprinkled with a few F bombs and Mother F bombs etc etc. I am not proud of my instant potty mouth but at the same time, I was fed up. He was the straw that broke this Trailmomma's back!

The only thing amusing at this time was Pigeon's face. I think she was shocked to say the least and I knew she'd have my back should that aggro cyclist return. The only thing I am regretting at this moment though is that I didn't yell "COME BACK LANCE!" because obviously this tool thinks he is Lance Armstrong yet I know, being a Lance fan, that even Lance wouldn't shove a runner off the bike trail.

I ask you, readers, was I wrong? I know many of you run and cycle and so do I. I told Vans about the incident when I got home and it even angered him although his California back ground did not lend itself to as many curse words. Ah well, I'll be ready next time . . . I'll work on my come backs and my insults. Pigeon and I are running 20 out there this weekend, same course too so I am sure this won't be the last I hear from the cyclists.

I leave you with a peaceful image . . . not me yelling at a cyclist but of the Peanut reading Eat, Pray, Love to her mommy.

Let me read to you mommy!

See, no pictures!

Truly Sweet.

And of course . . . proof of my heritage! She has my spitfire that's for sure!

New Jersey!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I know it has been a while since I blogged, Pigeon let me have it last night because I haven't been updating my blog. The reason being is I never ran on Saturday. We were in Tahoe but instead of running I did the gym which consisted of some weight lifting and a 30 minute sprinting session on the treadmill which by the way, left me limping and sore the next day! It was kind of a nice change of pace though.

Last night though it was back to the same old same old. I met Pigeon out at Rio High School. I was really late getting there because Vans had been stuck in traffic. It happens and when we move out of Sacramento, that traffic is going to become a thorn in my side for sure.

When I arrived at Rio I saw Pigeon outside, in the 100 degree heat waiting for me. Apparently she was stretching because she's been super sore again with all her injuries. She is seeing Dr. Chu at Elite Spinal and Sports Care which is great and I think at least narrowing down her problem but regardless, she's still in some pain especially when it comes to breathing on a run. They are considering a possible cracked rib (ouch).

I arrived in the same "blah" mood I have been in for weeks now but immediately started gibber jabbering to Pigeon about work, the weekend whatever came to mind. I guess I just needed to vocalize all that has been running through my head lately.

At one point, Pigeon asked me if I had to use the restroom, I think she was hoping I would want to stop but oddly enough, I didn't! My tummy wasn't feeling so great which is odd considering it felt great when I left the house but I was running with a new electrolyte drink. I think it was not meshing well with my tummy but it was over 100 degrees outside so I wanted to run with something other than water. I should know by now, my tummy cannot handle anything other than water on runs. I can do Gu and SCaps but anything beverage related that isn't water, goes down hill for me.

Pigeon turned to me and said "Go.Get your run in" and I did just that. I hated leaving her but I knew she'd be fine and that I'd see her on the return. I also figured if I got my run in, she'd run less because when I met her on the turn around I knew she'd turn around with me vs going all the way down to the 3 mile marker.

I have been wanting to incorporate speed work into my runs. I know how beneficial it is and I can feel my turn over starting to really decline with all these long slow miles we've been doing. So last night I did some speed work based on heart rate. I would sprint for a full minute raising my heart rate as high as I could get it and then I started to slow down in order to get my heart rate to drop. I realized that the only way I could do that was to actually walk. I think the heat had something to do with that but whatever. So in one minute I'd raise my heart rate up (on average it went about 20/25 beats) and then in less than a minute, it would drop 20 to 25 beats and then once I saw my magic number I'd sprint again. It was a nice feeling to have it drop so much so quickly as that is a sign of being in decent shape, however it also meant my recovery walks were less than a minute. I did that the entire way to the 3 mile marker and then again on my return until I ran into Pigeon. I ran with her for a bit and then said goodbye again and did a decent longer sprint to the restroom area where I said I would meet her again.

Overall, I really enjoyed this workout. I did not like that I had to walk to get my heart rate down but again, I think the 100 degree temperatures AND all the turkeys on the trail had a lot to do with that.

We're still not sure what Thursday's run will entail or where we will be. There is a chance I might have to flake due to some family members being in town this week but hopefully not. Saturday we're planning a long slow run of about 20 miles but we're keeping it local which is absolutely fine with me considering I now have to work that evening at my old part-time job.

I leave you with some photos from Tahoe and Van's birthday . . .

Showing her chipmunk the "wild" world
of Tahoe outside our window


Hiking with Daddy

Exploring the streams

Rock throwing

Look Mommy!

It was even chilly enough to break out the warm clothes!

SUPER excited about Daddy's birthday cake
(notice all the candles)

Sunday, August 22, 2010


We are still in Tahoe but soon will be back on the road headed home. It has been an interesting weekend. Not quite like years past but I suppose those days have come and gone and now new memories will be made.

The Peanut has enjoyed her time here for the most part. She thinks this is our "new house." Oh how I wish Peanut!

Today is Van's birthday. This will be the 10th birthday I have celebrated with him. 10. Wow. A lot can happen and change in 10 years. People undoubtably change too sometimes without realizing it.

In 10 years, Vans has changed from a bachelor to a daddy, a moderately active person to a mountain biking guru and a still has remained my best friend.

Happy birthday Vans.

I love you Vans and your strange affinity for Tori Spelling. :-)

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Thursday, August 19, 2010


Tonight's run is dedicated to Captain Kirk! He received my little hint from Tuesday's run and so I wanted to prove to him I would be a  Fleet Feet Fair-Oaks/Roseville supporter all the way!

Check out that logo!

Actually, this run started out as a fun run and then some how morphed into Trailmomma promotes Fleet Feet Fair-Oaks/Roseville night! 

Pigeon and I both had some pretty stressful and/or annoying days at work today,  and we needed a few laughs along the way. Pigeon was getting stiff during our run and needed to stop periodically to stretch. I found that this was a perfect opportunity to promote Fleet Feet stretch myself. 


Just a little yoga out on the trail. 

At the turn around Pigeon said she need a minute and for me to go on ahead without her. Normally I don't, but since she's been feeling much better, I figured I might as well run ahead and we'd reconnect in a bit. During this time, I decided to focus on my form. I have terrible running form and I heal strike like it is no one's business. These little solo moments helped me focus on my form.

Eventually, Pigeon would catch up to me as I was posing stretching. 

Just stretching those calves! 

Pigeon had one request tonight, and since it will soon be her birthday (ahem, on Monday) I had to oblige her.

Muscle pose for Pigeon!

Tonight's run was a mix of chit chat and ease. Nothing too strenuous but we did decide to make our future week night runs count. Although I am not training for the Sierra Nevada Endurance Run like Pigeon, I am however training for the Four Bridges Half Marathon and although I am not looking for a PR, I would like to get close. My last Four Bridges PR was in 2008 at 1:48 (my half marathon PR overall is 1:44 run in 2009 but on a different, flatter course). In 2008 I was running a lot of roads, doing a lot of speed and tempo work and not running trails at all. I definitely feel as if my speed has declined since running on the trails even though my legs are stronger. 

So for our future runs, Pigeon and I will incorporate some speed work on Tuesdays followed by alternating hill and/or tempo on Thursdays. I figure running long miles on the trails on Sunday does not affect me too much as it is the hours on my feet but we shall see. 

Tonight we finished our run and then did something we have never ever done before. We headed to La Casa for margaritas! I took a photo of Pigeon enjoying her birthday margarita however my ginormous thumbs accidentally deleted it from my phone (SORRY PIGEON). 

While we were out having margaritas, Vans and the Peanut were wheelin and dealin at Jamba Juice. Tonight was $1 Jamba Juice Smoothie Night and boy did Vans get his moneys worth!

Are we going to Jamba Juice Daddy?

Hey! Which one is mine?!

Mmm!! Yummy!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Last night was the "same old same old" as in I met Pigeon at Rio for our usual Tuesday night workout. The only difference being is that she had actually gone to see the guys at Elite Spinal and Sports on Monday. Although she did not get in to see my magician Dr. Lau, she was able to see his partner Dr. Chu who, as I hear, is just as much a miracle worker! Dr. Chu fixed Pigeon up (well, mostly fixed her up) and much to her big surprise, told her she could still run. Too many doctors out there just claim "you should not run anymore" and leave it at that. Granted, Pigeon DOES need some rest (ahem) but Dr. Chu knew 1. she wouldn't listen and 2. she has a race next month.

When I pulled into the parking lot on Tuesday, it was great to see Pigeon smiling again. The past 3 weeks have been a painful one for her and needless to say, have taken their toll her on her mentally as well as physically. Last night however, she was back!

Funny enough, I received a phone call from Coach Nikon instructing me to make sure Pigeon doesn't push too hard and that she should run nice and easy. I don't know if I could have even pushed hard if she wanted to, as my body is still feeling it from Saturday's run. So, to honor Dr. Nikon's request, I give you the following proof . . .

Slow moving Pigeon
(that's for you Coach N!)

We did take it nice and easy though. Pigeon talked about work, I talked about the Peanut (what else is new) and she ran fairly easy. No sprints, no speed and she even made me stop and use the facilities so she could take a little stretch break (and steal my camera):

That's where Trailmomma goes when we stop here.

Someone got new kicks & a new water bottle!
(by the way, Captain Kirk, if you're reading this, we need to talk!)

I am always happy to stop and pee to help out a friend. Back on the trail we ran but the evening was very uneventful. Usually something funny or interesting happens while we're out there, sadly, last night was just a normal Tuesday in Sacramento.

We hit our turn around and I noticed Pigeon's labored breathing and stiffness which, in comparison to the last few weeks, was remarkably better. She's still struggling to get the "kinks" out of her system and has a follow up with Dr. Chu on Monday.

On our run I had to share with her that I am leaving town for the weekend and that means missing any runs she might have been mentally planning in her head. We're still on for Thursday's run but Saturday I'll be relaxing in the sunshine of Tahoe. Sorry Pigeon!

Before I knew it, our run was over.

Look Coach N, she's even walking up hill!

This is where things got a little crazy up in here! We stopped running and had a photo shoot on the levee!

Pigeon apparently gets a kick out of my "muscle pose" and actually requested this one. Some day I'll surprise her and really have some "guns!" I'll show her! 

Then we started to descend down the other side of the levee and back to the parking lot. I, of course, was just chatting away nonstop as I usually do when WHOOPS! I took about a 2.5 foot slide down the hill. I looked like I was surfing. I never fell though. We even decided to recreate the moment for all of you:

 I am falling! (but not really)

Pigeon and I laughed about that for a while and then it was time to call it a night. We made our usual plans for Thursday and tentative plans for an Auburn Damn Overlook run in about two weeks (eek). I still need to break that one to Vans.

I leave you with some pictures from Sunday's train ride in Old Sacramento. The Peanut was not a fan of the open train but loved the covered indoor "first class" train (my kind of kid). She has also been into "acting" lately and making "on command" faces . . . for example:

I say: "Give me a happy face"
and this is what I get!

I say: "Give me goofy face"
and this is what I get

I say: "Give me the big eye face"
and this is what I get

I swear if the girl could talk better she'd be doing crazy foreign accents too! Ahem, I have no idea where she gets THAT from. :-) She's such a ham.

Saturday, August 14, 2010


In May I had the opportunity to do a large portion of the Western States Trail. You can read about that experience here. Although a tough run, it was one of the best runs I have done and part of that, I think, was because I was just so overjoyed to be running on the WS100 trail. Little by little I seem to be running portions of the trail. I have run the start to the escarpment (4 miles), I have run Robinson Flat to Foresthill School (on the Western States Training day mentioned above) and I have done the last 20 miles of the race leading into Placer High School (read about that here). Although quite a bit of miles have been covered, I was still missing some middle sections.

This week, Coach Nikon, emailed myself and Pigeon to see if we were interested in doing 19 miles or so on the Western States Trail. I jumped at the chance (well, first I asked Vans if I could disappear on Saturday knowing it would be a long day and THEN I jumped). He was planning a point to point starting at Foresthill High School and running through Cal 1 and Cal 2 on the Western States Trail ending at Rucky Chucky and then climbing out back up to Drivers Flat where we had parked some cars.

All of that probably seems like jibberish to non Western States people, but really, that section covers miles 62 through 78 of the Western States Course and then you have to add another 3 miles to climb out and back to your car. Roughly, 19 miles total for us.

Knowing I have family obligations, we all agreed to start running at 6:30 am. That meant meeting at 6 am at Drivers Flat, hopping into one car and driving to Foresthill School. In order to get to Drivers Flat, I had to wake up at 4:30 am and then leave at 5 am. I am early bird and generally never mind waking early to get a head start on a run especially if it means being done sooner so as not to infringe too much on my family time. I will tell you, we were done running by 10:30 am and I was home before noon today. Nice!

So I arrived at Drivers Flat and it was still quite dark out. Coach Nikon had arrived shortly before I did and realized, as he was unloading his car, that his big jug of water had leaked . . . all over his passenger seat floor and consequently, his running shoes.


Coach Nikon just laughs it off

That is one of the best things about running with Coach Nikon, he just laughed off the fact that his shoes would be soaking wet at the start. No complaints from this man! 

He put on a fashion show for us with his CIM Scarf. Quite the fashionista no?

Pigeon and Miss P arrived shortly after we did and we all piled into Pigeon's car for the trek to Foresthill School. It's a quick drive and were there in no time at all. We hopped out of the car, loaded our packs and took off running down the street.

I always seem to notice Subways wherever I go. When I was dating Vans we probably ate at Subway 5 times a week because he just never knew where else to take a vegetarian. Today, this Subway marked the turning spot to head down the street to the trail head.

Ta-da! Our starting spot!

The first few miles on the trail are rocky and down. Coach Nikon said it best when he told us earlier that it is hard to get a rhythm and good footing on this section. He was totally right. Still a bit stiff, I found that I was moving fairly gingerly down this section watching for rocks and roots because I was petrified of rolling my ankle again. 

Eventually we hit a little clearing with the most amazing views.

Down we go

At some point it stopped being so rocky and the trail flattened out ever so slightly. I was still quite aware how far down we were going though, knowing in the back of my head that only meant "up" at some point.

Pigeon on the trail behind me. 

Uh-oh, up we go

The pairing worked out well today. Pigeon and myself took up the rear while Miss P and Coach Nikon blazed ahead of us, clearing out the cobwebs. 

The River!

The entire time you are running the river is to your left. Sometimes you can even hear it. It was nice to know it was there and also nice to know that at some point, we'd reach it and be able to jump in and cool off.

JCPenny pose
Object: Hat

Running with this group is great. I think we're all pretty laid back and want to enjoy the run. We want to get the miles in but we'd much rather laugh while doing it. We had a couple photo shoots like the above photo along the way, laughing every time.

Cal 1

Very quickly (it seemed) we reached Cal 1 which is also known as Dardanelles and is an aid-station on the Western States Course. According to the sign, we were 12.2 miles from Rucky Chucky (our sort of ending spot) and 5 miles from Cal 2, another stopping spot. I felt pretty darn good. I had moments in the beginning where my energy just was not there. I took a Gu and an SCap hoping it would help and it totally did. It was warm and getting warmer but I figured maybe I had been a little dehydrated to start. From that point on, I felt much better. 

We even had another photo shoot. Really I think I just surprised them by saying "pose!" Look at Miss P working it in the back! She's a natural and fit right in today with our JCPenny posing selves!

After our little grouping, Miss P and Coach Nikon disappeared again. They seemed to do that a lot, especially on the down hills. I try and save my ankles and quads which usually results in me being way behind everyone else. 


Never fear though as Coach Nikon was hiding off to the side in a bear like stance ready to show us the way! Another awesome part of running with Coach N, he runs his pace but always, always makes sure no one is left too far behind. Love and appreciate that. 

However, when he climbed down from his perch, we noticed a little something funny about his shoes!

White & Black

Since he had started our run with one soaking wet shoe, it was pretty hilarious noticing that one shoe was completely covered in mud and still wet while his other was quite . . . white. 

After laughing about that we kept moving. Pigeon and I were taking up the rear as usual. The next portion of the trail was another rocky descent. Not my favorite. Pigeon flew down this section super fast and I think later paid for that when her back really started to seize up and cause her some pain.

Flying down!

Ugh, more downhill!

We finally came to a clearing to find Coach Nikon and Miss P waiting. We had made it to Cal 2!

Here is where Pigeon realized just how much pain she was in and Coach Nikon flew to her rescue!

A little elbow grease!

While the massage parlor was in business, I busted out my camera and made Miss P work it!

Freeze Frame!

After our little fun session was over we started running again.  We ran until a tree fell and blocked our path. Coach Nikon decided to try and make it a little easier to run over . . . 

Squash that tree!

While Miss P decided that it would be better if she just moved the tree entirely. 

She not only models, she moves trees!

Once our obstacle was out of the way (Thanks Miss P) we were running again. 

Until we stopped because Coach Nikon thought he saw an animal . . . for the record, he did although I never saw it. :-)

I was told the next spot we would reach was called Six Minute Hill . . . and that it was a doozy.

Six Minute Hill

Six Minute Hill is straight up. The trail basically "Ts" into it and the only way out is up. Straight up. It is apparently called Six Minute Hill because "fast runners" can run it in 6 minutes. Yeah, no way. Instead, we used it a photo studio.

Behind the scenes of a JC Penny shoot.

As we were climbing this monstrous hill, I heard laughing. Miss P and Coach Nikon had a blast pointing out to me that we were not alone out here. They had spied some "bird tracks" on the trail!

Headed the same direction we were going. Of course.

Up & in the sun we go!

I am baffled at how anyone can run this in six minutes! We hiked, trotted and hiked the entire way.

Coach Nikon & Miss P even hike faster than us!

Will it ever end!?

It eventually did end (thank goodness) as we came to another clearing. With another sign. 

Cal 3, 4.9 miles to Rucky Chucky!

Honestly, even with all these signs and wearing my Garmin, I never once noticed my watch, what mile we were on or how far we had to go. I was totally just enjoying myself on the trail. It was a gorgeous day and I was having a blast. 

The river and the trail ahead!

That is where we wanted to be!

Even though it was not boiling out, it was pretty darn hot still considering it was still pretty early in the day. I can't imagine running these trails on a late June evening (when Western States is held) OR in the dark as many of the runners do during that race!

Still climbing!

Coach Nikon assured us that river spot was close. I think we all were really looking forward to it!

Finally! Time to get wet!

Coach Nikon was the first one in

Followed by Miss P!

Pigeon going deep

Since Pigeon was so stiff and sore with her back issue, she went deep, shoulder deep in the icy cold water. It may look really green in these photos, but it wasn't green. It wasn't blue but definitely not green. It felt fantastic too!

I went in above my knees but below my waist 

Aaaah relief!

After cleaning and cooling off, it was time to climb out of the river and make the 3 mile uphill climb back to our cars. 

All smiles!

The climb back up was pretty brutal. There was very little shade, if any and the terrain was a rocky dirt service road with truck traffic on it. Pigeon and I sort of hiked and climbed our way out. She was hurting and I was content to stay with her at whatever pace she was moving. For me, hills like this are all mental and if my mind is occupied by talking, then the hill doesn't seem so bad.

Coach Nikon and Miss P were gone, far gone. Pigeon and I would trot when we could on the flatter sections but honestly, there were very few flat sections. Eventually, Coach Nikon had reached his car and then came back down to find us. He hiked and ran with us the whole way back. Despite how tired we were climbing, I think we all had smiles and we all agreed it was a great day.

The total distance was about 18.6 miles in about 4 hours and 19 minutes which included our stops, photo shoots and the swim in the river. Like I said earlier, we were done and back at the car by 10:30 am or so and I was home by noon. Awesome!!! 

When I arrived home, Vans and the Peanut were no where to be found. Instead, they were off having their own fun . . . at the skateboard park!

Skater girl!