Tuesday, August 3, 2010


I am alive just down . . . but not out. I woke up Monday morning with some bizarre pain shooting behind my left shoulder blade and upper torso. Putting my seat belt on when I get into my car is pure torture. I "adviled" myself up yesterday but today decided to be "tough" and therefore took nothing. Not a good choice.

I did see a chiropractor this morning. He cracked things that I didn't think could crack! Because it hurts for me to breathe he tought I might have cracked a rib. I highly doubted this unless I got into a big fight in my sleep Sunday night.

He poked and prodded and after the adjustment gave me some stimming/stemming(???) treatments. I don't feel much better really but he did say I have a mass of knots behind my shoulder blade. So much in fact that he could see them protruding from my shirt. Lovely. Doctor's orders? "Get a massage!" Oh well, if I am ordered then I must follow his orders right?

I need to call Lily but just don't have the time right now. Work is insane and we've been shopping for a big girl bed for the Peanut! We found one, ordered it and it's arriving this weekend. I am so excited to set it up and have her see it!!

She really enjoyed furniture shopping too!

Tonight I am meeting Pigeon for our usual run although we're supposed to work in some "mile pick ups" to change things up a bit, I am not sure how that will play. Luckily my shoulder/back is so high up that it isn't affected by running or moving, just twisting.

Things should be fine as long as a bird or turkey doesn't jump in my way!

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  1. By now your run is over. I hope it went well. And I really hope your pain goes away. ;)