Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Last night was the "same old same old" as in I met Pigeon at Rio for our usual Tuesday night workout. The only difference being is that she had actually gone to see the guys at Elite Spinal and Sports on Monday. Although she did not get in to see my magician Dr. Lau, she was able to see his partner Dr. Chu who, as I hear, is just as much a miracle worker! Dr. Chu fixed Pigeon up (well, mostly fixed her up) and much to her big surprise, told her she could still run. Too many doctors out there just claim "you should not run anymore" and leave it at that. Granted, Pigeon DOES need some rest (ahem) but Dr. Chu knew 1. she wouldn't listen and 2. she has a race next month.

When I pulled into the parking lot on Tuesday, it was great to see Pigeon smiling again. The past 3 weeks have been a painful one for her and needless to say, have taken their toll her on her mentally as well as physically. Last night however, she was back!

Funny enough, I received a phone call from Coach Nikon instructing me to make sure Pigeon doesn't push too hard and that she should run nice and easy. I don't know if I could have even pushed hard if she wanted to, as my body is still feeling it from Saturday's run. So, to honor Dr. Nikon's request, I give you the following proof . . .

Slow moving Pigeon
(that's for you Coach N!)

We did take it nice and easy though. Pigeon talked about work, I talked about the Peanut (what else is new) and she ran fairly easy. No sprints, no speed and she even made me stop and use the facilities so she could take a little stretch break (and steal my camera):

That's where Trailmomma goes when we stop here.

Someone got new kicks & a new water bottle!
(by the way, Captain Kirk, if you're reading this, we need to talk!)

I am always happy to stop and pee to help out a friend. Back on the trail we ran but the evening was very uneventful. Usually something funny or interesting happens while we're out there, sadly, last night was just a normal Tuesday in Sacramento.

We hit our turn around and I noticed Pigeon's labored breathing and stiffness which, in comparison to the last few weeks, was remarkably better. She's still struggling to get the "kinks" out of her system and has a follow up with Dr. Chu on Monday.

On our run I had to share with her that I am leaving town for the weekend and that means missing any runs she might have been mentally planning in her head. We're still on for Thursday's run but Saturday I'll be relaxing in the sunshine of Tahoe. Sorry Pigeon!

Before I knew it, our run was over.

Look Coach N, she's even walking up hill!

This is where things got a little crazy up in here! We stopped running and had a photo shoot on the levee!

Pigeon apparently gets a kick out of my "muscle pose" and actually requested this one. Some day I'll surprise her and really have some "guns!" I'll show her! 

Then we started to descend down the other side of the levee and back to the parking lot. I, of course, was just chatting away nonstop as I usually do when WHOOPS! I took about a 2.5 foot slide down the hill. I looked like I was surfing. I never fell though. We even decided to recreate the moment for all of you:

 I am falling! (but not really)

Pigeon and I laughed about that for a while and then it was time to call it a night. We made our usual plans for Thursday and tentative plans for an Auburn Damn Overlook run in about two weeks (eek). I still need to break that one to Vans.

I leave you with some pictures from Sunday's train ride in Old Sacramento. The Peanut was not a fan of the open train but loved the covered indoor "first class" train (my kind of kid). She has also been into "acting" lately and making "on command" faces . . . for example:

I say: "Give me a happy face"
and this is what I get!

I say: "Give me goofy face"
and this is what I get

I say: "Give me the big eye face"
and this is what I get

I swear if the girl could talk better she'd be doing crazy foreign accents too! Ahem, I have no idea where she gets THAT from. :-) She's such a ham.


  1. Those are some great new shoes Pigeon is sporting!!!

  2. Love the new shoes! I actually dig the muscle photo...It makes me laugh every time! It is your trade mark I think. See you thursday.