Friday, August 13, 2010


Yesterday's run with Pigeon was full of excitement . . . of the nonrunning variety that is.

First, as I was waiting in the Rio Americano parking lot, this arrived:

That is never a good sign. It seems that someone, most likely one of the high school football athletes injured themselves during practice. The paramedics didn't seem too rushed to get in there and were pretty calm bringing in the gurney so I assume, it might have been a little heat exhaustion experienced perhaps by a rookie freshman.

Once Pigeon arrived, I noticed she was taking her usual time to get out of the car. I also notice she parked BEHIND my car so I couldn't see her get out. I won't dwell too much on this issue, but she's injured. Bad. She's being stubborn and not making appointments to see a doctor or a chiropractor. It is driving me bonkers because I can see she is in pain, not just a little pain, but severe cannot breathe type of pain. As a mother and as a friend, this destroys me. She has the Sierra Nevada Double (50 miles) coming up in a little over a month and a half. She is not getting quality miles in lately because she cannot run without pain. Her running form is being destroyed by compensation and her body is screaming for rest and help. However, she's an adult and I can't make her do anything she does not want to do.

So yesterday was no exception. We did a lot of this:

Pigeon walking

I don't mind of course. I don't want to see her hurt herself or push more than she should. Our planned six miles on Thursday, ended up being short of 5 miles total. I am okay with that as I am not training for anything, but I still worry.

I am a little nervous for myself as Saturday is a "big run" for me. Myself, Coach Nikon, Pigeon and Miss P are all getting together to run a section of the Western States 100 trail I have never been on before. It is referred to as Cal Street or Cal 1 . . . I have no idea what that means and I am not even confident that I will be able to find the meet up location but I am excited. The distance should be about 18 miles or so, longer than I have run in a while and definitely a lot more "hilly" than I have run in a VERY long time. Vans is letting me escape for the day. The run itself should take 3 to 3.5 hours, the drive up and back is an hour each way and the run is a point to point so you have to leave in time to drive BACK to one of the cars. Overall, a very LONG day away from home.

Back to last nights run . . .
On our turn around, we did a lot of walking. As we were walking, I noticed a man running towards us on the opposite side of the trail. I then heard a very loud CRACK. A tree on the side of the trail started to shake and move and all of a sudden if fell! It missed the runner by a few inches and only because he heard it and moved out of the way just in time!

fallen tree

If that man had been wearing headphones he probably would have been hit by the tree! It was crazy. There was really no reason for the tree to fall . . . Pigeon and I wandered over to inspect it a little closer.

It broke from the center. Looks pretty old. Oddly the runner didn't seem that phased by almost getting squashed by the tree. I probably would have been hyperventilating!

We eventually made it back to the car and Pigeon did a little stretching. I once again mothered her with advice pleading her to see someone about her aches and pains.

While I was out walking with Pigeon watching trees fall down, Vans and the Peanut were doing their usual Thursday night Jamba Juice Father Daughter Day. It has become a ritual with them now. So much in fact, that we cannot pass a Jamba Juice without the Peanut asking "can I have Jamba Juice please?" I leave that up to Dad as I am not a big Jamba Juice fan.

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  1. That is scary, the tree crashing down. That happened to me one time while golfing. It was super windy though. With you it doesn't appear that was the issue. ;)