Saturday, August 28, 2010


Not much to report about today's run which I find kind of weird considering we ran 20 miles today. After a rough night's sleep (thanks Peanut) I texted Pigeon at 5:30 am (yup, still awake) that perhaps due to the crazy windy conditions (keeping the Peanut awake), the darkness outside and the fact I could not get the Peanut back to sleep, that perhaps we meet at 7:00 am instead of 6:30 am. Not much of a difference but enough to get me out the door and for the Peanut to doze off.

I was the only car in the parking when I arrived at Rio. The wind was howling outside. Wednesday of this week was the hottest day of the year, coming in at about 108 degrees or so and today it was absolutely freezing. My car temperature gauge said 59 degrees. In the grand scheme of things, that's not really THAT cold but when you're used to 100 degree runs, it's pretty darn chilly.

Shortly after I arrived, Pigeon arrived. She contemplated wearing sleeves for the run as she was so cold. I, however, in my super stealth mode to get out of the house, forgot everything, including my sleeves AND my allergy pill . . . on the windiest day of the year. Ugh. I was going sleeveless but I knew I'd eventually warm up or at least I hoped.

Once we hit the dirt we started running. Pigeon was in a fantastic mood. Myself, not so fantastic. My stomach felt instantly out of sorts (I had also apparently forgotten to eat much, oops). My hamstrings were tight and I just didn't feel "there" but I knew we had 20 miles ahead of us and I prayed things would start to even out.

At 7:00 am the bike trail was pretty darn busy. We saw a lot of these:

Running groups. Lots of them.

The trails were jam packed with runners, bikers and walkers today. I never did see my "friend" from Thursday. When Pigeon and I approached what is normally our turn around spot on Tuesdays and Thursdays (i.e. the porta potty), I stopped to use it. I instantly knew this old feeling and it was not good. This was going to be a long 20 miles with a lot of porta potty stops. Shut Up and Run would have been proud. 

Pigeon never minds the stops as it gives her ample time to stretch. Done with business we were off running again. Realizing my lack of breakfast, I took a Gu thinking it would help. It didn't. It made things worse. I took some Tums shortly after that (at another stop). Nothing was working. Finally, on the 10 miles out, I think I stopped about 4 times. I had goose bumps on my arms and was pretty darn cold. I thought maybe I was fighting off a cold? What is going on with me? I attempted another Gu at the turn around AND an SCap. Even though it was chilly outside, I had not been drinking water very much and I thought maybe the SCap's sodium would actually help me. It did! I love SCaps!

I think I only stopped once after we turned around and that was it. Whatever was in my system was FINALLY GONE! I was back. Trailmomma was back in business. I think Pigeon clued into this as I started talking a whole lot more. I am usually quite the chatter box at times and for the first 10 miles, I was pretty silent. 

On our way back, we saw lots of these:

And unfortunately these:

Ugh, turkeys

We even passed this very very tempting sign:

In all the years I have been running out here, I have never noticed this place. I made a mental note that perhaps some time, Vans and the Peanut and I would bike out to here. She enjoy it and perhaps I could scare some runners who are running on the pavement.

Apparently after I left the house (close to 7 am), the Peanut FINALLY fell back to sleep (Vans did too) and they slept in until after 9:00 am. I arrived home from my 20 windy miles at 11:00 to a very excited Peanut (with some crazy Daddy styled hair).

The Peanut took advantage of the wind and flew her kite today.

She also tickled the ivory for grandma.

And laughed in the wind with Daddy. 


  1. Thank you for training this far with me!! It has been fun with lots of adventures.

    Great job sticking out yesterdays first half of the run and for your patience on the last 5 for me.

    Lil man is excited about ice cream tonight, his face light up when I mentioned you two!!!!

  2. Your little girl is so cute! Way to go on your 20 miles!