Tuesday, September 10, 2013


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Sorry for the delay in posting, my laptop somehow (ahem Vans) got a virus but we had a friend fix it so hopefully now we are good to go. As I eluded to in my last post, we went camping at Donner Lake over Labor Day weekend. This year we did things a little differently. Over the course of the summer we have purchased some new camping equipment. In the past, the Trailmomma family has had the bare minimum of camping gear mainly because we only go once a year (Van's is not a huge fan of camping). Our goal this year was to go more than once but when I went to book a campsite back in February, they were all booked (unless it was the middle of the week). Next year, I need to get on sooner as we would love to go to Santa Cruz to camp with the girls.

It was really nice having a much larger tent this year to fit the four of us as well as my own personal camp stove and cooking set. The Trailmomma family doesn't eat the kinds of foods our friends eat when they go camping and with my gluten issues, it was just getting to be a pain because essentially, I would have to lug in my own food anyway, but I had no way to cook anything. Not any more. Now I can cook it myself and Vans and the girls eat something a little healthier which makes me feel a little better too.

With the fire in Forresthill, the air was really smokey when we arrived in Donner on Saturday afternoon.  It eventually cleared off a little bit and with all the campground fires around us, you didn't really notice after a while. We arrived and quickly set up our tent. The girls immediately got down and dirty in the dust. The rest of the weekend was pretty exciting with a trip to the lake, s'mores by the campfire and even one of our friends going into labor at 3 am! Talk about a "Labor" Day! Enjoy the photos.

Squeaker in the new tent.
Where are we mommy!?
Rock Climbing
Daddy doesn't like when I get so dirty....
Like in this dirt storm!

I kind of like this getting dirty game!
Time for S'Mores!!

Riding bikes!
Swimming in the lake.
And a long drive home!