Saturday, March 10, 2012


I am still computer-less but have received a few emails, phone calls etc asking when will Trailmomma be coming back?! Awe shucks. People miss me?

I have been running/training and I have been watching the girls full-time two days a week so I have stories to share believe me! I do have my camera phone so some moments can be captured.

So once again, I am trying to post using my iPad AND include photos...

(a photo was supposed to be here)

And once again it doesn't work!! Ggrrrrrr!

Ok. Well in a brief photoless recap...

I am officially marathon training. Things are going only ok as my motivation seems to wane most days. I was enjoying just running for me vs training for something but I know that will change eventually.

I have had an MRI taken of my ankle which has been a reoccurring issue. So far no results so I keep moving.

Pigeon has asked me to pace her the last ten miles of the American River 50 miler on April 7th and ankle willing, I have accepted. I am excited as I miss the old crew, the course and of course running with an old friend.

I am also considering pacing her in July for the Tahoe Rim 50 miler (I would pace the last 25 miles). I need a big goal like that and it would be the perfect "present" as Squeaker will be officially over a year old by then which means Vans can handle it a bit more.

I am still jobless and enjoying every moment of it and the time with my girls. I am considering going back to my roots in communications if I can (when the time comes).

Other than that, I just keep staying positive...and pushing for a computer. :-)