Thursday, August 19, 2010


Tonight's run is dedicated to Captain Kirk! He received my little hint from Tuesday's run and so I wanted to prove to him I would be a  Fleet Feet Fair-Oaks/Roseville supporter all the way!

Check out that logo!

Actually, this run started out as a fun run and then some how morphed into Trailmomma promotes Fleet Feet Fair-Oaks/Roseville night! 

Pigeon and I both had some pretty stressful and/or annoying days at work today,  and we needed a few laughs along the way. Pigeon was getting stiff during our run and needed to stop periodically to stretch. I found that this was a perfect opportunity to promote Fleet Feet stretch myself. 


Just a little yoga out on the trail. 

At the turn around Pigeon said she need a minute and for me to go on ahead without her. Normally I don't, but since she's been feeling much better, I figured I might as well run ahead and we'd reconnect in a bit. During this time, I decided to focus on my form. I have terrible running form and I heal strike like it is no one's business. These little solo moments helped me focus on my form.

Eventually, Pigeon would catch up to me as I was posing stretching. 

Just stretching those calves! 

Pigeon had one request tonight, and since it will soon be her birthday (ahem, on Monday) I had to oblige her.

Muscle pose for Pigeon!

Tonight's run was a mix of chit chat and ease. Nothing too strenuous but we did decide to make our future week night runs count. Although I am not training for the Sierra Nevada Endurance Run like Pigeon, I am however training for the Four Bridges Half Marathon and although I am not looking for a PR, I would like to get close. My last Four Bridges PR was in 2008 at 1:48 (my half marathon PR overall is 1:44 run in 2009 but on a different, flatter course). In 2008 I was running a lot of roads, doing a lot of speed and tempo work and not running trails at all. I definitely feel as if my speed has declined since running on the trails even though my legs are stronger. 

So for our future runs, Pigeon and I will incorporate some speed work on Tuesdays followed by alternating hill and/or tempo on Thursdays. I figure running long miles on the trails on Sunday does not affect me too much as it is the hours on my feet but we shall see. 

Tonight we finished our run and then did something we have never ever done before. We headed to La Casa for margaritas! I took a photo of Pigeon enjoying her birthday margarita however my ginormous thumbs accidentally deleted it from my phone (SORRY PIGEON). 

While we were out having margaritas, Vans and the Peanut were wheelin and dealin at Jamba Juice. Tonight was $1 Jamba Juice Smoothie Night and boy did Vans get his moneys worth!

Are we going to Jamba Juice Daddy?

Hey! Which one is mine?!

Mmm!! Yummy!


  1. That little girl can give some looks, can't she? LOL

  2. I see she picked the right size for her. :)

  3. Thanks for the laughs out there. Good run and is that your bathroom in the back ground? hehe. Enjoy your weekend. Thanks for the drinks.

  4. A trail momma post dedicated to me...i'm honored! You two are funny! Have a great weekend.


  5. Peanut gets what she wants with that look..

  6. I'll keep it clean and just say WOW.