Tuesday, August 10, 2010


The Trailmomma household has been been a bit off track lately. I ran Sunday but only 4 miles as Vans was out mountain biking. The Peanut woke up Saturday morning with a boiling hot fever which continued into Sunday. We believe her 2 year molars (all four of them) are coming through the gumline and causing the fevers. Poor kid.

She can't eat, she can't sleep but she's still as cute as ever.

Monday morning was the same old story, feverish and pale which means no daycare. Vans stayed home in the morning and I came home at lunch time. Her nap was practically nothing because I think she's battling throbbing pains and headaches.

When she woke up from her nap though she was bored and tired of being cooped up inside. I loaded her into the car and drove to a near by park only to realize it was way too hot outside to play on the slides. What to do now? 

Ta-da! Nothing like a McDonald's sundae to bring some cheer into a two year olds life (not to mention calories). The Peanut enjoyed just a few spoonfuls of that vanilla ice cream and then wanted to play.

As a mom, I can't say I am proud of taking her to McDonalds but she had a blast running through the indoor (air-conditioned) play structure for 30 minutes or so. After McDonalds it was off "to see the animals!"

Really, I took her to PetSmart. Lots of owners walking with their dogs and of course the kittens and fish were a hit . . . mostly the fish. She did turn to me and asked me to "see the cows" . . . oops, I think she has confused the PetSmart with the State Fair.

After that we headed home where a friend and her little boy were coming over. I think having a friend over cheered her right up.

Tonight I am meeting Pigeon for a speed workout. The bedtime routine for the Peanut has been off kilter lately so I must admit I am tired and sore (lots of sleeping in chairs next to the bed lately). The Peanut woke up today without a fever but still battling something. Whatever this is, I hope it passes.

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  1. Bummer for Peanut [and you]. ;)
    HOpe she gets better soon.

    Enjoy the speed work tonight!