Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Squeaker had her 2 month check up today and that means she received her first round of shots. I know for them the pain is bad but for us mothers (and fathers) it is heart breaking to watch your baby scream and look at you with such big trusting eyes ... oh man how I hate the first year shots ... and even now when the Peanut gets her flu shot ... ugh.

But the Squeaker is one healthy girl!

So happy ...

Her official stats came in at:
Weight: 12 pounds 4.5 ounces
Height: 23 inches

To compare (not that I do) the Peanut's 2 month stat's were:
Weight: 11 pounds 3.3 ounces
Height: 23 1/4 inches

Not too bad. They are right on track following each other! Looking at the Peanut's 2 month photo I am still so shocked to see Squeaker and vice versa. They are practically identical.

A smiling Squeaker

That photo is before she received her shots. She was so happy and coo'ing up a storm for the doctor today. She had no idea what was coming. Poor bug.

The after. Puffy red face. :(

She cried just as much as the Peanut did and even more so. Breaking mom's heart but I know it is necessary. I know vaccinations are a personal decision and a very tough one for some parents. I know how important they are but I always have the autism connection stuck in my head. I have read too many stories and studies from parents that say their kid "changed" after receiving their vaccinations due to the "cocktail" or combination of vaccines etc. I was scared with the Peanut and I am scared with Squeaker but at the same time, not getting vaccinated opens them to a world of terrible diseases and illnesses that are just as scary and life threatening.

I was however approached today by a nurse before Squeaker's shots. She wanted to know if we would participate in a study whereby they would combine some of the shots the Squeaker was to receive today. She was scheduled for 3 shots. They wanted to combine some drugs thereby only giving her 2. In return, they would give me 50 bucks upon each visit where she gets these shots (basically each visit for the next year). The "catch" is that we would have to take her temperature for 5 days after each of the shots. I looked at this woman and said "is this experimental?" and she said "yes, it is." Um, I don't care if you give me $500 dollars each visit ... I am not experimenting with my 2 month old! I am sure it is "safe" and I am sure she would have been fine but I said "No thank you. I am going to follow the same path my oldest went in regards to shots." Wow. Now I am not judging anyone who may have participated in this study. To each their own of course but for me/us ... not what I wanted to try out today.

In other "stats news" the official stats are in from my race on Saturday.

Official Time: 25:10
Official Pace: 8:07
I was 5th out of 61 in my age group.
I was 45th out of 461 overall.

On Sunday I was reading about some new exercises (lunges, squats, lifts etc) so while Squeaker was napping I decided to just try the moves out. Not a real workout but mainly just seeing how I feel doing each of the moves. Um, I am still in a lot of pain and soreness from these moves. My bum and my legs are shaking! I take that as a good thing? That these moves are effective? But I ask you, how do you go about exercising the rest of the week when you are THAT sore? I did these moves on Sunday and I am still really sore. I took Monday off entirely ... but I have a speed workout planned for today ... what should I do? Run and hope that the soreness subsides?

Tomorrow is the Peanut's last day of Summer School. She is beyond excited to be done with that place. Next week we're going on a family vacation so I'll take this blogging on the road with us . . .

to Tahoe! Of course


  1. Congrats on your new baby girl! I had another baby girl, too, 4.5 months ago! And you're already racing! You're tough! Your daughters are beautiful!

  2. Thank you! Congrats to you as well. Girls rock!

  3. Good call on not turning Squeaker into an experimental monkey! My doctor agreed to a modified vaccine schedule (which is one she happened to follow 10 years earlier - but she didn't share that with me until I told her what I wanted to do) and I had them give the MMR/Chicken Pox shot not as a combo, but in individual vials - maybe even at different times, I'd have to look. It's still available that way, you just have to ask. Last week I read that they're doing away with the MMR/Chicken Pox combo. Ha! I've also read where the doctor that published the connection between autism and vaccines retracted it...but our vaccine rate has increased almost 30% in the last 20 years - you're wise to error on the side of caution.