Tuesday, August 9, 2011


I created myself a plan. A training plan of sorts. The base of my plan are my training runs for CIM but on the alternate days, I have created workouts to accomplish. I am not so sure I can continue this when I am done with maternity leave ... unless of course the average day goes from 24 hours to about 30 hours.

Yesterday was hill day and I wanted to get my workout in early versus waiting until Vans got home and the weather was super hot. I had to get creative though because Squeaker was napping.

Right outside my house is a hill. A fairly decent hill. So I left Squeaker in the bouncy chair where she was sleeping pleasantly and placed her inside the garage with the door open so that I could see her. I ran up and down my hill 10 times passing Squeaker on each up and each down. She woke up once, looked around and fell back to sleep.

I was sweating ...

She was not. It was nice and cool actually.

After the hill workout I hit the weights a little bit and since Squeaker was STILL asleep, I even managed a shower! Score one for mom on Monday! Tuesday is my CIM speed workout and unfortunately I have to wait until Vans is home from work to manage that ... no leaving Squeaker on the track while I sprint.

Hopefully though, Vans will bring both Squeaker and the Peanut to the track tonight while I am running. The Peanut has been asking to run with me for weeks and she has her own kids half mile race this coming Saturday ... of course she needs to get some training in too right?

Dad is in training. On Saturday I had mentioned he had both kids all to himself ... he even ventured outside of the house with them ... his first solo trip.

Daddy's girls ... on their first outing ...

to the skate park of course ...

The rest of the weekend was equally exciting ... Sunday Vans went mountain biking. However, he crashed and he crashed hard. He is now sidelined with some cracked ribs and a knee that is knocked out of alignment and looks gnarly. He's in a lot of pain but seems to be managing. He is more bummed about his upcoming mountain biking season being potentially off calendar now. Not the way he envisioned his summer ending.

The Peanut however is star-struck. She went to a birthday party Sunday evening and met a celebrity. A celebrity that she has seen now repeatedly on commercials in between her My Little Pony shows ...

Captain America!

Too bad Captain American didn't arrive a few hours earlier to help prevent Van's crash.


  1. Love the plan for hill repeats. Genius! What kind of weights do you do after your run?

  2. Just some weights using a stability ball as my "bench" since I don't have a real bench. Bicep curls, tricep stuff, chest presses and back flys. Anything I can find online really or in magazines. I just mix it up a little ... and push ups.