Monday, October 11, 2010


Happy Columbus Day! I am Italian and probably should celebrate this more but really, I am just grateful that the Peanut's Daycare is on federal property and therefore they are closed on this joyous holiday. My office is actually open despite the courts being closed today. However, the Peanut and I are busy doing errands.

First, I woke up and went out for a four mile run. Nice and easy. I followed Dr. Lau's orders and even wore my compression socks and got quite a few stairs from people as I ran.

So not cool.

I don't look like the kind of person who should run while wearing compression socks. I have to say, I didn't really like it. My ankle felt great but my legs itched. I'll continue to try running with them for the rest of the week. It figures the temperatures are going to rise this week too. Ugh.

After my run, the Peanut and I had a "date" at our future new home. We met a contractor out there who is doing to do some fencing work for us. He was about an hour late but the Peanut and I played hide and seek and enjoyed looking around our soon to be neighborhood. 

After the meeting with the contractor, I promised the Peanut that I would take her to a near by park. I clocked the distance with my car . . . 1 mile from our driveway to the park. Not too bad however there were some pretty gnarly hills that might make walking to the park with the stroller a real work out. 

Still, this is one awesome park. Check out the view from the play ground area:

How cool would it be to play soccer on that field! It over looks the entire Folsom and Sacramento region. The Peanut enjoyed the park too.

Just seeing the home from the outside and the surrounding area got me really excited. I know we're most likely not going anywhere until early November and boy do we have a lot of packing to do . . . but I think the Peanut is excited too as she kept asking to go inside our home. 

Yesterday the whole family went to the Davis Ranch Harvest Festival. This place is a hit every year. They have so much to do for the kids and we love getting our pumpkins here. The pumpkin prices are reasonable but the parking and bouncy houses are free . . . that's music to Van's and the Peanut's ears!

I was impressed that she could climb this!

Down the BIG slide!

Then pick some pumpkins!

Lots of pumpkins

These were too big. 

Pony Rides, a new favorite!

Then she surprised us all
and enjoyed some lumpia!
(she ate 3 rolls)


  1. That is an awesome view from the park. I wonder how long it would take your daughter to walk that mile with you TO the park? No? ;)

  2. Love the socks!!! Question though..What look wears compression socks????

    That park looks awesome. Looking forward to tuesday's run.

  3. like the pumpkins. we're doing the pumpkin rounds starting this weekend;-)

  4. Yummy, lumpia! I haven't had that in at least 15 years.

    I don't find my compression socks itchy while running, maybe it's just the brand? A good compression sock look is a plaid skirt, white compression socks and a white top.

  5. Wow. that's wonderful.she's very cute, nice bonding!