Friday, October 1, 2010


Yesterday I was a good girl . . . I didn't run at all. Instead I dusted off my bike and went for a bike ride.

Love this thing

I have not been on my bike since probably right after the American River 50 Miler. I kind of missed it. I live in such a great area for cycling and now with a newly paved bike trail . . . the ride is even smoother.

New pavement for bikers
and a new shoulder for runners

I decided to ride while listening to music. I rarely listen to music when I run but when I am out riding, I just find that it helps alleviate some of the boredom I feel when I cycle. I will only listen to music though while on the bike path and never on the streets, too dangerous.

I decided to practice my push/pull on the bike and doing that I think I gave my legs a really good workout. I also noticed however that it did sort of bother my ankle just a bit.

It was weird riding past all the places I normally run on Thursday nights. I had to stop and take this photo for Pigeon. 

Our normal turn-around

When I run after work I am stopping to use the porta-potty like crazy, apparently I do not have the same problem when cycling.

I must also mention that I saw 12 TWELVE turkeys at our normal turkey spotting but being on the bike I was able to just shut my eyes and whiz past them quickly.

Overall the ride was uneventful. I'd pass and I'd get passed. I am not a strong rider by any means but I know if I practiced I could be better. My bike computer was not reading my speed . . . no, that doesn't mean I was too fast or too slow that means I need a new bike computer. 

Finally I reached what I had predetermined in my head was going to be my bike turn-around spot.

Fair Oaks

Beautiful evening

I didn't stay long on the bridge because the sun was going down. There is nothing worse than riding at dusk on the bike trail with the 540500 mosquitoes and nats out there flying into your face. The miles back were even stronger. Every once in a while I'd get up out of the saddle a bit to work the legs. Overall though I rode 25 miles.

In the end it was a very nice ride. I always think I should incorporate more riding into my training but I have to admit, even while I was out there, I wished I was running. Having a bum ankle just sucks. Plain and simple.

On my way back home I stopped to take this photo .  . .

This should hopefully clear up any confusion out on the bike trail. It really bothers me when I see runners running in the wrong direction. Now I realize this says runners should use the "shoulder" and that the guy who ran me off the bike trail a few week back might be inclined to say I was in the wrong . . . I still disagree. There was no need to force me off the pavement especially when there was not much of a shoulder to begin with.

When I got home the Peanut was happy to see me. Potty training is going well so far, only a few accidents. We decided to walk to get some frozen yogurt as a family. So all those calories I burned off while cycling were quickly put back on with some yummy pumpkin flavored frozen yogurt.

Later after showers and baths . . . we snuggled.

Overall, I'd say I had a really nice Thursday evening.


  1. Hmmm, our trails just say "Share the trail"...

  2. Love the photos.

    Great pic of "our" turn around spot. Gee I need to get back out there and run with you before it's to late.

    How is your ankle by the way?

  3. you guys are adorable, love the pics :)