Saturday, October 9, 2010


First things first . . . I met Pigeon this morning for a nice early (just past sunrise) morning run. We saw lots of wildlife out there today. Deer, turkeys, jack rabbits, ducks and hundreds and hundreds of running groups. I, of course, forgot to wear my compression socks. I honestly did not do it on purpose. It was dark and compression socks are not part of my pre-run routine. I will definitely wear them on Tuesday though because running today and then standing on my feet all day at work really made for one angry ankle. I even wore my compression socks during work today. Overall though, the run was fun. I seem to be struggling with my lungs. I think the change in seasons and my intense allergies have something to do with it.

After my run I had breakfast with the Peanut and Vans and then left for work. While I was at work, I got the following photos in an email from Vans . . . aah the joys of potty training!

Luckily the "incident" happened outside . . .

First Vans took the Peanut out on the front porch to see the pumpkins. Prior to heading outside Vans asked the Peanut if she had to go potty. The response was "nope."

Then, the Peanut spotted her target . . .

Poor unsuspecting frisbee . . .

opps a daisy! Sorry Daddy

Vans was beside himself. I told him he was lucky that she chose to do it outside and not in! The Peanut made it up to him though . . . she offered to make him lunch . . .

Sorry Daddy! Want some lunch?

Overall they survived another Saturday without me around. Father Daughter bonding at its finest. Tomorrow we're headed to a pumpkin festival as a family . . . I am so looking forward it.


  1. I remember when Lil Man was potty training lots of opps. Great run yesterday, see you tuesday with compression socks on. Enjoy the pumpkin festival.

  2. I remember reading somewhere that just removing diapers but still keeping the underwear on will help kids grasp the concept really fast. They will feel discomfort when they make a mistake and that will do it. I never had the guts to try it with my son so it took us a long, long time to figure out what to do.

  3. Ah, at least she made it up to him!! Accidents happen to all of us!! She's so cute.

    Hope the pumpkin festival was all you'd hoped it would be.