Friday, October 15, 2010


I've been flying solo lately in terms of running. Pigeon and I have not run together since last Saturday. Due to Van's injury I haven't been able to get out for runs much at all lately. Tuesday I was able to squeak out four miles while the Peanut had dinner. Four is better than zero I suppose. I am hoping to squeak out a few more before I have to go to work on Saturday morning.

Van's had his first solo night last night with the Peanut. I've been doing all the bathing, dinners and putting to bed lately. I've had a real taste of life as a single mom except I have one little two year old and one large two year old who is not following doctors orders and using his crutches or boot properly.

However, last night I had to head to my part-time job after my full-time job which mean Vans was left to pick up the Peanut from daycare, get her home, feed her, play with her and bath her all on his own. Apparently she was a super-star at pick up, walking all by herself and not running off and even carried her own backpack.

When I arrived home late last night she was super happy to see me and Vans looked like he'd been through war! He looked completely and totally exhausted so I did the bedtime routine and then I was exhausted.

Overall, it was nice to know that he could handle it and that the Peanut was on good behavior for Vans. I hate to guess how much he really used his crutches or boot throughout the night. By the looks of the photos he sent to me while I was working . . . I'd venture to guess he didn't use either very much.


  1. You are a rock star in my book! Just remember to breath every now and then.

  2. It has to be hard on both of you. You will look back and laugh. I promise. ;)