Tuesday, October 26, 2010


This morning I tried something new. I ran. Well running in the morning in the dark isn't entirely new to me. I used to do it all the time before the Peanut and Vans and even after Vans and I married. Then, something happened along the way and I stopped. That something is my digestion. Apparently in my "old age" I cannot muster up the iron stomach at 5:30 am to exercise. However, knowing this and knowing how jam packed my schedule is after work this week . . . I decided to run but not alone.

Yesterday evening I texted Pigeon and said "you wanna run tomorrow morning?" I knew she was on vacation and has been suffering from insomnia and well, she's the one person who is always up for a run no matter the day or time. Of course she texted back that she was game and we agreed on a spot in my neighborhood since I wasn't on vacation and had to be back home at a certain time to get the Peanut ready for school.

So about 5:15 I open my door, turn on my garmin, turn on my headlamp and made my way to the street. At first I was nervous, it is pretty dark but luckily there are quite a few street lamps along the way. I immediately passed another runner. Gotta love my neighborhood. It is a fairly safe neighborhood with no transients wandering about and no loose dogs running amuck. I will miss it when we move. I have a nice section that run where I can see beautifully large and excessive homes and yet feel safe. It is also crazy flat. The only problem with it is that there are no places to stop if nature should call and boy did she call a lot this morning.

When I got to our meeting spot Pigeon was not there yet. I was early. I guess the cold had me running a lot faster than I thought. It was a nice realization that I won't be training or running CIM in this chilly morning weather this season. Come December 5th I will be crying because I am not out there but right now I am enjoying the fact that I am not out there on chilly mornings.

Pigeon arrived promptly at 5:30 and off we went. I forget that she's never run in this area before and so I am making turns and such with out much warning for her. I then started saying "at the light, we'll turn left" again, with my eye on the specific street light that I knew was our turning spot but to Pigeon, there were quite a few street lights on the road. Oops. She'd reply with "um, which light there are tons of lights." ha! Sorry Pigeon. At least I didn't get you lost!

Overall we did a few loops and when we got back on my street I was at about 4.6 on my garmin and that was about all my belly could handle. Pigeon still had to make her way back to the area where her car was located and I believe topped out 6 miles. She definitely picked up the pace after dropping me because I caused us a few walking breaks. I think if I can keep up this morning thing maybe twice a week that maybe my stomach will settle. I even ate some bland white rice last night in preparation for this run so that I would have any tummy upset but apparently that doesn't matter one bit. Oh well. Still, I think doing this Tuesday and Thursday mornings might be a good thing and then perhaps on Monday and Wednesday mornings I will still get up early in order to keep the routine consistent but instead do some strength training.

Vans might not be on board because I had to go to bed at 9pm last night in order to wake up at 5am today. Still, I feel good sitting at my desk knowing I got a few miles in already today and now I can hang with my family this evening! Nice!

The Peanut will be very excited to have her mommy hang out with her all night instead of leaving for a run. She really needs some entertaining lately too because right now, all of her toys are in the garage so our home is in tip top shape for realtors and their random showings.

Toys in the garage with all the boxes for moving

Peanut in a box!

Still having fun no matter what.


  1. This is what most of my runs look like, in the dark way before my neighbors wake up. The only difference is that I know of not even one person who would want to come running with me at 5am.

  2. Great run this morning, enjoyed all the "lights".

    The Peanut is having a blast with those boxes.

    Thanks for the early morning run.