Thursday, April 7, 2011


Last night the Peanut and I went to Van's mountain bike race. Every Wednesday he races and this was his second Wednesday race of the season. What started out as a sunny and warm Wednesday turned into a really windy and cold evening up at Prairie City.

This week I came prepared with food for the Peanut instead of stopping for fast food (oh the horror). I think she enjoyed it more this way too. When we arrived we huddled in the back of my truck and ate our dinners while waiting for Vans and Sarcasm to finish their practice ride. What I wasn't entirely prepared for was the colder weather. Luckily I have blankets in my car.

Once the race started the Peanut realized just how cold it was outside and she opted for me to dig out our picnic blanket and plop ourselves along side of the course where I could cheer for Vans and she could play with the toys I brought for her . . .

My Little Ponies, Turtles and Toy Trucks

An odd combination yes, I agree but it worked as it had her entertained the entire time we were there. While I as watching for Vans, the Peanut was sitting on my lap playing with her toys and I would occasionally listen to her conversations . . . which went something like this . . .

"Who are you? Said the Pony"
"I am a turtle, said the turtle"

"Very nice to meet you turtle, said the Pony"

It is pretty clear (to me) that we apparently read A LOT of books to the Peanut. Her "conversations" with her toys often resemble the way a story in a book is told . . . hence the "said the Pony" references. She actually says that and it melts my heart. I love that she loves to have stories read to her. Our usual routine is at least 3 books read by me at bedtime followed by 2 or 3 books read by Vans (we both have very different reading styles I've notice) and then in the morning at drop off I generally read two more books to her at school before leaving for the day. All by her choice mind you, not that I would ever complain or not suggest it. She also however now knows the WORDS to these books and god forbid you skip a page, or a paragraph or eek, even a WORD she'll call you on it! Don't even try it!

The other night while reading the book Chrysanthemum (her current favorite) she asked me "Mommy what does "dreadful" mean?" In the story, Chrysanthemum thought her name was "dreadful." I was taken back at first, not expecting that from an almost 3 year old but she was concerned and serious. Precious.

She has my love of reading and I hope that stays with her forever. I could not wait to read as a child and it is apparent that she may be on that same track.

Anyway, after the Pony and the Turtle's meet and greet the mountain bike race soon ended and we needed to pack up our picnic and find Vans.

Found him!
(don't worry, he does ride with a helmet)

However, between the cold, the dirt and just the long day the Peanut and I were both ready to hit the road immediately following the race.

Tired and Cold

We left Vans to celebrate and cool down with his friend Sarcasm. I think next week we might skip the races in lieu of a walk to the park or something. Life has been too busy lately and I haven't had much physical activity and boy does my brain need it! It's dreadful.

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  1. wow - that is great that she loves books so much - we don't seem to find as much time as I would like to read.

    and I notice there is MUCH less mud this week on Vans and his bike ;)