Thursday, April 14, 2011


Since I am not out running and my blog is getting a bit on the slow side . . . why not post pictures of Vans and his mountain bike races!? At least one of us is getting some exercise!

Vans = Rider 521

The first guy's face cracks me up, Van's too

There he is!

Last night was a rough night. Someone was injured but no one knew until well after the race was over when we saw emergency vehicles flying out onto the course and then later an ambulance was barreling up the road. Scary stuff. Vans did okay last night. His friend and riding partner Sarcasm won first in his age group!

Yesterday was "have lunch with your child" day at daycare. It was very sweet and so was the Peanut.

Cheese Mom!

She was very happy to see me and of course very UNhappy to see me leave to go back to work. I told her I would love to stay and take a nap with her but that I didn't think my boss would appreciate it much.

Another shocker for me was when I saw the following happen . . .

that is a RAW carrot!

I knew on occasion (at school only) the Peanut would eat cooked carrots but never in my life have I witnessed her eating a RAW one. She ate THREE while I was there yesterday. Blew me away. The Peanut is by far a carbs only kid. Noodles, waffles and rice are probably the three staples of her diet. She does however, love steamed broccoli (thank you lord!) but any other vegetable are off limits . . . unless of course you're at school amongst your friends and/or you're apparently starving because you didn't like what the school chef served that day. Either way, it makes me happy to see that she'll at least try other foods when her parents are not around.


  1. HI! Thanks so much for the sweet comment! Love sincere comments like that. Always make me smile. I can so relate to the vegetable relief when your kid eats good stuff! ;) My son won't eat a ton of veggies and it always feels SO Good to see him getting vegetables. He'll eat peas, bell peppers sometimes but not a ton. such a bummer. :) Off to check out your blog some more!

  2. Hey there! Thanks for the visit on my blog! I've seen you post on Seth's blog and can totally relate with some of your posts. Does your husband MTB as well? Are those Prarie City Race pics? My husband races for Sharp (hasn't raced Prarie City yet this year... we usually wait until they start up the kid's races and make it a whole family event) At any rate, looks like we have a bit in common!