Monday, April 25, 2011


The Peanut turns 3 years old today. Wow. Three years gone in the blink of an eye. In the same tradition as last year’s post . . . here is what happens between the ages of two and three.  
When you turn three you are a little person with a big imagination, firm opinions and heart lifting dreams.
When you turn three your honesty is both humorous and eye opening (yes, mommy has a big belly, thank you) but your take on life is pure, unedited and so amazingly fresh.

When you turn three, “why” becomes your favorite word and your favorite question but oddly, you never ask me “why” when I ask for a kiss or a hug . . . you just deliver unconditionally.

When you turn three certain foods become “icky” but never chocolate, candy or milk.

When you turn three you can’t let us leave the house without a hug and kiss goodbye and an “I love you” so soft and sweet that it makes me never want to leave the house at all.

When you turn three and you tell me “I miss you mommy when I am at school” I want to instantly quit my job and stay home with you forever.

When you turn three and are told you’re going to be a big sister you ask to kiss and hug the baby belly daily and whisper I love you to the baby.

When you turn three you tell me that I am your “best friend” it truly makes my heart melt as you are my best friend as well.

When you turn three the concern for your friends when they don’t show up to school is so genuine that I think you must have the biggest heart in the world.

When you turn three and you ask me to read you another book and scold me for skipping a page I wonder how you became so observant and clever!

When you turn three and tell me you want to run and race with mommy someday I don’t think I could smile any bigger.

When you turn three, I realize as your mother that you are no longer an infant needing every minute of my day or breath of air that I breathe but a person, an individual so profound, so pure, so genuine that I cannot grasp how your father and I could have created someone so perfect, so loving and so amazing.
Happy Birthday Peanut!

Peanut 2011


  1. This is a powerful blog, Pam. Very well-written. I love her so much! Happy birthday, my little chicky!

  2. Awe! Happy birthday Peanut! Too cute!

  3. Oh, I am in tears here Pam! Love it! This is the most beautiful thing I've ever read.

    Happy Birthday Peanut!!

  4. Your little girl is such a cutie-pie! My littlest will be turning 4 in July. Almost hard to believe. LOVE those choco lips - my favorite kind of kisses to get. They're SOOOO sweet!

  5. Awesome post! It's amazing how quickly they grow in size and mind!

    Happy Birthday Peanut!

  6. Oh goodness. Happy birthday to your little girl.
    I *barely* remember when mine turned 3. ;)