Sunday, April 25, 2010


My Peanut is two years old today! I cannot imagine my world without her in it.

9 months of pregnancy is the biggest test of one's patience.

Labor was the biggest endurance event you will ever encounter.

Caring for an infant will test your nerves.

Colic will test your insanity.

The first non-gas related smile will rock your world.

The first crawl will give you gray hairs.

The first step will give you immediate joy followed by an immediate heart attack.

Hearing "momma" will forever change your life.

Hearing "i love you momma" will be the happiest day in your life.

Having someone so amazingly special in your life that smiles and giggles with ease is priceless.

I love you Peanut!!!


  1. What a beautiful post :)
    Happy Birthday Peanut!

  2. happy birthday to your little one!

  3. seriously, can you put a kleenex warning at the beginning of posts like these? my coworkers are going to wonder why i'm tearing up looking at a spreadsheet? ;)

    congrats to you and vans on 2 years of parenthood! love you peanut!

  4. I agree with NRO - Kleenex warning please!
    Awesome and sooooo true. My babies are all grown up now, but you remember everyone of those details you posted above.
    Many more gray hairs, heart attacks, and plenty more Rock Your Worlds to come!!

  5. happy birthday peanut!
    you make me almost want to have kids. :)