Thursday, April 8, 2010


Well, last night was our last official group workout. Quite a few team members were missing battling colds, life, traffic whatever. We only ran 4 miles as a group. Some of us are dealing with some aches and pains. I am included in that list although Dr. Lau fixed me up yesterday afternoon. As it turns out, my left leg (aka my bad leg) was quite a bit longer than my right meaning my hips were that out of whack . . . he fixed that problem and showed me a stretch to do to help keep things align in that department. He also instructed me to continue rolling, stretching and eventually working on strengthening the glutes. Darn glutes . . . there's a lot there to strengthen in that area!! ha Still, seeing him made me feel better both physically and mentally.

After our run last night we gathered as a group around Captain Kirk's truck. For a while now the team has been working secretly on a little somethin' somethin' for the coaches. A "thank you gift" if you will but with 19 people on one team it required a lot of secret emails (sorry guys for being a pest) and lots of "wait! stop running, let me take your photo!" on our weekend runs. Last night we were finally able to give them their gifts. The Pilot was gracious enough to take some photos!

dorky trailmomma hiding the gifts behind her back

I have to state that I had a whole meaningful sentimental speech in my head but as usual, I hate public speaking (yes even with people I know) and my little pre-gift speech came out like the teachers on The Peanuts "whomp whomp whomp." Sigh, Jersey Dad is probably laughing right now. He can tell you some stories of my many disastrous public speeches in high school. I digress.

The group made Wonder Woman, Captain Kirk & Coach Nikon photo books of the past 17.5 weeks of training and racing. We all signed it (or ahem, WILL SIGN IT at AR right guys?). I think they liked 'em! See for yourself!

 Our group was the first official Ultra-Training group for Fleet Feet Fair Oaks/Roseville and well, we couldn't let them forget us now could we!? Now they have a book full of memories including some very amusing photos of hopefully everyone!

Apparently I am the only one who heard "cheese"

Thanks again guys! Man, what a good looking ultra group!

It was sad but it didn't feel like "the end" and with this group, I doubt it will be. We are already planning to see each other before AR meeting up at my house to walk to the start. Of couse AT the race we'll see each other and at the finish line (fighting for the ice baths and Lily's awesome massages) and then next week is a post race gathering that will include WINE!!! Sweet! I am really looking forward to that last one!

Do you know who was also on her own last night? The Peanut! Well not really "alone" (no one call CPS on me please). My awesome friend Spy Girl agreed to come over and watch the Peanut while I met my group. The Peanut adores Spy Girl . . . more so I think than her own momma and dadda!

Spy Girl & the Peanut

Spy Girl apparently rocks. She got the Peanut to eat dinner and then they wandered themselves down to the park near our house.

     Some slidin fun!

Swingin fun!

Boy what a night for all huh? I came home and the Peanut was moderately glad to see me. "Momma run!" she said. "Yes honey, I did." Now it is time to rest up, sleep and eat well and prepare for Saturday. Bring it! I read a quote online the other day and I really liked it. It might be my new "motto" for when I am at my low point on Saturday. "When life kicks you in the butt . . . make sure it kicks you foward!" Goodluck team!


  1. TM -

    That book meant a lot to me, thank you. Like we said last night that run wasn't "the end". The end will be after we are all finish Saturday. Then the flood gate of emotions will come crashing down.


  2. That is awesome!
    You're gonna have to share that stretch for keeping the hips aligned. That is my biggest problem! I'm constantly dealing with one hip higher than the other - gggrrr
    I absolutely love that quote, I'm gonna have to remember it!
    See you on Saturday - I have your special Payday bar all ready for ya!!
    As usual the Peanut is too cute!!

  3. What a sweet post. I too struggle with keeping my hips aligned & legs the same length. This results in all sorts of running ailments. I see a chiro/ART guy who works magic. I'd love to know more about the stretch too. Good luck at your race!