Friday, April 16, 2010


Yesterday evening Vans, the Peanut and I decided to go for a family bike ride. I must say, it has been a VERY long time since I have actually been on my bike. I used to do triathlons (a lot) and so I have a fairly nice bike that wasn't cheap but sadly has been sitting unused for quite some time.

                 Vineman/Barb's Race 2006 (Half Iron-Man)

Actually that picture was probably the last time I seriously road my bike. That was a great race. Perhaps some day I'll do it again.

Last night we rode as a family on the bike trail by our house. We road in the opposite direction that the American River 50 Mile course goes. We road towards Old Sacramento (although not quite that far). It was a great evening, cool weather and not too buggy. However, I will say the area in which we were in is not exactly "safe" nor is it very "pretty." Sure you ride by a golf course and the river is near by but basically, it is sort of sketchy terrirtory which is okay when you are with someone. Which is why I was so completely surprised to see quite a few women running ALONE with earbuds in!!! Ladies, c'mon!! Really? So not safe. You couldn't pay me to run that section alone let alone with earbuds in listening to music. Sheesh!

The Peanut had a blast though. She likes when Vans goes fast although she doesn't like the bumps in the bike trail. I can't say I blame her, my bum was definitely feeling those too. But I did some speed drills to get the legs churning.

I am trying to encourage myself to get motiviated again. It's been too easy this week to do absolutely nothing and eat everything in sight! So last night's ride was followed by a nice ellipticaling this morning. Whenever I attempt any sort of morning exercise however, it never fails, the Peanut wakes up earlier than usual. She must sense that I am leaving the house!

I know I blogged that I wasn't going to run until next Thursday but Coach Nikon & Captain Kirk sent out a final email a few days ago telling us that we can "run when we feel ready" and I have to say, I do feel ready. I don't want to lose any of the fitness I have built these past 6 months (especially if I want to run the Western States Training Run next month). So, with that, I am meeting a fellow teammate on Sunday for a nice 10-12 mile run or whatever we feel like doing. Nothing too fast or hard but just something to get us moving. I won't be gone too long from the Peanut since we'll be local. I am very excited to get back out there. My knee feels great still. If it hurts, I'll rest. Life must continue. You can only bask in the glory of a 50 miler for so long before your husband tells you to "go get it yourself." HA

But in the meantime, I will definitely schedule more bike rides with my girl. As long as she enjoys it, so will I!



  1. I have never biked a lot but now I am adding more rides to my training. Well, I can't run much now so what else will I do?
    In quiet defense of earbuds when running. I often run listening to podcasts or music but I keep the volume low enough so I can hear bikes approaching or people warning me that they are passing. Now I might be an exception here since often I can often hear also what music other people are listening to.
    Peanut looks very content in that picture.

  2. Ewa: Biking is great cross training! I have nothing against earbuds or ipod listeners (I, myself am one on occasion). However, these women were in an extremely unsafe area alone with lots of unstable transients near by. I just fear for their safety since there have been issues in that area in the past. I wore my ipod for 30 miles last week so I definitely am all for some music!

  3. TM -

    Thanks 39yrs WOO HOO??? no no it's more like, oh crap almost 40.


  4. I do love riding my bike. It's such a free feeling when I'm riding. It sounds like you may have been missing your bike a little bit. ;)

  5. I need to relearn to ride. It's been way too long.
    When I'm running by myself, I keep one ear open, no earbud. But, I would never run alone in an area where there's that kind of "sketchyness". But when I'm by myself on the trails near my home, one ear is always open :)