Sunday, April 4, 2010


Last night I was sitting on my couch watching some cheesy movie with Vans and it hit me: "This time next Saturday, I will be done with my run and hopefully sitting in the same spot, with ice packs on various bodily locations and hopefully a bigger glass of wine in my hand." Wow.

Coach Nikon and Captain Kirk emailed us earlier this week with some information packets. One perspective from Coach Nikon's experience of running the American River 50 miler and what he thinks might help us and the other packet was from a guy they know that also has run AR. Coach Nikon's was informative, uplifting and motivational. It made me want to put the packet down and head to the starting line. Then I read the other guy's packet. Although very informative and helpful, it was also a little scary. Maybe it was just me (yea, it probably was just me) but it made the nerves come back again. Perhaps it was just me over thinking everything?

Last week I spent the week NOT thinking or talking about the race too much. This week, as of yesterday, it is really all I am thinking about. I even dreamt about the race last night although my dream sort of combined a little bit of the movie I was watching earlier as well. Basically there were vampires and werewolves also running AR50 in addition to myself.

Yesterday our group met for our last Saturday workout . . . ever. My pacer Big D came out to join me and run alongside of me so we can talk about next Saturday's plans. I wore my IT strap yesterday and my knee felt okay. I will most likely start AR50 wearing it and see how things go. My friend Scrapbook excited me by taking the day off from work to be at my "personal aid station" which will be a Beal's Point!! She's a physical therapist for Kaiser and all I can say is "thank you!" because I will probably need a little stretching come that point in the race. All of my friends are being super supportive and really planning and gearing up for AR. I am lucky once again.

The run yesterday was fun. Most of the team then headed over to Coffee Republic for some breakfast and coffee. It was nice, really nice. I looked around the table realizing I am going to miss these people come April 11th. Okay, maybe not ON April 11th, it may take a week of me hobbling and eating us out of house and home post race before the realization that my training group is over sets in. Regardless, this has been an experience I will never forget. Our group is meeting one more time on Wednesday for quick jog and more race talk.

The excitement builds. Do you know is also excited? The Peanut. Except her excitement is for her daily dessert of yogurt!


  1. I love the yogurt dance! I'm so going to do that the next time I eat yogurt!!

    Good luck on Saturday. Pam and I will be at the FTR aid station at Negro Bar. Our theme is super heros and Pam and I will be Super Turtles!

    So if there is anything us Super Turtles can have there for you, let us know. I know you have a personal aid station at Beals, but you might need a little sumpin, sumpin to get you up that hill to Beals. So let me know if there is something special you'd like at Negro Bar. I'll have there for you!!

    Big hugs to you!!

  2. Pam, what Shannon said, if you need anything, let us know and we'll take care of you! I am so excited for you. And I love the yogurt dance! Peanut is just TOO cute :))

  3. oh...what are you gonna be wearing so we can look for you?

  4. Oh you ladies are too sweet!! Thank you so much! Just make sure there are still Payday bars at the aid station . . . those are my "thing" lately! yum!!!
    I'll be wearing the exact same outfit I wore at Way Too Cool. Look for the bright blue shirt, hydration pack and my signature pink hat! :-)

    Shannon I think you need to post YOUR yogurt dance!! LOL

  5. I'll bring a Pay Day just for you!!

    If I do the yogurt dance when someone is around with a video, I"ll so post it just for you!!!

    See you Saturday! Look for the Super Turtles!!