Saturday, April 24, 2010


Actually, it is more like ducks, coyotes and turkeys . . . OH NO! I am getting ahead of myself, so let me back up.

Today I met Pigeon out at the Fish Hatchery for a nice run. I asked if we could meet early at 7 am instead of 8 am (our normal group time) to ensure I was home soon after the Peanut woke up. I arrived to an almost empty parking lot and Pigeon showed up not much later.

We decided that 10 miles sounded good so we agreed to run around Lake Natoma. I admitted that I was still feeling the affects of AR and from Thursday's trail race. Just tired with stiff legs. She admitted she was also still aching from AR and from a 10 miler last weekend. Perfect. Two 30 somethings feeling like . . . well I can't even say another age because I was passed by a 75 year old at AR . . . basically, we felt "off" and out of shape despite our accomplishment weeks ago.

We climbed the bluffs and hit the trails for the first few miles. I don't know how far in we were but a coyote jumped about 10 feet in front me across the path scaring the living daylights out of us. Then we heard the "gobble gobble" sounds from above us. One must assume that same coyote was visiting the turkeys caged in the house above the trails. Did I just say turkey? Foreshadowing here. Stay with me.

I knew it was going to be a rough day for me. With Jersey Dad in town, we've been having nice family dinners that include wine. Normally I watch what I eat the day before a long run and I especially don't partake in any alcohol (my tummy just can't handle it). Well, needless to say, the first bathroom I saw I made Pigeon stop. She stretched while I ran across a big wet field complete with a duck right in the middle of it. I screamed yelled "DUCK!" and quickly skirted about 20 feet out of its way. Something I don't think I have ever mentioned on this blog, is my absolute fear of anything fowl. Birds, ducks, geese you name it and I cringe and run in the opposite direction.

Upon exiting the toilet-paper-less bathroom my hair tie broke. Sigh. Only women can really relate to the feeling you get when a hair tie breaks and you are miles from anywhere. Oh well, what are you going to do?

We continued on pretty much without any other excitement on that side of the trail. We crossed the bridge and headed back towards the Hatchery. One more potty stop for trailmomma (so sorry Pigeon!) and again, on our way. Seriously, I need to remember not to have wine the night before.

Soon we were approaching the Aquatic Center and it involved dipping onto some trails. Pigeon in a very nervous voice tells me "hey, let's go THIS way" . . . I was already planning on it but when I looked down the path in front us I saw two very large gigantic turkeys with their feathers all fluffed out.
photo not taken by trailmomma . . . 
(no way in hell would I get that close)

Okay, so I admit that is not my photo but that is the image in my mind when I saw the turkeys today. I immediately screamed which then of course caused the "killer" turkeys to start gobbling very loudly and actually fluff their feathers even more. I swear they were gunning for me. So I do what every good friend does, I throw Pigeon between me and the crazy turkeys. I think she was laughing too darn hard to even protest. I quickly yelled "RUN!" and hopped on her heels until I saw yet another turkey inside woods near the trail. "GO!!" I screamed. Poor Pigeon. She must be exhausted from my random turkey sprints today.

Over all we did a little over 11.5 today. 11.5 very exciting miles if you ask me. We've already set a date for next week! Hopefully those turkeys have learned their lesson and stay home.

I have no problems with caged birds mind you. In fact, we were at the zoo yesterday and the Peanut is quite fond of the feathered kind. Of course right?

However, she prefers animals that I hope I never encounter out on the trails.

She calls lions "Alex" as that is the character in Madagascar

The "tiger" was also a hit.

The ape who put on a t-shirt was also amusing to all.

And the captured "momma" was her favorite of all. 

Tomorrow is the Peanut's second birthday. Gosh how 2 years have flown by so quickly. I cannot imagine my life without her and cannot wait to celebrate tomorrow with her!


  1. You don't like "fowl" but you were running with someone you call "Pigeon"? LOL
    Yes, I bet the two years have gone by so quickly. I can remember when my daughter turned two. She's 23 now!!

  2. T.M.-Great report, I laughed so hard out there. I had a great time. I think I was more nervous about the coyote than you, but than again you just about threw me to the turkeys!!!!! until next time.


  3. Happy Birthday Peanut!!
    Great run recap and JoLynn has a valid point!

  4. Do you think turkeys were trying to get even for all those Thanksgiving dinners?
    Happy B-Day, Peanut!

  5. Way too funny TM. Those birds aren't going to hurt you. Poor Pigeon though, throwing her in between you and the turkeys.

    Happy birthday Peanut!!

  6. I went for a run this morning, the same way and guess what no "killer" Turkeys. They must have been after you! Or you taught them a lesson with your screams!!!