Thursday, April 1, 2010


Last night was my usual group Wednesday workout. We met at Karen's like we always do. Last night was also Van's first night of his Prairie City Mountain Biking Race Series and therefore leaving me without someone to watch the Peanut while I met with my group.

Intially I was going to bring the Peanut in the BOB (aka our jogger) to the workout. She usually enjoys a BOB run from time to time and I know she would enjoy meeting the whole team again. However, it was quite chilly out and the clouds had been threatening rain all day. Instead, I received a phone call from Coach Nikon who offered to have his awesome wife (and my personal massage therapist) Lily and his adorable daugther (aka the Cheetah) watch the Peanut while I go and join the group. Mmmm, tempting! The Peanut is usually quite shy and timid around new people (like all almost 2 year olds are I suppose) but I decided she'd probably have a blast once she got past the "missing momma" part.

I dropped her off at Coach Nikon's house where she was instantly a hit with the Cheetah! My departured caused quite a few tears (from both of us) but I knew she'd had fun and off I went to have my group "playdate" with my team!

We did an easy 30 minutes out and an easy 30 minutes back of running on the trails. The knee felt fine although I took it easy and there were no downhill sections. I tried wearing my IT strap again but my leg feels like a sausage in that thing right now . . . Hawaii Mark kindly pointed out that my legs are um, some what swollen . . . "oh wait, your other leg looks like that too. I guess it is just normal." I quickly morphed that into "I have sausage legs" which was not his intention but let's be honest . . . they are not twiggy either!

We discussed the group's nervousness for the race and our plan for this Saturday's run. I think the group is excited and Coach Nikon and Captain Kirk calmed any fears we might be having right now and they reassured us that we are trained and we are ready!

I was mentally thinking about the Peanut most of the run and could not wait to see how she was doing with the Cheetah.


It was like I wasn't even missed! When I walked in the door the Peanut was running around Coach Nikon's house like she owned it. The Cheetah has cool "big girl toys" to play with, a bunk bed to climb all over and they have a dog (in photo) which is always a hit with the Peanut! I got a "hi Momma!" and a quick hug and then it was back to playing and watching Clifford The Big Red Dog.

Since things were going so well . . . Lily offered up one of her massages! Who am I to argue with that?! Off I went to the massage room for a little TLC and off the Peanut went to watch Monsters, Inc. with the Cheetah and Coach Nikon.

It was a late night for all and I could barely pull the Peanut off the coach to head home she was so into the movie, the Cheetah and their big comfy couch. Fun was had by all last night. Thank you Coach Nikon, Lily and of course the Cheetah!! The Peanut was asking about you this morning!!!


  1. TM-

    Anytime you want to drop the Peanut we'll take her, shes FUN! We forgot how cute and infectious the 2yr giggles are.

    Great photo, even Hershal got in on it.

    Coach Nikon

  2. OMG too cute, Pam! Glad she had fun!!!

  3. I'm totally jealous. I need to make friends with Lily!

    Glad you got in your run and the Peanut had a great time!