Friday, April 23, 2010


It has been a wild week in the trailmomma house with Jersey Dad's visit. Since he has been out he's been enjoy copious amounts of time with the Peanut. She's been very receptive to him and I think has successfully wrapped Jersey Dad around her little finger.

Last night the entire family made it out to the Folsom Lake Trail Runner's first series race at Beal's Point. I did this series last year and it was so much fun. You have the option of doing a 3 mile course or a 7 mile course. Last year I did the 3 mile but this year I am signed up to do the 7 mile one.
Setting up my garmin . . . 
which I forgot to hit "start" on when the horn blew.

It was a great evening. I saw Garmin, Captain Kirk, Wonder Woman, Scrapbook, the Trail Turtles and Big D out there last night. The Peanut was enjoying herself as well.

Even the little ones needs some rest. 

There were quite a few people at the race and not knowing what to expect I lined up with Garmin and Big D near the race start line.

Ready. Set. Go. 

Immediately the first mile I thought "oh crap, I should have done the 3 miler" but eventually I fell into a rhythm. The 7 mile course unfortunately was on the AR50 course or at least large portions of it. I was having flashbacks of that day thinking I had 19 miles to run. It is also on part of a gravel road that is just the bane of my existence. I detest this gravel road more than I can write and so it will now be my mission to conquer this road since we'll probably be running on it every other Thursday night when the race series is here. Sigh.

While I was off running, Jersey Dad, the Peanut and Vans were busy doing other things. 
Like having dinner and snacks in the back of mom's car. 

Rearranging the finish shoot (sorry Diane!)

Climbing the hill to see where all those runners had gone.

While all that fun was going on, I was fighting to save my lungs while simultaneously climbing the water tower hill and just then realizing my garmin was not started. Once you reach the top of that climb, you have a pretty long descent. I saw Garmin's cheddar shirt throughout parts of the course and Big D blew by me like a bat-outta-hell around mile 2. Darn she is so fast!

I decided to run the hills as much as I could. In training we normally walk big hills but I decided since I wasn't running 50 miles, I should try running all the hills to get a little stronger. Luckily, my knee held up both on the ups and the downs. It was tough and considering I did not have much to eat all day (wrong I know) I now think next week might be a bit easier if I have a little more fuel in me. 

Cheering at the finish line.

Overall it was a good race. I don't think I was too slow but since I forgot to start my garmin I don't have any times to post and the results are not up yet online. That's okay. This race was all about Jersey Dad seeing me do a trail run for the first time. He saw me do a road race last summer when I went home to NJ. You know, back when I had speed. 

Jersey Dad, myself, the Peanut and Vans

Another first also occurred for Jersey Dad yesterday . . . after years of wanting one, he finally agreed to let me take him for his first ever tattoo! I got my first tattoo while on college break when I was 19. My dad knew at the time, or rather, he knew AFTER I got it but mentioned even back then, he wanted one but didn't know where to go. So yesterday afternoon before the race, I drove us out to Wild Bill's Tattoo in Roseville. Wild Bill is the tattoo place all the Sacramento Kings get their tattoos so that was my "selling point" to Jersey Dad, that they were legit and safe. 

Nervously pacing the waiting area. 

Getting inked.

The final product. 

It is called the Eye of Horus and is egyptian and means protection . . . or something like that. My dad was VERY excited and was running on adrenaline after this. It was very cute. 

Father Daughter post Tattoo.
Yes, I do wear other jackets from time to time. 

Overall it was an exciting day for all. I am looking forward to next week's FLTR's race which will be held at Negro Bar. My awesome support staff though won't be present. I am extremely happy though my dad got to see me run a trail race and hang out with the Peanut at the same time. 

3 generations


  1. Awesome, awesome, awesome - on all levels.

    Way to run those hills. You even ran up Water Tower? WOW!

    I was happy doing the 3 miler last night.

    The Peanut is soooo cute. I'm sure Diane didn't mind the finish shoot rearranging - LOL.

    I love Jersey Dad's new tat. I wear the eye of Horus around my neck every single day. My hubby brought it back to me many, many years ago from Egypt. It's suppose to protect you from evil. Although, I've encountered some evil, for the most part, I think it's working. HHHMMM I might have to consider getting it tatoo'd on me too, just so I can wear other necklaces sometimes. LOL. Next time I see you, I'll show you.

    It was great meeting your family last night. Good luck next week, I won't be there as I'll be traveling down south to run in the Wild Wild West race.

  2. Great meeting Jersey Dad last night and congrats on another great race! And thanks to Charlie for the great pic....

    See you there next week!


  3. I LOVE Jersey Dad's tat. I am thinking of getting one in Vegas next month. I'd like to see yours. Would you do it again? Any regrets?

  4. That was fun hangin' with the TrailMommaFamily last night. Even though TrailMomma beat me! :)

  5. Congrats on your race!!! Love to see you all so happy :) Cool tatt btw!

  6. Pam, you did great! Didn't I read you got 2nd in your AG?? After the abuse on AR 50, that's pretty awesome! I love it that you took your dad for a tatoo, now that's real father-daughter bonding!

  7. um, i think you "used to" wear other jackets... haha!

    i'll be out there to cheer at a folsom trail race again!

    - jersey girl