Wednesday, April 7, 2010


The Peanut has it!

We're approaching "go-time" . . . T-minus 3 days. Today is our last group workout (sniff sniff), tomorrow is a regular work day (although mentally I'll be organizing my running stuff in my head) and Friday is work + packet pick up day aka . . . mindless/useless day at work really combined with spending oodles of money on AR50 memorabilia at Fleet Feet when picking up my packet! Ssssh don't tell Vans.

Taper week has sucked thus far. I cannot seem to control my teenage boy appetite lately which just feels wrong since I am not running very much. I convince myself I am really just "fueling" for the race . . .however left over Easter candy does not really make great fuel but whatever. I am stopping. I swear.

I've emailed and called various people on my "crew" this week. Jersey Girl is swinging by on Friday evening to pick up all items for the Trailmomma Beal's Point Aid Station. If you read this and are running AR50 on Saturday, keep your eyes and ears open when you approach Beal's Point. I am sure you'll be able to spot my crew complete with an overtired Peanut, an even more over tired Vans chasing the Peanut, Jersey Girl in her Aid-Station Captain mode complete with her gigantic horse of a dog Crush, Spy Girl and Scrapbook all doing their duties. I am sure they will be the loudest group there as they have instructions to cheer and photograph anyone wearing a bright blue or cheddar AR50 Fleet Feet shirt! Go Team!

Today I go and see Dr. Lau for a final "fix-up" and boy do I need it. Today I woke up with some random knee pain. Same knee. Same pain. The randomness stems from the fact I haven't run so why is it hurting? Maybe I was dreaming I was running in my sleep last night?

Ah well. It'll all be over soon . . . three days right? Gulp. I am ready. I know I am ready. I am excited. I have friends positioned throughout the course hoarding PayDay bars for me as well so I know I'll have enough fuel. My iShuffle is packed full with songs and Vans has decided that I need another iShuffle for the second half of the course as well and is playing "DJ" by filling his iShuffle with music for me. Thanks honey, please add something other than Agent Orange! Thanks!

The Peanut has no clue why momma is so out of it this week but she has been giving out kisses like crazy. That's fine by me.


  1. Holy C*&^ she got the look in that 1st pic.


  2. That photo is priceless! LOL

  3. That's what you are going to look like at mile 42, arrrrrgh!

  4. You're ready, Pam. I know you'll do great! See u at negro bar...we'll have payday bars portioned out for you ready to go!

  5. Wow, that's quite the game face on the Peanut! I love it.

  6. so funny... when i saw the peanut's outfit and read your "t minus 3 days", i thought... trailmomma's losing it... it is t PLUS 3 days. you know, from opening day for the yanks!

    good luck on your opening day!

  7. No matter what happens out there tomorrow, you have already impressed the crap out of me! GOOD LUCK!!!!!