Tuesday, April 13, 2010


The American River 50 Miler is over. My Wednesday nights and Saturday mornings are officially "free" for the time being. Now what? There has been "talk" of things like the Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run, which I dream of doing some day and Tahoe Rim (another dream/goal) however, I think for now, I will have to say "no" to those ultras. As much as I loved and enjoyed my training for Way Too Cool and AR50 I have to admit, I missed a lot of time with my Peanut. She is at that fantastic age right now (almost 2) where she actually ENJOYS my presence! She doles out kisses and hugs like they are water and she even likes "helping" momma with chores around the house. I know there will be a day when she is perhaps embarrassed of her mother or will shy away from any sort of physical affection. Until then however, I want to cherish this time. When she is older and has her own friends and agenda, then I will consider those ultra distances.

Older as in she isn't trying to eat leaves at aid-stations!

With that said, those of you who know me well, know I can't just sit on my laurels and do absolutely nothing. For the next 2 weeks (or close to) I will not be running. Ellipticalling and nice bike rides might be in my future but not running. I am letting my knee and IT band heal for once. My first race/run however is already on tap and set for April 22nd. I am racing the Folsom Lake Trail Runners Spring Series again. I can't wait to run a 10K! What a treat in comparison to my recent mileage!

I also have on the calendar a few triathlons. I used to do them quite regularly in the past (pre Peanut) and feel like I maybe should try and do one or two a summer as a nice way to cross-train. I haven't been swimming in a long time so I have quite a lot of work cut out for me in that regard. Ahem, my upper body could also use some work.

This weekend however is another race. No, not for me, for Vans. He is doing the Apple Hill Blossom Trail Run, a 3 miler and I will be his "crew" for once. I think I owe him that much for all he did for me during Saturday's run.

Also on tap this week . . . one final team meet up on Wednesday! I can hardly wait to see the team again and hear all their stories from AR50! I am going to miss these guys!

They are not getting rid of me that easily though. Most of the group I believe will soon be training for the Sierra Nevada Endurance Runs once again through Fleet Feet Fair-Oaks/Roseville. Although I will not be doing the Sierra Nevada Endurance Run, I am pretty sure I will be out there for the Saturday long runs once in a while. I want to keep my mileage up and and body in shape so I can run the Western States Training Run on May 29th.  

Yeah yeah yeah, I know I just said I won't be running much and here I go listing a 30 mile training run and long runs with the team. I'll take each as they come and do what I can when I can. No pressure, no race-entry money spent and no worrying about when I can fit in a Dr.Lau fix up before a race. Life is calm right now and I am cherishing that!

The Peanut doen't care if these legs ran 50 miles
as long as she can still climb all over them!


  1. I hear ya about enjoying the not HAVING to get a training run in. I'm looking forward to that.

    Even though I'm not doing TRT, Pam is. And since I'm her fellow turtle, I will continue the training runs with her.

    Pam & I have decided to the Sierra Nevada Enurance Run - Marathon only though. So it would be great to see you at an aid station cheering us on.

    In the meantime, enjoy this down time with the Peanut, cuz you know you're gonna get the urge and before you know it, you'll be signed up for some other ultra :).

    See ya on the trails.

  2. I have to represent the Silent Supportive Husband Faction (SSHF)on this one. We deserve our time for training/race support, massage time now. We are men hear us roar,

    ** I'm forwarding this to Lily to see if it works for me**

    But seriously is Vans coming Wed it would be cool to hang out with him without a race going on.


  3. I wish he was! He would love it although all our running stories might come out and he does not need to know all that went on these past 6 months! HA He has his mountain biking.
    AB - Mark 4/21 (next Wed.) on your calendar! Join the Peanut and myself in Prarie City for Van's Mountain Biking Race! Bring the Nikon!!! :-)

  4. Enjoy your time with Sierra, I know you will.

  5. Pam, you won't be able to stay away from running too long...I think once you get the ultra bug, you're infected for life :o> I'm planning to do the WS training run also. They'll also have some TRT training runs in June, so keep an eye out for those. What tris are you doing this year?

  6. My daughter just turned nine. I would give anything to have one day back with her when she was a toddler/baby. What a sweet and precious time!! If you haven't already (and even if you're not a fan) you need to watch this video (Taylor Swift) that she wrote for her mom. Get out the tissue: