Wednesday, September 1, 2010


It seems that my blog entries are missed by some if I do not post daily or at least after every run. My apologies. I just have not been in the creative blog-inspired mood lately and my runs have been even less inspired.

Last night was Tuesday, the usual. I met Pigeon out at Rio and was late, as usual because Vans had hit some heavy back to school traffic on Highway 50. I've been feeling less than stellar lately, almost tired both physically and mentally and it was all I could do to get out of the car with a smile and start to run.

Tuesday generally means speed work, or at least that is what I want to have happen. On Saturday I ran into an old friend and running buddy who is training for the California International Marathon (CIM). Our talk ignited a fire in me and I remembered that generally this time of year I would be in full swing on my CIM training plan. I found my old plan (ahem, dusted it off) and decided to see where I was training wise. I have the mileage for marathon training since I did 20 miles last Saturday but I am in no way shape or form ready for a quick paced marathon.

In fact, after viewing my plan, I missed the first half of the plan's speed and tempo runs entirely. I could probably start working on that now, increasing my pace and speed by following my plan and actually DOING tempo work on Thursdays and speed work on Tuesdays. Yet, I just can't seem to find my "mojo" to do that. I want to run better at night but I have been battling some digestive issues again lately and I am trying to pinpoint what in my diet is causing my distress. It seems to follow me no matter if I run first thing the morning or last thing in the evening. It really is harping on my mental ego and it is definitely dropping the quality of my runs significantly.

Luckily, having Pigeon to run with has at least kept me accountable and running. If it wasn't for her I would probably bag quite a few runs entirely and claim "I don't feel well" and stay indoors. So I must thank her for that and oblige her with a post today.

Last night we ran. We ran 6 easy miles. The weather was perfect, the conversation good and the turkeys were present. Overall it was nothing huge and Pigeon really seems to be feeling better lately. I think seeing Dr. Chu at Elite Spinal and Sports Care is really helping. I've said it before and I will say it again, those guys at Elite Spinal and Sports Care are magicians and miracle workers. They are also really nice people who understand how an athlete thinks.

Today marks the last day of daycare for the Peanut for a while. Her daycare closes in September for a few days in a row to do inventory, clean and rearrange furniture or something. Tomorrow Vans gets to spend an entire day with the Peanut and then I get to stay home from work and entertain her all day on Friday. I have lots of things planned and I cannot wait for some special time with my little girl.

If it is warm, maybe we'll swim.

What you talkin bout mom?


  1. Ahh thanks. Actualy I should be thanking you for running with me.

    What ever is going with your tummy I am sure it will pass....could be stress related...

    Enjoy your day with The Peanut on Friday! Can't wait to read about it after I get home from work..just saying...

  2. hey I think we all have those days where we feel uneventful and just don't feel like writing a post, do you girlie!!

    Oh and btw, that "what you talkin bout mom" face is adorable! lol!

  3. I hear ya about not feeling the blog creativity flowing. It's all I can do to post each week with what trouble we've been getting into lately. Enjoy your day with the Peanut.