Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Hi! Sorry for the disappearing act but the Trailmomma family went camping in Lake Tahoe with our usual crew of friends. Four families, five kids and 1 ginormous dog . . . what a blast.
A recap in pictures . . .

First we arrive and explore.

Help Mommy set up the tent (yes, mommy set up the tent)

Go for a quick hike. Loving my new ride.

Check out the beach.

Crush the almighty puppy

Fooling around at the camp site

SO happy her BFF arrived

Night time means play with flash lights!

Brrrr a little chilly the next morning

Time for breakfast!

But soon it warms up for beach time!

Then it is time to go home (and also nap time).
Saying goodbye to friends is always hard.

Family photo before hitting the road.

A quick stop at the Adidas outlet and the
Peanut found new "racing shoes" as she called them.

Overall it was a great two days camping. Yesterday was spent cleaning, doing laundry and heading out to Ancil Hoffman Park for some exploration. The Peanut slept fantastically while camping I must add. I think we just need to make her room a tent outside and have her sleep on a cot in the cold. It really worked!

Goofing around on her cot.


  1. Nice trip, we do the Addias Outlet every time we go. Did you got ot the Pearl Izumi outlet in the same shopping center, great deals there also. Too bad we didn't run into your guys at the store we were there Saturday.


  2. Camping is such a great activity and the Peanut seems to totally enjoy it. Haven't been to Tahoe since winter. Time to go before it starts snowing again.

  3. Great pictures! Does Sierra really ride in the hiking backpack? We tried that again this weekend... made it all of about 50 yards up the trail when Maggie had had enough. I love that Sierra slept so well outside!