Friday, September 3, 2010


Last night due to some work responsibilities, Vans had to leave for a few hours and I had to stay home with the Peanut instead of going out to meet Pigeon like I normally do. He was home by 8pm and so I decided I'd go for a short run through my neighborhood. I have to say, I loved it. I used to run alone all the time. I never joined running groups and I never ran with anyone other than myself. Some runners prefer that and some don't. I enjoy my runs with Pigeon because it is nice to have company but I have to say, I almost miss my solo runs with just my thoughts and the sounds of neighbors getting ready to settle in for the evening.

Due to the darkness and time constraints, I could only run about 4 miles through one of my favorite sections of Sierra Oaks. It was gorgeous. It made me realize that I am happy we're not moving to Folsom where all the homes are sort of cookie cutter in appearance. There is nothing wrong with Folsom, it is a gorgeous place to live but I am just more east coast in the sense that I enjoy homes that are all different and have large lots and big windows to spy into light up the house.

When I returned home the Peanut was ready and waiting for a hug. It got me very excited for today, my solo day with the Peanut! Her daycare closes the first Thursday and Friday in September for in-service days or whatever. Yesterday Vans stayed home with her and they came to visit me at work! Today is my day to share with the Peanut.

Unfortunately the Peanut seems to be coming down with a cold but I didn't want that to deter from the plans I already made for us. She was still excited and so I decided to go ahead with my plan of a mommy and daughter day at the Sacramento Zoo! The Peanut LOVES tigers right now and that is the first place she wanted to stop once we walked through the gates.

I've discovered the best time to go to the zoo is when they first open . . . ALL the animals are up and moving and active. Today was a GREAT day to go to the zoo.

First stop tiger den . . . 

Where are they mommy?

OH there she is!

The momma tiger came right up to the glass and laid down right in front of us to watch her baby playing in the grass. The baby cub was born in March and was quite active too!

Next up, the lions. Or "Alex" as the Peanut calls them
(Madagascar reference)

Again, they came right up to the fence! SO cool.

You can see the Peanut was not quite herself.

The snow leopards were out and about pacing.

Look Mommy!

They seem to really like walking in front of the Peanut.

An old favorite, the chimpanzees!

These guys were VERY active. The leader of the bunch actually swung down from his branch near the roof hooting and hollering  and then he came crashing down and banging right into the glass where we were standing! It was kind of scary but really neat. They also threw poo at the glass. Lovely.

Finally time to ride the carousel. Her favorite.
First animal to ride? Tiger. Of course.

Cheese! Then it was the zebra or Martie as she called him
(another Madagascar reference)

Overall we had a great day at the zoo despite her runny nose, sneezing and coughing. She said she felt okay and she didn't want to go home. Hopefully this is just a summer cold coming and going. I do not know what this means for our camping trip that is coming but we'll see. We only camp one night so hopefully we'll all do just fine.

Tonight is Pappa's birthday! The Peanut woke up this morning with an idea and when she wakes up from her nap, we're going to put it into action and give it to Pappa later this evening! Happy Birthday Pappa!


  1. Looks like you had two had fun. I hope the Peanut is feeling better for your camping trip.

    Lil Man was at the zoo yesterday also.....

    Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Wow! Great pics! It looks like you really had fun with your daughter,nice one!
    BTW, you have a great blog here. Keep it up! :)

  3. that was a great bonding! Nice to see pictures like this one! More power!